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Dr. Catherine Mohr: Disruptive Inventor & Surgical Roboticist - IEEE Technical Community Spotlight. Dr.

Dr. Catherine Mohr: Disruptive Inventor & Surgical Roboticist - IEEE Technical Community Spotlight

Catherine Mohr did not plan to become an engineer, nor did she anticipate matriculating in medical school. Now an asset to both fields, Mohr, Director of Medical Research at Intuitive Surgical, evaluates new technologies for incorporation into the next generation, translating complicated medical terms for use in application by engineers, and putting engineering concepts into context so that they can be better understood by practicing surgeons. “I joke that I am trilingual!” Mohr exclaims. “I speak medical jargon, geek-speak, and English, which are three mutually unintelligible languages.” Perhaps few people are better positioned to do so. While working on a friend’s solar car racing team, Mohr experienced her moment of truth: “I discovered how much I loved tinkering, making things, learning how to build something. Mohr realized how much she had loved the operating room in the past, when she had been given several opportunities to observe some surgical device cases.

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Machine-Learning Maestro Michael Jordan on the Delusions of Big Data and Other Huge Engineering Efforts. The future of jobs: The onrushing wave. IN 1930, when the world was “suffering…from a bad attack of economic pessimism”, John Maynard Keynes wrote a broadly optimistic essay, “Economic Possibilities for our Grandchildren”.

The future of jobs: The onrushing wave

It imagined a middle way between revolution and stagnation that would leave the said grandchildren a great deal richer than their grandparents. But the path was not without dangers. One of the worries Keynes admitted was a “new disease”: “technological unemployment…due to our discovery of means of economising the use of labour outrunning the pace at which we can find new uses for labour.” His readers might not have heard of the problem, he suggested—but they were certain to hear a lot more about it in the years to come. For the most part, they did not. For much of the 20th century, those arguing that technology brought ever more jobs and prosperity looked to have the better of the debate. When the sleeper wakes Be that as it may, drudgery may soon enough give way to frank unemployment. Garbage designer, robot counsellor among the predicted jobs of 2030.

About 15 years from now, farmers will have made their way from the countryside to the city, counsellors will help ensure the right robot goes to the right family and garbage designers will lead the upcycling movement.

Garbage designer, robot counsellor among the predicted jobs of 2030

Those are some predictions made by the Canadian Scholarship Trust Plan’s Inspired Minds initiative, which aims to give Canadians a sneak peek of the job market in 2030. Some of the more curious careers include: Nostalgist: A mix between a therapist, an interior designer and a historical researcher, a nostalgist will help the wealthy elderly of 2030 create a living space inspired by their favourite decade. Rewilder: The old name for this job was "farmer. " But instead of growing crops, rewilders will be tasked with undoing environmental damage to the countryside. Farming will continue to take place, but in greenhouses located on skyscrapers, which will be known as vertical farms.

Robot counsellor: In 2030, robots will play a big part in our day-to-day lives. Are you ready? Here are the top 50 jobs of the future. Sarah Stack Published 24/06/2014|02:30 Share A JOB for life is now an unimaginable thing for most teenagers.

Are you ready? Here are the top 50 jobs of the future

See list at end of article Many of our schoolchildren will live to see and even work in the 22nd Century. In some cases, the careers they'll take on haven't even been invented, but the 50 jobs for the future compiled in today's Irish Independent with the help of industry and recruitment experts will need to be filled. advertisement Embed video Dimensions: Thirty years ago, 'Apple' was still a fruit. A looming ecological crisis means dirty work in the form of waste and resource management will be central to the economic well-being of the next two generations, at least. Similarly, the longer we all live, the more care we'll all need in old age – much of that will have to be provided hands-on by "old-fashioned" nurses and doctors.

Our children will also always need teaching. 10 well paid jobs of the future. Mr Bellini posited the idea of an elderly well-being consultant, who specialises in personalised care for older patients, or a memory augmentation surgeon who helps counter memory loss.

10 well paid jobs of the future

He also saw big changes in farming as food resources became scarce, with genetically modified crops becoming common and crops grown vertically in areas resembling multi-storey car parks to save space. Ian Pearson, a futurologist who wrote You Tomorrow, sees job growth in the field of augmented reality, where the real world is overlaid with computer-generated images. “When you look at a building it’s constrained by planning laws, but in cyberspace you can make it look however you want,” he said.

“A company with a high street presence could make their shop look like Downton Abbey, or set it in a post-nuclear apocalypse environment.” Mr Pearson also argued that the better technology gets, the more people will have to focus on their “human skills” to survive in the workforce. 10 Crazy Jobs That Will Exist in the Future. Best Jobs Of The Future. 7 Careers for the Future. 6 High-Paying Jobs Of The Future.