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Cultivate our garden - From Approval to You

Cultivate our garden - From Approval to You

Hemmings Blog: Classic and collectible cars and parts I’ve had plenty of people asking me lately what’s going on with Project HMX, and unfortunately, progress on it has stalled for a number of reasons. Chief among them are the other projects that have taken time away or quite literally blocked me from getting to the HMX. Over the weekend, I got one of those projects out of the way. Ever since I built my first soda can solar heater three years ago, I’ve received plenty of input on how to improve the design for better heat output. For that reason, I never hooked up the first one – in fact, I gave it away to a friend – and set about building a bigger, better version, suffering through three cold winters in the garage.

Tutorial ~ The Knot So Hard Flip Flop Diy Oh I am so excited about this project! Any DIY that takes less than 30 minutes is worth getting excited about, no? These flip flops are so easy, and so so comfortable. The best part? They only cost me $1.oo. Glowing Outdoor Orbs O.K. Get ready for it … this one’s a doozy. Doozie? Doosey. Puff Daddy - knitted stool Puff is the Norwegian word for stool. We really liked the pouf from Christien Meinderstsma, but it´s way out of our price range. This simple pattern for a knitted stool has much thinner yarn, but the budget is just as thin;) Nice to rest your legs on, and very popular for the kids. What we used:Eskimo, 18 balls (Or yarn suitable for US #13 needles)Acrylic yarn would probably be a really good alternative, as it´s a piece of furnitureUS #19 circular needles2 cheap duves (feather and down) How we did it:Cast on 35 stitches using three threads.Knit the garter stitch until you´ve knitted all the balls, and there is just enough yarn left to asseble the stool.

Sweet DIY: Stretched Canvas Art - Blog - Hello My Sweet Today we want to show you how easy it can be (and inexpensive of course) to create your own Stretched Canvas Artwork. In our example you see that we used three of these pieces to create a modern and symmetrical backdrop for our Citrus Brunch buffet. However, you are not merely limited to backdrops, oh no, no. This technique could be used to beautify any space with stretched canvas art. I personally was really excited with the results of this little experiment. Hemmings Blog: Classic and collectible cars and parts I’ve had a few days during the HMX build while I’m either waiting for parts or waiting for something to dry and had some free time. I’m not exactly one to sit and watch TV when I have nothing planned, so I set out on another project. While I have electricity out to the garage now, heat has been an issue all winter long. Mattar graciously lent me his kerosene heater, which did an okay job of taking the bite off the chill.

FELT ROSE TUTORIAL Click HERE to get the PDF for this tutorial You can click HERE to get the PDF pattern for the petals and leaves Examples below My felt rose mini rolled rose and Flowers in hanging glass bottles in Crafts for decorating and home decor Imagine an ethereal and colorful atmosphere over your head ... this is the idea to make your wedding, party or celebration different. Roses, tulips, petunias, peonies, sunflowers ... everything fits into these suspended bottles. Wrapping the wire around the neck of the most beautiful bottles we have and fix them at some higher level support, we will make this magical effect becomes true.

Chicken Wire Chandelier Who would have thunk, that chicken wire could be used in so many ways! We all saw it re-used mainly in frames, but did you see this luxurious boutique chicken hotel? Those chickens live the dolce vita over there, lol. And there is Ashley, she just took a whole wall and covered it in chicken wire! I could imagine hanging all my high heels on there;-) Then I discovered chicken wire at the Dollar Store and found one of those wire clothe hangers in my closet and my chandelier-idea was born. My Bamboo is Peacock Blue I have to say thank you to all of you for your suggestions on what color to paint the faux bamboo chest I scored last weekend while out thrifting. Quite frankly, it’s one of those pieces that would look really good in any color, but there were a few comments that coaxed me toward peacock blue. Ooh, rich bluey-turquoise . . . Make the gold hardware pop, yes that’s a must! Yes, me likey colors of the ocean, thanks for reading my mind Andrea.

Natural weed killer (made with basic items in your kitchen) I have to warn you, for the next month and a half my posts will be of a frugal nature. This doesn't mean I won't post items that will be of use to just means I won't be spending very much money on them. We are planning a big family trip (to San Francisco!!! I am so excited. If anyone has any tips or things to do there with kids..please share) and I feel I need to slow down on my crafts/projects until we come back.

TUTORIAL: Reconstructed Men's Shirt to Button-down Tank Top! (surgery prep) Bear with me, this is my first tutorial ever! It's probably too much information but better safe than sorry Last summer I underwent major surgery on my torso which resulted in a prolonged period of the inability to lift my arms. This, combined with the warm weather, made wardrobe prep very important! I was told I needed button-down shirts or things I didn't need to lift my arms up to put on. Alas, I found availability in stores for anything remotely cute and season concious lacking..

Confetti Invitations + Template Mar 14 I made this prototype for a couple who needed save-the-dates for a wedding. We ended up doing something else but these turned out so cute I thought I would do a tutorial on how to make them. These little tubes shoot a little burst of confetti when you twist them. The problem is they are usually ugly and the confetti inside them is usually poor quality (like five little sad strands.)

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