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Why You Didn't Get the Interview

Why You Didn't Get the Interview

Walk Into a Salary Negotiation with the Right List of Accomplishments Why You Didn't Get the Interview (Part Two) 10 Steps to a Healthier Office On plants - an office I worked in had plants up the wazoo and along with them came insects. After a land on you and scare the heck out of you it begins to negate the effects of the plants. On frequent breaks - yes. On naps - I WISH my work allowed them. On pets - one bad thing there - allergies.

How To Tell A Job From A Career We work, we live: the two snuggle together tighter than the pixels you're viewing as you read this post--and that fact has opened up the Great Work/Life Balance Debate, with calls for integration, fit, and a feeling that the whole thing might be a big myth. Over at HBR, personality profiling expert Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic has another take: that we should have work-life "fusion," allowing for the workaholic hours he says bring success--with an argument that turns on one key claim: you need to have a career, not just a job. Finding the right match "Work is just like a relationship," Chamorro-Premuzic writes. But the relationship comparison is a little, well, romantic: Just as you'll grow fatigued if you spend enough time with anyone, humans only have so much energy to invest in a given day, meaning that no matter how "in love" you are with a job, you will reach a point where you've had enough. Knowing the (psychological) difference

Print This Checklist to Better Prepare for Your Next Job Interview How to Pirate Movies, Music, TV Shows, and Books Without Getting Caught why young employees quit their jobs Tuesday, September 18, 2012 The biggest reason young, talented workers leave for new jobs? They’re not learning enough, writes Diane Stafford of the Kansas City Star: “Hirers often complain that their young workers jump ship quickly. A study published this summer in the Harvard Business Review confirmed that young top performers—the workers that organizations would most like to stick around—are leaving in droves. Researchers found that high achievers, 30 years old on average with great school and work credentials, are leaving their employers after an average of 28 months. Multiple studies find that today’s younger workers have absolutely no intention of sticking around if they don’t feel like they’re learning, growing and being valued in a job. ‘Companies need to recognize that these young workers are very mobile,’ Carver said.

The Value of Being the "Weird" Job Candidate Are You Being Monitored At Work? | Upgrade Your Life A 2011 survey found that over half of US employers are monitoring their employees' computer usage. How can you find out if you are one of them? And if you are, what should you do about it? There are two main ways employers track computer usage — with monitoring software on your desktop, and by watching the traffic on the corporate network. Also, many companies have written guidelines about Internet usage and may indicate if they are monitoring you. HR departments should have these policies available for employee review. Monitoring Software on Your Computer Monitoring software tracks all your activity and sends logs to the boss or IT department. On a Windows machine: First, look in the system tray and start up folder. On a Mac: Open Finder and look under applications , click 'utilities' and launch 'activity monitor'. If you see something in any of these places that you're unfamiliar with, search it online to see if it's a monitoring program. So What If You Want A Little Privacy?

Work-Life "Balance" Isn't the Point - Christine M. Riordan by Christine M. Riordan | 1:00 PM June 4, 2013 Climbing the organizational ladder often requires employees to work long hours and deal with difficult and complex issues. Some days on the job are likely fun and positive and other days are tension-filled and stressful. A common dilemma for many people is how they manage all of the competing demands in work and life and avoid letting any negative effects of work spill over into their personal lives. Research has in fact shown that employees who believe they do not have time for the personal life feel drained and distracted while they are at work. However, some people appear to manage career success and a positive private life with ease. 1. Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, came under scrutiny when she returned to work soon after the birth of her son. 2. 3. As Anna Quindlen observed, “If your success is not on your own terms, if it looks good to the world but does not feel good in your heart, it is not success at all.”

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10 tips voor meer zelfvertrouwen op het werk Zodra je een job gezocht hebt, verschijnt hier je laatste zoekopdracht. Voor wie de eerste lentezon niet genoeg is om vrolijk door het leven te dartelen, hebben we enkele tips om terug lekker in z’n vel te zitten. 1. Laat je niet afleiden Blijf gefocust op je werk. Zelfvertrouwen begint met goed werk te verrichten, het halen van deadlines en een positieve werkhouding. 2. Een van de beste manieren om zelfvertrouwen te krijgen, is heel goed weten wat je sterke kanten zijn en manieren te vinden om deze te integreren in je dagelijkse werkzaamheden. 3. Als bepaalde zwakke punten je zelfvertrouwen aantasten, bedenk dan een manier om die aan te pakken. 4. Makkelijker gezegd dan gedaan misschien, maar zeg tegen jezelf ‘Ik kan het’ én geloof dat ook daadwerkelijk. 5. Sta stil bij wat je iedere dag opnieuw bereikt. 6. Hier bewaar je je bedankmailtjes, complimenten van collega’s en leidinggevenden, en alle andere berichten met erkenning en waardering. 7. 8. 9. 10. Meer info overGelukkig op het werk