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So You Want to Freelance? Here’s How to Set Your Hourly Rates. If you’ve been following awhile, you probably already know that I’m a full-time traveler who makes a living as a freelance content strategist and copywriter. I quit my last job to freelance full-time in early 2011, which means I’ve been self-employed for almost eight years now. In the past few years, I’ve joined a lot of online groups for freelancer writers and strategists. And I’ve noticed that one of the trickiest things for people when they’re first starting out is figuring out how to price themselves. I don’t blame them. I had a hell of a time figuring it out at first, myself.

The Seven Myths of Being a Travel Writer The Seven Myths of Being a Travel Writer By Tim Leffel Updated 2013 A few weeks ago I received an interesting piece of mail. A Millennial Guide Companion: Where To Pitch Your Op-ed ReThink recently released our Millennials & New Media Guide: a resource that walks you through the most popular news outlets, websites, and podcasts that millennials and Gen Z’ers consult to get their daily news fix. The Guide features everything from podcasts to online streaming services to newsletters. You may be left wondering: I wrote a good old-fashioned opinion piece. Which of these outlets will actually print my op-ed? To save you some legwork, ReThink has combed through our Millennials & New Media Guide to identify outlets with strong opinion sections––that could soon feature your very own op-ed. Here’s our list, along with a short summary of each outlet’s tone, areas of coverage, and (if applicable) avenue to submit your piece.

Jobs - Lonely Planet - Become an author Guidebooks Each month we receive many applications from people who want to be authors for Lonely Planet. We read them all, then invite those with promise to submit a writing sample. We set the bar high. Writer's Guidelines for Print and Digital Submissions Unearth Women is looking for thought-provoking, well-reported journalism as well as personal travel narratives that connect to larger issues or themes. We are also looking to profile and celebrate incredible women around the world. Stories that run on the Unearth Women’s site and in Unearth Women Magazine face issues head-on, report on women’s issues, and shine a light on women. Travel Writing 101: The Freelance Life It requires not only your writing skills, love of other places, and stamina, but your organizational techniques as business manager, traffic controller and trend spotter. "Get paid to travel" reads one headline. "How to Make a Six-Figure Income Traveling the World" is another.

Writers’ Guidelines Background Air Canada enRoute has won hundreds of awards for editorial, art direction, photography and more. Through our sponsorship of the CBC Literary Awards and our annual roundup of Canada’s best new restaurants, Air Canada enRoute is a strong supporter of emerging Canadian talent. Who are we? Frequently Asked Questions You're ready to travel the world … and get paid for it. It's just that you'd like a little more information first … Do I have to be a published writer to take your programs? What if people always tell me I have great travel stories but I was never very good at English in school? We've had both published and novice writers take our programs. And, to the last, they tell us it was worthwhile – they'd do it again.

The Pitch: How to get the attention of a senior editor at Smithsonian Magazine As a senior editor commissioning science features for Smithsonian Magazine, Jennie Rothenberg Gritz gets tons of freelance queries. Yet few cold pitches result in an article. Why not? “They’re often stories that should be told, but they’re not being framed as good stories, with good characters, narrative and a little twist that makes you surprised,” she says. Freelancing for Adventure Magazines: 5 Adventure Travel Publications Looking for Contributors Posted on 25. Oct, 2009 by Writer in On Writing Freelance writers spend a considerable amount of time scouring the internet for places to publish their work. I have decided to share my research and post links to contributor’s guidelines for a variety of markets. Editors’ Emails – Contact Information for Canadian Publications We endeavour to keep the following list of editors’ email addresses and their desired word counts current. Please let us know if you find any of them to be in need of updating. Calgary Herald* (500 words)David Marsden, Editorial Pages Editor, The Conversation (800-1000 words)Scott White, Editor in Chief, Le Devoir (5500 caractères) Marie-Andrée Chouinard,

Become a Contributor This page outlines what potential Matador contributors and job seekers need to know. Read the following before submitting Matador seeks original writing, photography, and video that promotes travel culture around the world. Road & Travel Magazine Writer's Editorial Guidelines & Policies and Procedures : ROAD & TRAVEL Magazine Articles and manuscripts cannot be considered by RTM unless the following criteria are met: Please review our 2010 Editorial Calendar and submit accordingly. Writer Guidelines are read, acknowledged, and accepted by the writer via electronic signature.See below on how to submit acceptance of guidelines . Once we receive your acceptance via electronic signature and authenticate your email, we'll contact you to submit your article via email.

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