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The Smarter Balanced practice run of assessments aligned to the Common Core in English language arts (ELA) and mathematics consists of two parts. Each “test” reported below is one of the two parts to the ELA or math assessment. At most schools, testing is scheduled in short blocks over several days, so the number of tests completed is expected to be less than the number of tests started in any given day. Learn more about the Field Test.

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Emoji Get to Know You Activity “Emoji and emoticons have developed to mean much more in language than the faces they represent.”- Lauren Collister (2015) For the past year, I’ve been studying how learners use emoticons, emoji, and text speak to communicate, read and write. Emojis are part of digital literacy and citizenship. When our learners use emojis in their writings, they are humanizing their digital experience.

Common Core Curriculum Maps These digital resources and tools for creating, collaborating, researching, and sharing can be found in the Common Core Curriculum Maps. This is not intended to be a comprehensive list, as the technologies are constantly evolving. Consider it a beginning! Common Core State Standards Initiative - Advocacy The Common Core State Standards (CCSSI) is a joint effort led by the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices and the Council of Chief State School Officers to develop a common core of K-12 standards in English language arts and Mathematics. Read more about National PTA's position on Education Standards. The goal initiative is to develop internationally-benchmarked standards that ensure all students are held to consistent expectations that will prepare them for college and career.

Math and the Movies Main Page Movie Clips in the Mathematics Classroom Many of the students in today’s secondary (and college) classrooms grew up watching attention-grabbing, action-packed educational programs. These students now spend more hours in front of a video screen than they do reading books. No wonder students may find traditional mathematics education to be dull and boring. Tasks, Units & Student Work - Common Core Library Keywords (optional) Enter keywords (e.g., K.OA.3, informational text, arguments, quadratic equations, etc.) Grade (select at least one) Subject (select one) PARCC Consortium Awarded Race to the Top Assessment Fund For Immediate Release September 2, 2010 For More Information Contact: Tom Dunn, Jonathan Burman or Jane Briggs at (518) 474-1201 Internet: State Partnership Will Create Next Generation Common Assessment System to Prepare All Students for College and Careers The U.S.

Formative Assessment Lessons (beta) Read more about the purpose of the MAP Classroom Challenges… Mathematical goals This lesson unit is intended to help students to: Common Core & Ohio Revised Standards Templates The Allen County ESC has devised templates for educators to use to map out the English Language Arts and Mathematics Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and Science and Social Studies Ohio revised Learning Standards. These templates list all of the strands, standard/content statements, topics, themes, domains, and clusters based on the 2010 CCSS and Ohio Learning Standards. Teachers have found these templates to be useful for creating pacing guides and/or curriculum maps. Maps are formatted in Excel to make it easy to manipulate columns. Curriculum maps are free of charge to member districts of the Allen County Educational Service Center. Non-members: $10.00 per curriculum map or $450.00 for a complete set.

The University of Arizona - Institute for Mathematics & Education The Common Core State Standards in Mathematics (CCSSM) provide a unique opportunity in the history of education in our country. Students in different states will be held to the same rigorous achievement expectations, aimed to prepare them for college and careers. This consistency in desired achievement leads to the possibility of increased collaboration between different states involving teachers and school districts as we all work towards the same set of standards. Learn more ... Toward Greater Focus and Coherence: an Illustrative Mathematics Common Core Workshop May 26–28, 2013 – Tucson, Az Mathematics Annenberg Learner . The Annenberg Learner, from the Annenberg Foundation, is a collection of classroom resources sortable by discipline and by grade. From step-by-step lesson plans on a variety of topics from the Wild West to neuroscience to literature to multimedia resources, there is something here for all types of teaching and learning styles. Some of the resources here are free; to access complete programs, purchase is necessary. Applied Math , High School . The lesson, “ pyramid of pennies ,” starts with a video on a blog (written by another math teacher) read by a teacher.

50 Important Links for Common Core Educators Educators across the nation are working hard this summer to begin developing updated curricula that will fit into the new Common Core State Standards, which will be fully applied in 45 U.S. states (Texas, Alaska, Nebraska, Virginia, and Minnesota have opted out of statewide participation) by 2015. Yet despite the hubbub about the new standards, which were created as a means of better equipping students with the knowledge they need to be competitive in the modern world, many teachers still have a lot of unanswered questions about what Common Core will mean for them, their students, and their schools. Luckily, the Internet abounds with helpful resources that can explain the intricacies of Common Core, offer resources for curriculum development, and even let teachers keep up with the latest news on the subject. We’ve collected just a few of those great resources here, which are essential reads for any K-12 educator in a Common Core-adopting state. Groups and Organizations

Common Core State Standards College and Career Readiness Illinois joined more than 40 states in a collaborative effort to raise learning standards and improve college and career readiness for all students, regardless of where they live. The new Common Core State Standards establish clear expectations for what students should learn in English language arts and mathematics at each grade level. The standards are high, clear, and uniform to ensure that students are prepared for success in college and the workforce.

Common Core State Standards - English Language Arts Materials English Language Arts Materials Common Core Content Standards for ELA: Overview PowerPoint Presentation This PowerPoint shows the design and structure for all grades K-12. The criteria used to augment with 15 percent of additional California standards is highlighted. The video includes further explanation of each strand and the emphasis in the Common Core on informational text.

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