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The 35 Most Amazing Libraries In The World

The 35 Most Amazing Libraries In The World
With education as our focus here at The Best Colleges, we obviously love libraries. College libraries, public libraries, private libraries, it doesn’t matter, we think they are all awesome. With that in mind we’ve done hours of research trying to find the most interesting libraries in the world, and come up with these 35 that we thought were especially noteworthy. We’ve tried to balance our list between architecturally interesting libraries and libraries with interesting collections, but most of these libraries are actually fascinating in both respects. We’d love to spend a day in any of these libraries, and we hope you’ll agree. 35. One of the most distinctive libraries on our list, the National Library of Belarus is shaped like a Rhombicuboctahedron (here’s what a rhombicuboctahedron is, just in case you’re not a mathematician.) 34. The University of Coimbra General Library has been in operation since the early 16th century. 33. 32. 31. 30. 29. 28. 27. 26. 25. 24. 23. 22. 21. 20. 19. Related:  Library design

Canada Water library – review | Art and design | The Observer OMG! It's a library! An absolutely new one, with books in it, too! Not in the London Borough of Southwark, apparently, where they have decided to keep all 12 of their existing libraries, as well as build this new one. And so he has designed a celebratory building. Inside, he has placed a big, wooden spiral stair at the centre, which rises from a constrained ground floor up to a bright, expansive top floor ringed with a gallery. The location is Canada Water, in the old Surrey Commercial Docks, on a big bulge into the Thames that was once so excavated by docks that it was more liquid than land. Creating town centres is not that easy, especially in a place where there has never been such a thing, and especially when this is done in the British way, whereby the private sector is nudged and enticed to achieve the thing officially desired by public bodies, which lack the resources and authority to lead and plan. The quality most obviously lacking, apart from charm or delight, is coherence.

Banco de textos para el aula Parece que en los últimos días ha habido una explosión de iniciativas web relacionadas con la enseñanza de la lengua y la literatura y las tic. Creo que es una de las áreas o competencias educativas que más se prestan a trabajarlas mediante la utilización de las herramientas que proporciona la web. En esta ocasión traigo a este blog una iniciativa de un profesor muy inquieto y que ya nos "ha regalado" otros proyectos de enorme interés ( Dicta2.0, gooodrae o generador de fichas para imprimir). Se llama Sergio Abad (@sabad) en twitter. Su última aportación se denomina Banco de textos . "Todos leemos en clase con nuestros alumnos: lecturas del libro de texto, del libro de lecturas, periódicos, revistas, páginas webs, blogs, etc. En el Banco de Textos se ha puesto especial interés en facilitar la lectura de sus textos en distitntos formatos: todos disponen de un modo de lectura a pantalla completa pensada para leer los textos en pantalla (netbooks, tabletas, smartphones, etc.)

The Once and Future Library To some librarians it must seem like a perfect storm: Budgets are being slashed, ebooks suddenly are outselling their print ancestors, electronic movies on demand are slowing over-the-counter DVD lending, and the general public can find answers to their basic reference-oriented questions online. In what history may well mark as an important milestone in how we live and learn, Amazon and the Association of American Publishers reported in spring 2011 that ebook sales had surpassed print for the first time. The former grew by triple-digit percentages from February 2010 to the same month this past year; the latter declined 25% in the same period. Besides librarians, architects are among the people most concerned about how, and how rapidly, such trends play out. Plans made a year ago for library additions or even modest renovations—never mind an entirely new building—are probably out of date. Change may be inevitable, but it will not be uniform. Built-in flexibility What are we looking at?

Inicio Biblioteca Digital Mundial Long Overdue - Illinois State Magazine When students were asked what they’d like to see more of at Milner Library, the answer was surprising. Outlets. No one said books, and a wander through the six floors tells you why. Students lean over laptops clicking away, occasionally stopping to highlight in a textbook, answer a text, or take a sip from a Red Bull. Milner Library still smells like books, but there isn’t much else to remind graduates of the hours they spent studying there. The flash mob that kicks off finals week would never have been contemplated and certainly not allowed in the stacks decades ago. Milner provides the technology students expect and need, including collaboration stations for team projects. While undoubtedly still the place with a quiet reference room where research is serious business, the library has become so much more that the building is now known as “Club Milner.” Wastawy spends part of each day circulating among the students, quietly observing throughout the building. And they do.

“El poeta asesinado”, de Guillaume Apollinaire El poeta asesinado. Guillaume Apollinaire Traducción de Manuel Hortoneda Barataria (Barcelona, 2012) Siempre he querido imaginar cómo algunos hombres nacidos a finales del siglo XIX sintieron el cambio que se avecinaba. La tecnología debe estar siempre presente en las revoluciones artísticas, pues la creación no puede desligarse de las transformaciones que afectan a toda la sociedad. Esa época canceló un mundo lento y propició un universo veloz que sólo unos pocos elegidos supieron captar porque sus condiciones así lo propiciaron. Entre ellos, inevitablemente, destaca la figura de Guillaume Apollinaire, ayudado por su azarosa vida que tanto difundió con invenciones de gran calado para agrandar su leyenda. Por circunstancias que no vienen al caso tuve la suerte de mamar desde bien pequeño el impacto de la bande à Picasso en la cultura mundial. Vayamos al grano. La primera parte del volumen es un ajuste de cuentas con la infancia y sus desgracias.

Wonderful Hotel Libraries © Courtesy Gladstone's Library By Jennifer Paull Mar/Apr-2012 Books have long been essential traveling companions—perfect for pulling out on airplanes, perusing during solo meals or sparking conversations (remember how Jesse met Céline in Before Sunrise?). These days, as travelers turn increasingly to e-readers and tablets, the allure of libraries might seem to be fading—but luckily, some hoteliers are preserving, and even revitalizing, the tradition of linking travelers with books. For these hoteliers, a carefully curated in-house library speaks volumes (no pun intended) about their property’s character. Some hoteliers need guidance in selecting what should go on their library shelves—which is where companies like the Oxford-based Ultimate Library come in. “Someone once said that ‘a hotel should be a home from home but better,’” Blackwell continues. Ready to bookmark—and to spin the globe?

Literature | Video Courses on Academic Earth The Epic of Gilgamesh. The Kojiki and Nihon Shoki. The Kumulipo. These are just some of the timeless creation stories from around the world that students of literature can explore. These tales help us unravel the cultural practices, art forms, values and ideas of various societies throughout history. Literature majors delve into historical and contemporary works, learning about major eras of creative thought and civilization development. Sample Courses Undergraduate students exploring literature will typically begin their studies with composition classes, which help them learn how to accurately convey their thoughts, criticisms, and analysis in essay form. Possible Specializations In some ways, literature and history students face similar challenges – there are so many eras, regions and cultures to cover, that these fields can seem too expansive. Degree Types Associate Some colleges offer an Associate of Arts Degree in English Literature. Bachelor’s Master’s Ph.D. Career Pathways