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National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)

National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)

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Ecstasy - Drug Prevention & Alcohol Facts What is ecstasy? Effects of ecstasy Withdrawal Further information Online papers on consciousness Search tips There are three kinds of search you can perform: All fields This mode searches for entries containing all the entered words in their title, author, date, comment field, or in any of many other fields showing on OPC pages. Surname Dramatic Increases in Maternal Opioid Use and Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Skip to main content En español Home » Related Topics » Trends & Statistics » Infographics » Dramatic Increases in Maternal Opioid Use and Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Dramatic Increases in Maternal Opioid Use and Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Text Description of Infographic Use of opiates during pregnancy can result in a drug withdrawal syndrome in newborns called neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS).

Adolescent Health - Adolescent and School Health Overview During the transition from childhood to adulthood, adolescents establish patterns of behavior and make lifestyle choices that affect both their current and future health. Serious health and safety issues such as motor vehicle crashes, violence, substance use, and risky sexual behaviors can adversely affect adolescent and young adults. Some adolescents also struggle to adopt behaviors that could decrease their risk of developing chronic diseases in adulthood, such as eating nutritiously, engaging in physical activity, and choosing not to use tobacco. 2008 Youth is a stage of life characterised by rapid psychological and physical transition, where young people progress from being dependent children to independent adults. Young people may be inclined to experiment and take risks that could impact on their own health and wellbeing and have consequences for others. This article examines behaviours such as risky drinking, illicit drug use and dangerous driving by people aged 15-24 years. It also looks at some of the potential consequences of these behaviours, including being charged with criminal offences, hospitalisation and death.

Anger potentiates the reporting of threatening interpretations: An experimental study - Scholars Portal Journals This paper reports the results of an experiment investigating the effect of induced anger on interpretational bias using the homophone spelling task. Four groups of participants experienced anger, anxiety, happy or neutral mood inductions and then completed the homophone spelling task. Participants who experienced anger and anxiety inductions reported significantly more threat/neutral homophones as threats compared to control participants; moods had an emotion-congruent effect on threat reporting, with negative moods increasing the tendency to report threat/neutral homophones as threats and positive moods increasing the tendency to report positive/neutral homophones as positive. The findings provide evidence that anger potentiates the reporting of threatening interpretations and does so independently of any effect of concurrent levels of state and trait anxiety.

drug overdose Archives It seems as if there has been a lot of drug overdose deaths this holiday season, and although it’s not a nice thought to think about, the number of drug overdoses has been growing. Unfortunately, five tri-state residents will not survive the holidays due to lethal drug overdose deaths…. Read more In this article, you will learn what the signs and symptoms of a drug overdose are, and how all of this can be prevented with one simple step.

Mentoring Reduces Risk Taking Behaviour in Teens – Yes! Youth Empowerment, Parenting And Mentoring for Schools, Parents, Teachers If someone were to ask you to recall an outrageous or just plain dangerous thing that you did as a teenager, I can almost guarantee that you could remember at least one event that makes you cringe. Quite often, we look back on our youth and ask ourselves ‘why did I do THAT?’ or wonder how it is possible that we are even alive to tell the tale. Memories of driving at 106 mph down the motorway just to see how far you could push the engine may spring to mind as you try to tell your own teenagers to wear a seatbelt while they roll their eyes at you for being an over protective worry wort.