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III. Websites to Validate

III. Websites to Validate

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School Libraries: Are They Relevant in the Age of Google? Over the past 10 years, the number of schools that have trained teacher-librarians has declined dramatically. While many reasons for this drop exist, the primary culprit is school budget cuts. But with the advance of the Internet and e-books, many district and school leaders are asking questions: Do school libraries, and librarians, really matter? Have Google and the abundance of digital devices made libraries and librarians unnecessary? In our move to more personalized learning, what role do libraries play?

Language Center The aim of this leaflet This leaflet provides information on why pronunciation problems may occur and specific sounds in English that Cantonese speakers may have difficulty with. Why problems occur Pronunciation problems happen when speaking a second language because most people are used to hearing and making sounds which only exist in their mother tongue. There are many sounds in Cantonese and English that are similar. All About Explorers Since this site was developed as a teaching tool for educating students about how to search better on the Internet (see About This Site for more details), we have published on this page a list of the lessons, handouts, and other tools that we have used with our own students. We encourage you to send us your own ideas. If you have created other lessons using our site, or you have suggestions or comments to make about the plans and materials included here, we would love to hear from you. Write to us at

Year of the Learning Commons Learning Commons: the Center of Participatory Learning and School Improvement Continuing their long service to children, teens and teacher, teacher librarians are developing new ways to not only support the consumption of knowledge through great collections in many formats but are encouraging everyone to create knowledge in the new world of information, technology, and the challenges of school improvement. Major changes to traditional school libraries include the reinvention of physical space that meets the needs seeking a physical space that adapts to what they need at any given time. There is space for individuals, small groups and large groups who are using resources, making, building, creating, doing, and enjoying a very busy space that welcomes the use of many forms of technological devices.

Save The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus Help Save The ENDANGERED From EXTINCTION! The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus Rare photo of the elusive tree octopus The Pacific Northwest tree octopus (Octopus paxarbolis) can be found in the temperate rainforests of the Olympic Peninsula on the west coast of North America.

ON LIBRARIES: From Library to Learning Commons – Hilda K. Weisburg You have heard the term Learning Commons. You may have read an article or two about it and thought it sounded wonderful—in a distant way. Your library can’t become a Learning Commons. Because: It takes too much time.It costs too much money.The administration won’t go for it. For the most part, all three reasons (and any more you can come up with) are true—and false.

Designing Collaborative Spaces for Schools Learning Environments | January 2013 Digital Edition | Feature Designing Collaborative Spaces for Schools Thoughtfully designed learning environments can help students work together more effectively. Library - Facilities Building and Redesigning Libraries Building and Planning Libraries - Web sites for planning, interiors, lighting, standards, and a bibliography of print materials. Facilities Management - This is a very good place to start planning for renovation of old school libraries or planning new ones. This by the Indiana University School of Library and Information Science. Some Design Considerations When Building or Remodling a Media Center - by Doug Johnson School Library Design - ideas from Sarah Ludwig on Pinterest School Library Design - by the Whole Building Design Guide.

Beth Holland: Transforming Libraries into Library Learning Commons or a Hogwarts Room of Requirement – QSLiN If you’ve read the Harry Potter books, you may remember the magical Room of Requirement. This is a room where any need can be met. According to Beth Holland, in the Cape Elizabeth Library Learning Commons ( a student looked at the new library learning commons and said to Library Information Technology Specialist, Jonathan Werner (@MaineSchoolTech), “You’ve given us a Room of Requirement!”