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CxC - Childfree by Choice — Faith Popcorn's BrainReserve Redefining Tomorrow’s Family The nuclear family is detonating “As American as Mom and apple pie,” the saying used to go. But now, a societal tsunami is underway, changing the way we see motherhood and questioning its primacy in the fabric of our culture. The U.S. birthrate has plunged to unprecedented lows: In the 1970s, 1 in 10 American women were childless. Childlessness is soaring across all racial and ethnic groups, with women as young as 15 knowing that kids will not be a factor in their future. “I don’t want children, never have. In America, the 2 million women who are bypassing babies are an ever more vocal group, with books, blogs, Facebook pages, and even drinking games: Swallow a shot every time someone says, “It’s different when they’re your own!” Millennial-focused media is just beginning to recognize this emerging mindset. Celebrities are popularizing and glamorizing this path, too. I don’t have time to raise a child - Chelsea Handler It's so much more work to have children.

What does normcore sound like? There was an episode of 30 Rock that aired back in February 2012, in which Jenna and her cross-dressing, sexually-omnivorous, trend-hunting boyfriend Paul find themselves settling into a sense of domesticity. They stay in, cook dinner at home, cuddle on the couch and abstain from having sex, all of which leads them to believe they've stumbled upon some perverted new fetish called normaling. In reality they're just getting older and regressing toward the behavioral mean. It was a pretty deft send-up of the type of cutting edge urbanites who think that everything they do is ipso facto “a thing” simply because they're the ones who are doing it. Consider how taking a trip out to IKEA to go shopping for furniture – just like a bunch of hilarious regular-ass people! That sense of normaling, or normcore as it's being called, was the focus of a widely-shared piece in New York Magazine this week, which attempted to put brackets around a moment in fashion. Go with the flow. Everyone does.

This Can't Be Happening! | '...a major destabilizing influence' Trend Bible | Home & Interior Trends | Trend Consultant | Kids Lifestyle Trend Expert News: We are recruiting! We are recruiting! We’re looking for a full-time Junior Trend Researcher to join us at our Newcastle-based head office. The ideal candidate would be a pro-active, organised, hard-working, committed individual with excellent written, verbal and visual communication skills. Trend Bible is a home and interior trend forecasting agency producing trend publications and delivering bespoke trend insight and strategy through consultancy relationships. Our trend publications sell in 22 countries and our consultancy work spans recognised brands in the UK, Europe, USA and South Africa. Key Responsibilities Skills and Experience Attributes Qualifications Degree and/or Masters in Marketing, Communications, Design or related industries. Interested? Email your CV to Deadline for Applications 16th January 2015 How to get the most out of a trade show Attending a trade show can be an overwhelming experience. Free Festive Download Spring Summer 2015 Trends 75% off*

Pour la maison 1246 rue Sainte-Catherine O. Montréal H3G 1P1 (514) 874-0063 HEURES D'OUVERTURE: 10h00 - 21h00 Lundi au vendredi 10h00 - 19h00 Samedi 11h00 - 18h00 Dimanche 509 rue Saint-Joseph E. HEURES D'OUVERTURE: 10h00 - 21h00 Lundi au vendredi 10h00 - 20h00 Samedi 11h00 - 19h00 Dimanche 4301 rue Saint-Denis Montréal H2J 2K9 (514) 844-5944 HEURES D'OUVERTURE: 10h00 - 20h00 Lundi au mercredi 10h00 - 21h00 Jeudi et vendredi 10h00 - 17h00 Samedi 11h00 - 17h00 Dimanche 9200 Boulevard Leduc S-3 Quartiers Dix Broussard, QC J4Y-0B3 (450) 656-1197 HEURES D'OUVERTURE: 10h00 - 21h00 Lundi au vendredi 9h00 - 17h00 Samedi 10h00 - 17h00 Dimanche Des contraintes linguistiques nous obligent présentement à fermer notre site Internet au Québec. Votre support continuel nous est précieux et nous vous prions de nous excuser pour tout inconvénient que cela pourrait vous poser. 1246 Ste. STORE HOURS: 10:00 AM-9:00 PM Monday-Friday 10:00 AM-5:00 PM Saturday 11:00 AM-5:00 PM Sunday 509 St. 4301 St.

Kaboom: A Soldier's War Journal I was standing in the main room of the house with Sonic – a young terp with a propensity to spike his hair - explaining to the mother why we were there. Yes, of course you can pick up the crying baby. No, we are not here to talk about your eldest daughter being so sick that she’s in the hospital, although that is awful. Yes, I want everyone in the house outside. Now. The previous hour had passed in a blur any Zoloft addict could appreciate. Sheik Stack-On-Me was in the process of bestowing upon me a brand new chai set when my dismount radio buzzed with want. “This is 1.” “Frago.” “But I’m getting my chai set! “Yeah … about that … we’re gonna have to ask you to come in to work tonight. “Raid? The vehicle cordon called set. I found two chairs in the main room and pulled them out to the patio. “I know nothing,” she responded to Sonic’s translation, automatically. “I will,” I promised. “I know nothing.” “We’ll see. Nevermind. “Hi,” I said. “What’s her deal?” “Ah. “With what?” “When was that?”

TRENDSACTIVE – International Trend Interpretation Agency Throw Pillows Throw Pillows – Found by RB 1 to 96 of 6365 Previous Next About Throw Pillows As soft and comfortable as an alpaca full of marshmallows but considerably better looking. Printed both sides Concealed Zipper 100% Polyester Poplin Fabric Get All The Details The Truth Denied - MK-ULTRA MIND CONTROL TRAUMA : Interview with Max Spiers Max Spiers Max Spiers To have the courage to speak the truth when the truth is not what you want to hear! During the interview, Max Spiers was attacked three times, but he stayed with us during the interview like a real trooper! We were disconnected twice during the interview, but we kept going! MK Ultra trauma based Mind Control and recovery. Max states that “I was involved in project mannequin in the UK which is an extension of the NAZI uberman (superman) projects to create a warrior and a breeder. This is not a game humanity, this is not a drill, this is what is happening right before our eyes…. AWAKEN or be consumed! Max Spiers is concise in his accounts, and it sends shivers down my spine as he recollects the trauma of his childhood live on the air. We have all heard of the MK UTRA program, designed to challenge one’s reality into a plethora of imaginary screen shots like video game placed into your mind. What did the show entail? AI- Artificial Intelligence, what is it? Sources: