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Why You Didn't Get the Interview

Why You Didn't Get the Interview

10 Steps to a Healthier Office On plants - an office I worked in had plants up the wazoo and along with them came insects. After a land on you and scare the heck out of you it begins to negate the effects of the plants. On frequent breaks - yes. On naps - I WISH my work allowed them. On pets - one bad thing there - allergies. How to Pirate Movies, Music, TV Shows, and Books Without Getting Caught Are You Being Monitored At Work? | Upgrade Your Life A 2011 survey found that over half of US employers are monitoring their employees' computer usage. How can you find out if you are one of them? And if you are, what should you do about it? There are two main ways employers track computer usage — with monitoring software on your desktop, and by watching the traffic on the corporate network. Also, many companies have written guidelines about Internet usage and may indicate if they are monitoring you. HR departments should have these policies available for employee review. Monitoring Software on Your Computer Monitoring software tracks all your activity and sends logs to the boss or IT department. On a Windows machine: First, look in the system tray and start up folder. On a Mac: Open Finder and look under applications , click 'utilities' and launch 'activity monitor'. If you see something in any of these places that you're unfamiliar with, search it online to see if it's a monitoring program. So What If You Want A Little Privacy?

Metro men's products - Yahoo! In honor of "Magic Mike," a movie about male strippers starring Matthew McConaughey and Channing Tatum, we rounded up grooming goodies for guys. Axe Sport Blast 2-in-1 Shower Gel + Shampoo (Photo: Courtesy of Axe) Lazy guys will flip for this multitasking shower goodie. $5.99; Jack Black Dry Erase Ultra-Calming Face Cream (Photo: Courtesy of Jack Black) For the guy concerned about aging, we've got just the remedy. $38; Yahoo! Molton Brown The Shaving Kit (Photo: Courtesy of Molton Brown) Make your shaving experience more spa-like by investing in a proper gentleman's set. $295; Epicuren Lip Balm SPF 15 (Photo: Courtesy of Epicuren) Sexy celebs, such as Jason Segal and Ryan Seacrest, are already fans of this nourishing lip balm made of aloe extract, tea tree oil, and cocoa butter. $6.50; Otter Creek Sasq(wash) Shampoo and Body Wash (Photo: Courtesy of Otter Creek) $18; Paul Smith Mini On Location Bag (Photo: Courtesy of Paul Smith)

Top 10 Hardware Boosting Hacks I just did the pogoplug hack this weekend. The LH article is outdated, but the info is available online at I'm not sure rooting a pogoplug is worth the bother now. Rasberry Pi is now available, unless $30, two extra USB ports and Gigabit ethernet is critically important, the RasPi blows the pogoplug out of the water (the additional IO is nice, but the real win is a larger developer community). I did get a pogoplug with the intention of rooting it but realised that its was much more useful to me as it stood. I realize this is article is a few days old, but I just wanted to second this. Now I've just got to figure out what I want to put on it... It's a fun project. I tried running Subsonic, which I used to serve up media from my old computer, but the pogoplug doesn't seem to have enough horsepower for on-the-fly LAME transcoding.

Get Your Security Deposit Back with a Rental Walk-Through Condition Form The dreaded Room Condition Form (RCF).... I worked as an RA for several years at school, and getting those done usually took an entire day of training. We'd go room to room, opening all of the drawers - closet, dresser, desk... flipping the mattress over to check out both sides of it, turning on & off all the lights, pulling the blind down, opening the windows, etc... And then, when the students moved in, we'd give them the form, tell them to take it up to their room, check things over, make sure we didn't miss anything and bring it back BEFORE they started to move stuff back... They always gave us ours to do ourselves and, as I said, wouldn't return our student IDs until we returned the filled-out forms.

Why You Should Start Using a VPN (and How to Choose the Best One for Your Needs) What Google Voice Number Porting Actually Means for Your Cellphone @ahow628: I'm not 100% I quite understand, but I don't think that'd work. If you do that, Google would have your old/existing number, but you wouldn't have cell phone service to actually use it. Basically what they're doing is letting you transfer your number from your carrier to them, but you still need an actual number from your carrier to provide you with service. @Platypus Man: A little simplification/clarification. Currently I have a cell phone called Line1. It has a number 123-456-7890. I will open a second line on my account called Line2 and port my current number to it, so Line2's number is now 123-456-7890. When I port my number to Line2, Sprint will assign Line1 a random number like 987-654-3210. I will then port 123-456-7890 over to Google Voice and cancel Line2's service within 30 days at no charge from Sprint. Like I said, I think this will work. @ahow628: That sounds like it would work so long as your contract is up on your current line.

How to keep kitchen remodeling costs in check - Yahoo! Homes The remodeling industry seems to have turned the corner, with kitchens leading the way, according to the National Kitchen & Bath Association's latest market report. In the first three months of 2012, the number of homeowners who started a kitchen renovation was up more than 50 percent from the previous quarter. The average budget for those projects, meanwhile, jumped 6 percent to $30,325, and nearly all dealers expect that figure to increase or stay the same. If you're planning a remodel of your own, these findings underscore the need to stick to your budget. Plan it properly. Consider mid-range appliances. Skip the custom cabinetry. Save on surfaces. Do some of the work yourself. consumer_report

Build on a Budget - Cut Costs When You Build or Remodel How much will your building or remodeling project cost? Maybe less than you think! Here's how to cut costs without compromising comfort and beauty. 1. Estimate Early Estimate costs. Before you get far in the planning process, start collecting estimates. 2. New construction in a rural setting. The cheapest building lot might not be the most affordable. 3. Laugier's Primitive Hut is simple. Curves, triangles, trapezoids, and other complex shapes are difficult and expensive to build. "Think of a soap bubble," says Timberline Manufacturing Inc., maker of geodesic dome kits. 4. Tiny house in Portland, OR © Tammy Strobel, RowdyKittens on, Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic When you compare costs per square foot, a big house can seem like a bargain. 5. The most affordable houses are compact. 6. Before you choose a plan for your new home, you'll want to know how much space you're paying for. 7. 8. Chain link and corrugated metal walls of Frank Gehry's home in California, 1980.

13 Foods to Soothe or Prevent Sunburn No one sets out to get sunburned, but the pleasant distractions of summer—the long, sunny days, the beckoning beach, losing track of time in the garden—all make it easy to forget that extra coat of sunscreen, or the need to take a break in the shade. Of course, it’s best to avoid sunburn in the first place, given its ability to cause skin cancer and premature aging. Luckily, common foods in your kitchen possess sun-protection compounds to aid your current sun-protection routine. Others may not help prevent sunburn but offer surprising relief if you do accidentally catch too many rays. Check out these natural food remedies to deal with—or prevent—summer sunburns: 1. Sunburn-fighting effect: Overindulging in potatoes may be a no-no if you’re trying to lose weight, but keep a few on hand in case a sunburn strikes. Utilize it! Read More: Like This? Photo: Tom Gettings

10 Reasons To Include Calisthenics Into Your Routine I’m going to state this straight to your face: You must include calisthenics into your training routine for ultimate development. Pretty straightforward but it is true. Even more. I have tons of reasons why you should use your own bodyweight in your training but I compressed them to 10 most important. At first let me explain you what is ‘calisthenics’. Calisthenics is a form of training where you use only your bodyweight as resistance. 10 Reasons Why You Should Include Calisthenics into Your Routine... Bodyweight training (if you use it properly) is actually easier on joints than weight training. It’s that easy. You can get stronger actually in days not weeks. It’s very important. Even every day. Explosive push-ups, explosive pull-ups, explosive dips, explosive lunges etc. Back Levers, Front Levers, Planches, Human Flags etc. Whether you want bigger muscles, insane strength or those abs, bodyweight training will get you there. Try to make a human flag in crowded place.

Writing your resume - what not to do It’s that time of year again and the resumes from graduating college seniors are starting to crash our office door. What better time than now to have a little chat about them? What this post isn’t going to be a list of how to write a resume – according to Google, the search “resume+books” returned 81,500,000 hits so you newbies should start there. What I want to talk about is the “what not to do’s” and the other nuances within resumes – the information you can plant between the lines to tell the reader something extra about you. These are the categories that seem to show up in most resumes: Contact informationEducationObjectiveProfessional ExperienceSkillsHonors/ AwardsPersonal Interests At first blush, they all seem like reasonable areas of focus for one’s resume. This is an important area on your resume – you want the job and people need to be able to contact you. Keep it simple and straight forward but include the dates of attendance please. See?