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Konkret och kreativ NO, Hans Persson

Konkret och kreativ NO, Hans Persson

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Getting Started with Metacognition Y'all my office smells like something died. Seriously! It started about two weeks ago. I walked in and got hit with a pretty putrid smell. Näringskedja This Sanctuary Magazine advertising poster, developed by Ogilvy Mumbai, has won a gold pencil at the One Show Design Awards this week in the Public Service Posters Single category. “Mouths 1” shows the importance of forestation on the food chain, linking a tree, frog, walrus, and a polar bear. “Mouths 1” won a silver award for out of home public service at the Bombay Ad Club Abbys held at Goofiest. Credits The Sanctuary Magazine Mouths campaign was developed at Ogilvy India, Mumbai, by executive creative director Rajiv Rao, creative director Elizabeth Dias, copywriter Akshay Seth, art director Dhanashri Ubhayakar and illustrator Lokesh Karekar.

These 20 powerful photos of kids’ bedrooms will change the way you look at th... Like us on FB: Where Children Sleep is a powerful photo series by English photographer James Mollison. He traveled around the world capturing the differences between the lifestyle of kids from different countries. The discrepancy is quite shocking, as in the series you will find photos of children like Kaya from Tokyo, whose mother spends more than $1.000 a month on her dresses, as well as photos of kids from Brazil or Nepal that barely have a roof over their heads.

10 Science Experiments to Do in the Snow Speaking entirely objectively, there is nothing better than making candy using snow. Not only do you get the fun of tromping around nature to collect the white stuff, but you're rewarded with food. If you can incorporate science into the mix, it's almost too good to be true. That brings us to molasses snow candy, otherwise known as Laura Ingalls Wilder snow candy. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Great Websites to Teach Anatomy o... September, 2014 looking for some amazing web tools to teach human anatomy? The websites I have assorted for you below are probably among the best you can find out there. From engaging interactives to live simulations of the body system, these tools will enable your students to explore the mystery of the human body in unprecedented ways. Some of these tools provide 3D imaging of parts of the human body so students will both learn and live the experience of discovering the hidden secrets of our body. 1- Visible Body

15 Fun Science Activities for Kids We love fun science activities and science experiments. We have a whole list of fun ways to learn and explore today with your little scientist. These fantastic activities were inspired by Buggy and Buddy. 15 Fun Science Experiments for Kids 1. Build a bridge with two plastic cups and construction paper and test your hypothesis of how many pennies it can hold before the bridge collapses. Here's Why McDonald's Burgers Don’t Rot Earlier this week, Buzzfeed posted a video that showed burgers from seven different fast food restaurants that had been stored in glass jars for 30 days. At the end, some of them were covered in mold, but some (McDonald burgers in particular) did not look much different from Day 1. This isn’t a new visual aid.

Amazing X-ray GIFs Show Joints In Motion The human body has four types of movable joints. Most people don’t really think about them unless they start to become painful. In fact, their motion is really quite beautiful, but that beauty can be hard to appreciate because we usually can’t see how the bones are sliding around relative to one another. X-rays provide a window inside the body, but they are most often static images that don’t depict movement. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 9 Effective Questions to Help Stu... November 1, 2014 When it comes to high quality education blog posts. Dr Jackie Gerstein is one of my favourite authors. I always find her articles very insightful and full of new ideas and thoughts to learn from. I have shared several of her works in the past and most notably her popular visual on The Educators with a Growth Mindset.

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