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Jobs boom rolls on with unemployment at its lowest since April 2012. Updated 27 minutes agoThu 15 Nov 2018, 2:36am Australia's jobs boom has rolled on for another month, with a better-than-expected 32,800 jobs created in October.

Jobs boom rolls on with unemployment at its lowest since April 2012

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DisAbilities employment

Statistical info. Volunteering. Mental health carers' work is valued at $13 billion, but it comes at a personal cost. Posted 11 minutes agoTue 28 Aug 2018, 7:17am Caring for a family member or friend who has a mental illness is much more than a labour of love.

Mental health carers' work is valued at $13 billion, but it comes at a personal cost

Often these caring roles, by a spouse, a parent or even a child, come at the cost of education and employment opportunities. A national campaign, called Caring Fairly, is being launched in Canberra to try to set that right. There are 2.7 million Australians — one in nine — providing unpaid care to a loved one with a mental illness, and 15 per cent of them are aged under 25.

Employer issues

Employment Health and Safety. Chart of the day: Does speaking another language hurt your education opportunities? Are students starting careers education too late? Schools need to provide their students with careers education earlier than they currently do if young people are to be adequately prepared for the world of work, a new report shows.

Are students starting careers education too late?

The New Work Reality report, the latest in the New Work Order series from Foundation for Young Australians found that half of 25 year olds aren’t in full-time work, despite nearly 60% having a post-school qualification. Mitchell Institute director, Megan O’Connell, said the findings are yet another warning that Australia’s education system isn’t working for too many people. Bosses deserve to be happy at work too – here's how. 'This is s**t, I don’t want to be here': Your stories about quitting jobs you hate - Hack - triple j.

After a glorious 4 day long weekend, the idea of schlepping it back to work might have felt like hell.

'This is s**t, I don’t want to be here': Your stories about quitting jobs you hate - Hack - triple j

Maybe it's so bad that the only thing giving you life is fantasising about elaborate ways of quitting (but then not doing that...because….money.) But what if your job really does suck, and you’re not just having a whinge like the rest of us? What if you legitimately want to call it quits, and it’s not just the post-weekend blues talking? Today on Hack you’ll get advice about how you should quit your job - what you should look out for, how you should negotiate it and how long you should put up with a crappy boss or working environment. Obviously not everyone can just wake up one morning and chuck in the towel - unless you have some backup savings or a new job lined up. But we wanted to hear your stories about walking out of a job that didn’t work for you, and if it was the right thing to do. "Do not speak to me like that" "I grabbed my stuff, walked to my car shaking. Skip Animated Gif.


Career-education-needs-an-overhaul-20180223-p4z1jc. Labour market briefs - Department of Trade, Business and Innovation. Labour Market Information Portal. Welcome to the Labour Market Information Portal. School Leavers. Federal budget 2017: Don't bet on the rosy wages forecast - Federal Budget 2017 - ABC News. Are you all set for the wages boom?

Federal budget 2017: Don't bet on the rosy wages forecast - Federal Budget 2017 - ABC News

Looking forward to your annual pay rise doubling or thereabouts and your overall package rising by even more? Woohoo! Happy days, if it's true. The rosy forecast comes from no less reliable a source than those esteemed economic boffins in the Treasury Department. It's there in black and white in the Commonwealth budget. So, should we bank on fatter pay packets (or the digital equivalent thereof)? The short answer is no. Excuse me for being cynical, but pigs might fly before Australia sees the kind of wage wins and salary surges that Treasurer Scott "ScoMo" Morrison's forecasts are based upon.

Return to surplus premised on wages explosion Here are the numbers the Treasury is using. On the most reliable indicator, the official wage price index, it reckons that the pace of wages growth will lift from a record low of just 1.9 per cent to 3.75 per cent — or almost double — within four years. This is a big deal for the budget bottom line. Norms may no longer apply. What the 'typical' Australian worker doesn't tell us about modern work. Posted The "typical" Australian works full-time and has been in the same job for three to five years, Australian Bureau of Statistics data shows.

What the 'typical' Australian worker doesn't tell us about modern work

But there's a lot going on in the modern workforce that's not captured in such a simple portrait — including the rise of part-time work. 'Typical' man and woman both work full-time The typical Australian woman works full-time and earns $1,341 a week. She is aged between 25 and 34 and works in healthcare in the private sector at a professional level. Job Tips for Hourly Workers. The art and science behind hand-drawn weather maps at the Bureau of Meteorology. Posted Sitting in the middle of Melbourne's Bureau of Meteorology office, among a sea of screens, is an easel, paper and coloured pencils.

The art and science behind hand-drawn weather maps at the Bureau of Meteorology

Meteorologists sit at this easel each day to plot the latest troughs and fronts onto a weather map. Despite having around-the-clock satellite images, the hand-drawn map is still the most accurate way to conceptualise weather in specific local areas. It also helps forecasters to properly understand the current weather conditions. Curriculum Materials - Cool Australia. Worawa College empowering young Aboriginal women with skills and confidence. Sometimes the journey begins with a dusty bus trip in the middle of the night.

Worawa College empowering young Aboriginal women with skills and confidence

It means leaving behind literally everything familiar. At 12 years old, the youngster might have been only sporadically in the education system. Her family might be semi-nomadic, moving from place to place for ceremonial purposes. Other times she's used to living with as many as 17 people to a house. English might be her second — or third, or fourth — language.

Generation Success Series

Work skills development. RMS Careers for Teachers. RMS Careers for Year 9 Students. Careers with ASD. Toozly - Diversity Works. Future careers and workplaces. What employers want from employees. Student Edge · discounts, offers, comps, jobs and more. Thinking About Your Future · Student Edge Articles. Start thinking big.

Thinking About Your Future · Student Edge Articles

Australian jobs 2015. Geography and careers. Introduction Geographers have many skills which are valued by employers.

Geography and careers

This illustration focuses on the knowledge and skills that geographers bring to various careers. These skills - learnt and practiced in geography and applied to numerous careers - provide students with clear links between the subject and future employment opportunities. The activities identify these skills, and explore connections between geography and employment options. Other options for teachers to make these connections include inviting interesting speakers from different career backgrounds to talk to students (ensuring positive images and challenging stereotypes) and creating a 'Geography and careers' blog that students contribute to and share ideas. Classroom application Many students do not realise that geography equips them with a broad range of skills and knowledge, enabling them to make sense of the world. Questions for discussion Questions for reflection Resources. Welcome to the Discover Hospitality website where you can discover more about one of Australia's most dynamic and fast growing industries – Hospitality!

My Career, My APS. The following links change the content below them. Young Workers Best Practice Guide. Inside MyCareerMatch - Newsletter. Follow Us on Pinterest We are excited to announce our new MyCareerMatch Pinterest page! There have been quite a lot of stories about Pinterest’s rapid growth and how the social media world’s darling is now becoming an interesting tool for careers. And then there’s the stories about the site that just makes you smile. Well, we do all of that and more. Check out the images that inspire us here at MyCareerMatch and get insider tips, articles and the latest career and employment information for students. MyCareerMatch Pinterest Boards include Career Advice, Confidence, CVs & Resumes, Finding A Job, Interview Tips, Inspirational Quotes, Motivation, Money Talk For Students, My First Job, Networking & Personal Branding, Personality & Careers, Social Media & Job Search, Stress Relief (you’ll love this!)

Pin by MyCareerMatch on Finding A Job. Lawstuff Australia - Know Your Rights - - Topics - Employment - What age can I start work? Youth Employment in Australia. The minimum working age in Australia varies between states and territory.

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Careers. VEiS - Chase Your Dreams. Steve Waugh, former Australian Cricket Captain and Australian of the Year 2004, interviews six famous Australian sporting and entertainment stars about the events that have shaped their lives: Pat Rafter, Cathy Freeman, Layne Beachley, John Maclean, Shannon Noll and Michael Clarke.

Hard copies of Chase Your Dreams were sent to secondary schools in 2005. See your Careers Adviser or Librarian to view the interviews in DVD or video format. The following MP4 files have been compressed for download. Due to the length of the interview's these files are still very large in size, and may take a while to download. The files sizes are indicated in megabytes next to each download. FREEZE: Consider Your Career.