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The Number One Mistake People I Interview Are Making These Days

The Number One Mistake People I Interview Are Making These Days
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Las claves de la felicidad | Noticias generales Alcanzar la felicidad es el objetivo vital de cualquier persona. Pero, ¿es una utopía ser feliz o en realidad se puede alcanzar la dicha en esta vida? Y, en caso de que sea posible lograrla, ¿cuáles son los ingredientes de esa fórmula tan deseada que garantiza una existencia gozosa y llena de satisfacción? A estas y a otras preguntas intenta dar respuesta el Instituto Coca-Cola de la Felicidad con la celebración del segundo congreso internacional sobre esta materia que se desarrollará en Madrid este lunes y martes y que contará con la participación del psiquiatra Luis Rojas Marcos, el divulgador científico Eduardo Punset o el que está considerado como el hombre más feliz del mundo, el monje budista Matthieu Ricard, entre otros. De momento, y según un estudio realizado por este instituto en 2011, sí que se sabe que los españoles creen en la existencia de la felicidad. Alejandra Vallejo-Nájera, psicóloga. "Sólo hay un 10% de nuestra vida que nos viene dado y que no podemos cambiar"

Recruiting: 8 Qualities Your Best Employees Should Have Great employees are reliable, dependable, proactive, diligent, great leaders and great followers... they possess a wide range of easily-defined—but hard to find—qualities. A few hit the next level. Some employees are remarkable, possessing qualities that may not appear on performance appraisals but nonetheless make a major impact on performance. Here are eight qualities of remarkable employees: 1. When a key customer's project is in jeopardy, remarkable employees know without being told there's a problem and jump in without being asked—even if it's not their job. 2. People who aren't afraid to be different naturally stretch boundaries and challenge the status quo, and they often come up with the best ideas. 3. Remarkable employees know when to play and when to be serious; when to be irreverent and when to conform; and when to challenge and when to back off. 4. 5. 6. An employee once asked me a question about potential layoffs. 7. 8. Great employees follow processes. Forget good to great.

Why you should learn to lucid dream | Yes, I Can! by Robin Nixon If you’ve never experienced it then you may find it hard to understand what lucid dreaming is all about. In fact you may be thoroughly sceptical and dismiss the whole thing as silly nonsense. But I can tell you from personal experience that lucid dreams are very real and something that many millions of people regularly enjoy. Note: Due to the huge amount of interest that this post has generated I am now seriously considering writing a book on the subject, and I would welcome input from anyone with an interest. These types of dreams are hyper-real in that when you experience one it is bursting with vibrant colour, there’s often marvellous music playing in the background (if you listen for it), the air is the freshest and sweetest you’ve ever smelled, and you are the healthiest you have ever been (or could ever be). Lucid dreaming is when you experience full consciousness while dreaming. When you ‘wake up’ inside a dream you can consciously appreciate just how wonderful dreams really are.

The Perfect Job Interview in 8 Simple Steps Puella Ludens | Some thoughts on the game life and those who play it An Introvert's Guide to Networking - Lisa Petrilli by Lisa Petrilli | 9:15 AM January 25, 2012 I learned the critical importance of networking, and discovered my natural aversion to it, early in my career. I was a new college graduate working in the strategic planning division of a $10 billion company, and our business unit had been invited to a retirement party for one of the top executives. While I wanted to attend the party, as an introvert I usually avoided these types of events because they made me uncomfortable. That evening I learned the importance of networking and realized I had to figure out how to engage in business events in ways that were comfortable for me. Here’s what worked for me: I learned to appreciate my introversion rather than repudiate it. I have met so many introverts in business who talk about introversion as if it’s a malady that one must get over in order to be successful. I recognized that one-on-one conversations would be my lifeline during networking. I stopped being afraid to be the one to reach out.

Positive Psychology Exercise - Emoclear Self-Helpapedia Emoclear Positve Psychology Exercise I: Doing Pleasurable, Important, and Meaningful Activities Every day for two weeks do the following: 1. Choose a pleasurable activity to do alone and do it to completion. Emoclear Positive Psychology Exercise II: Building Character. Based on Character Strengths (Peterson & Seligman, 2004). For two weeks pick two activities per day from the list below. The Activity List: 1. Here's a reflection exercise for accessing appreciation and gratitude: This exercise is to be done daily for two weeks. 1. Have fun, Steve Interview Questions for Data Scientists Great data scientists come from such diverse backgrounds that it can be difficult to get a sense of whether someone is up to the job in just a short interview. In addition to the technical questions, I find it useful to have a few questions that draw out the more creative and less discrete elements of a candidate’s personality. Here are a few of my favorite questions. What was the last thing that you made for fun? I’m always looking for new and interesting things to add to my list, and I’d love to hear your suggestions.