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Footballer job information. New Zealand Police Recruiting. Registered Nurse. Farisha: Hi, my name is Farisha, I’m a third year nursing student and I want to check out what nursing is like in a prison.

Registered Nurse

Clinton: Farisha is going inside Spring Hill Corrections Facility - one of 20 Prisons in New Zealand… Kirsten: Hi Farisha… Clinton: …to meet Kirsten Harrison, a Nurse at Corrections. Clinton: Nurses at Corrections provide the same range of health care to Prisoners as Nurses do in the community- that is, they maintain the health and well-being of prisoners. Kristen: We’ve just got a few things you need to know about. Farisha: So what’s the main difference between working on the outside and working here? Kirsten: Well when you’re working in a hospital as a nurse, you’re in a more specialized environment, whereas when you’re working here, we do a variety of things – from accident and emergency right through to general practice and primary healthcare. Farisha: So what kind of skills helps in this kind of work? Guard: Medication, Blue Prisoner: Morning guys!

Kirsten: Alright. Veterinary Nurse. Emily: I’m Emily Gray and I’m from Motueka.

Veterinary Nurse

I’m here at Stoke Vets to see what it takes to be a vet nurse. Clinton: Emily is going to join two Nelson veterinary teams, one based at Richmond, and the other here at Stoke Vets. Donna: Hi Emily? Emily: Hi there! Donna: I heard you’re interested in having a career in vet nursing? Emily: I am, yep! Donna: Wonderful, that’s great. Emily: Yep! Clinton: Donna Lindqvist has worked at Stoke Vets as a vet nurse for five years. Donna: Basically, vets cut, and we do everything in between. Donna: Vet nurses they seem to see the animals from start to finish – see them recover, send them off home and deal with the clients as well.

Clinton: And the job is very varied. Donna: It can be from dealing with dealing with clients, doing nurses consults, getting your hands dirty, helping with surgery, scrubbing in, taking radiographs, doing cytology. Clinton: This is Cody who’s in for de-sexing. Defence Careers. Become a Police officer. Careers New Zealand. NZ Fashion Tech Videos. Student Success Stories The most import thing to us is the success of our students.

NZ Fashion Tech Videos

Listen to their stories and experiences, what they enjoyed and learnt and what opportunities have opened up to them. Nathen Foulagi > Stephanie Mills > Sara Macdougall-Unwin > Ursula Adams > Roleen Botha > Dennis Sayat > Diploma Showcases Each year our students create a stunning display at our Diploma Showcase events. 2011 Diploma Showcase Highlights > 2010 Diploma Showcase Highlights > NZFT For Industry Learn more about our partnerships with industry, the services we offer and the benefits of choosing a NZFT graduate.

NZFT For Industry > CATE Presentations 2014 Cate Presentation > NZFT For Schools Learn how NZFT can open the door to career and job prospects to your students. NZFT For Schools > Our History NZ Fashion Tech was founded in 1995, by directors Kevin Smith and Val Marshall-Smith. How It All Started - Part 1 > How It All Started - Part 2 > Changing Times > Student Video Diaries Student Diaries Page Learning With Us. Police Dog Handler. Home > Random Stuff > Cool Careers > Police Dog Handler A keen reader herself, Sue says she hopes the book will encourage young readers to follow their dreams.

Police Dog Handler

“Nothing is impossible!” How did you become a police dog handler and why do you like it? I grew up on a farm near Wairoa in northern Hawke's Bay. Animals have been a big part of my life and I love working outside. I love it because you are mostly working outside and doing all sorts of interesting stuff like tracking bad guys, finding lost people or stolen property, and often being the first on the scene at emergencies helping to keep people safe.

It's not easy and requires hours of training and practice for the handlers and dogs to learn how to work together and function as a fully operational team. Demon was my first operational dog and he was pretty special. Why did you decide to write about your police dog? I think it was an awesome way to remember Demon, although the book is mainly from my imagination. Cool Careers. Home > Random Stuff > Cool Careers Volunteer at your local SPCA or animal shelter.

Cool Careers

Help out at a local dairy, sheep or cattle farm.Work with horses. Volunteer at places like Riding for the Disabled.Read as much as you can about all kinds of animals – not just the cute fluffy ones either. Vets also need to learn about other animals, like turtles, frogs and rats.