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100 Best Children's Chapter Books of All-Time

100 Best Children's Chapter Books of All-Time
Chapter books-that final leap into the world of literature where pictures matter less and less. Young readers are now able to be spirited away to strange and far off places, without the limitations of what is drawn on a page. It’s a beautiful thing, to see that door open up for them. Below you will find a list of some of the best children’s chapter books, suitable for a wide range of ages. They are the ones that continue to be loved for ages upon ages because they are, simply put, quite wonderful. Looking for picture books? Top 10 Children’s Chapter Books Charlotte’s Web: This is truly a gem of a children’s book. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: Although they weren’t written terribly long ago, the Harry Potter books have quickly become classics. A Wrinkle In Time: This is a simply fascinating chapter book for children to dig into. The Phantom Tollbooth: One day, a bored young boy named Milo unexpectedly receives a magic tollbooth, which he decides to drive through in his toy car. Related:  Library StuffChapter Books

Interactive Graphic Organizer Holt Interactive Graphic Organizers "Graphic organizers are tools that help your brain think." - Kylene Beers Graphic organizers are an illustration of your thoughts on paper. They can help you brainstorm, organize, and visualize your ideas. Click on a graphic organizer to download a PDF of it. Once you’ve downloaded an organizer, type in your comments and print it out. Each graphic organizer below includes Teaching Notes with lessons and tips on how to use graphic organizers in the classroom. Help with PDF Files Generating, Identifying, and Organizing Details Determining Main Idea and Drawing Conclusions Order and Sequence Comparison-Contrast and Cause and Effect Process and Cycle Diagrams Evaluating and Making Decisions Persuasive and Supporting a Position Vocabulary Miscellaneous Organizers Graphic Organizer Teaching Notes

Teaching Vocabulary Jump To FREE Vocabulary Activities Page Traditionally, teaching vocabulary often involves pre-teaching lists of words, copying down definitions from the board, and children spending endless hours looking up definitions from dictionaries. But here is what we know regarding vocabulary development: A vocabulary gap exists among students in different socioeconomic groups. Vocabulary knowledge affects long-term student achievement. We should not wait to teach children words. Current research (Akhavan 2007) suggests we shift our thinking towards: Vocabulary is an extremely broad topic and Katie and I both support this shift in thinking. Referential Vocabulary - The understanding of what a specific word refers to. Obviously, it is important that children understand and use a large number of words. Relational Vocabulary - Refers to a person's ability to understand relationships between words that share a variety of functional and conceptual relationships.

Top 100 Children's Books of All-Time Developing a love of the written word can begin while your child is an infant. Babies who are read to are much more likely to read earlier, understand concepts better, and be faster learners than babies who do not have the chance to experience books. It is never too early or too late to begin reading to and with your children. Choosing a variety of well written, colorful, and entertaining stories from some of the best children’s books ever will help develop a love of reading and a love of learning in your child. Looking for chapter books? 11 to 20 21 to 30 31 to 40 41 to 50 51 to 60 61 to 70 71 to 80 81 to 90 91 to 100 Famous Children’s Books That Almost Made the List *NEW* 30 Best Children’s Books of 2012

Book trailers Book trailers are a fairly recent phenomenon in the publishing industry. They originated less than ten years ago, based on the venerable institution of the movie trailer, but have only really taken off since the development of video sharing sites such as Youtube. Book trailers are a form of advertising for a book. Initially, they were literally sales pitches. Produced by publishers, and sometimes authors themselves, they were tools to pique interest in the novel. Book trailers can vary tremendously in how they are produced. In the last few years, the use of book trailers in education has become widespread. Where to find book trailers Digital Booktalk. Trailerspy is a collection of submitted book trailers Comic Book Trailers does what it says – trailers for comics. is another repository of trailers Booktease Website of an Australian book trailer creator How-to guides As mentioned above, there are many ways to produce a book trailer. Creating Book Trailers in Photo Story 3

Chapter Books about School | Youth Literature Reviews It’s back-to-school season! There are a lot of wonderful back-to-school picture books out there, but kindergartners aren’t the only ones who enjoy reading about school. I’ve selected eight of my favorite chapter books set in schools, perfect for ages 7-10. Sideways Stories from Wayside School by Louis Sachar Wayside School is not your average school. Ellen Tebbits by Beverly Cleary When third-grader Ellen meets Austine, the new girl in her class, the two quickly become best friends. Amber Brown Is Not a Crayon by Paula Danziger Third graders Amber and Justin are best friends who share everything from inside jokes to Oreo cookies. Frindle by Andrew Clements Prankster Nick Allen squares off against his dictionary-obsessed teacher, Mrs. Spelling Queen (Kylie Jean) by Marci Peschke Second grader Kylie Jean has her heart set on winning the school spelling bee. Muggie Maggie Maggie doesn’t want to learn cursive writing, and the pressure from her parents and teacher just makes her resist more. Like this:

Writing: Smooth Sentence Fluency -- Six Traits Assessments Sentence Structure Smooth and Expressive Sentence Fluency Sometimes ya just gotta go with the flow — at least that's the situation most readers find themselves in. When we write, we write in sentences. Beginning with a capital letter, we wind our way over words and phrases until we’ve expressed a complete thought, and then we mark the endpoint with a period, question mark, or exclamation mark. Readers read the same way: they follow the shape of each sentence from beginning to end trying to understand the single complete thought the writer is expressing. Variety in Sentence Beginnings We can’t start every sentence the same way. In Chores, the writer does a pretty good job of varying the beginnings of her sentences. Variety in Sentence Length and Structure Just as using sentences with different beginnings helps make your writing easier to read and understand, using sentences of different lengths and different structures helps, too. Take a look at the fourth paragraph of Chores: “Bathtubs, ever washed one?

Young Teacher Love Brave Books for Girls (Not Princesses) Last week’s Dara-Lynn Weiss debacle reminded me of one of the biggest problems with this whole, endless is weight health? debate: When we focus relentlessly on weight and beauty, we teach girls that their entire value comes from their weight and/or beauty. Just ask all those teenage girls posting YouTube videos about it. This is why I push to separate conversations about health from conversations about size. In our culture, right now, the latter is just too tangled up in the Beauty Myth — start talking about weight or BMI as a non-judgmental health marker and you’ll all too quickly veer into fat-shaming territory with all its moralizing rhetoric. When we don’t even know for sure that it’s the actual excess weight causing the problems, why go there? But it’s not enough to get the Fat Talk out of our health conversations. But when we narrow our girls’ options down to nothing but Pretty/Pink/Princess, we’ve got trouble. So here’s my list, pictured above and Amazon-linked below. Jane Eyre

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