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Information professionals finding & sharing jobs & job hunting advice!

Information professionals finding & sharing jobs & job hunting advice!
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An Open Letter To Principals (Before You Hire A New School Librarian) Dear Principal, I know you're busy, so I won't mince words: Hiring and supporting awesome people to work with the students who go to your school is the most important part of your job. Period. Tips for library job applicants in a tight market Another semester of teaching at San Jose State’s SLIS program has ended. Many of my students are graduating and others are starting to think about applying for jobs so they’ll have one when they do graduate. For so many of them, the job search is going to be a struggle. It wasn’t an easy job market when I was applying more than five years ago (took me 9 months of looking to get my first job), and it’s only gotten worse in the past couple of years.

HOWTO:Apply for a library job If you're new to the profession or haven't searched for a library position in a while, this guide is designed for you. It contains some checklists, guidelines, tips and tricks for how to get a library job. Questions candidates should ask are also listed. [edit] Find Job Listings Here's where you can benefit from the nature of the profession. Librarians have a natural tendency to gather and organize information. Real Job Titles for Library and Information Science Professionals Academic Information Coordinator Access Access Services Librarian Access and Technical Support Librarian Administrative Librarian Adult Adult Reference Librarian Adult Services Coordinator Adult Services Librarian Acquisitions/Serials Librarian Archives/Archivist Archives and Manuscripts Librarian Archivist/Reference-Instruction Librarian Archives Researcher Assistant Librarian Associate Director Associate Directory for Digital Library Services Associate Director for Information and Technology Associate Director of Libraries Audiovisual/Special Materials Cataloger Automated, Automation Automated Systems and Services Librarian Automation and Cataloging Librarian Automation Librarian Automation Manager Automation Services Librarian Family Librarian Federal Depository Librarian Fine Arts Fine Arts Bibliographer Fine Arts Collection Development Coordinator Firmwide Library Coordinator Japanese Studies Librarian Virtual Services Librarian Visual Resources Librarian Zoo Librarian

The Top 12 Metadata Myths: The Top 12 Myths about Embedded Photo Metadata There are a number of myths or misconceptions that surround the practice of embedding information such as IPTC, IPTC-IIM, XMP or even Exif into a digital image file — like JPEGs, TIFFs, Photoshop, DNG and other Raw files). There are a number of applications or utilities which can do this easily and safely, but first, let's take a look at the list. 61 Non-Librarian Jobs for LIS Grads Note: I wrote this post in mid-December, and based it on current job openings. Some jobs may have already been filled and many postings have been taken down, so you may find some broken links. If you know of new links for these jobs or ones like them, please feel free to post them in the comments area. ~Mia At the beginning of the semester, way back in September 2011 when I’d only been in library school for a few weeks, I blogged about job opportunities for library and information science grads.

Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Libraries So, here's what happened... First, ALA President Barbara Stripling created this document - a Declaration For The Right To Libraries. It's a beautiful affirmation of how libraries transform lives and communities, how they change our collective experiences and grow our shared knowledge. Then, Library Rock Star, (and one of my personal heroes), Doug Johnson, wrote a post outlining his initial thoughts on a Declaration of Students' Rights To School Libraries: a remix of Barbara's work with an emphasis on school libraries. Career Strategies for Librarians Gaps in Your Resume: Addressing an Interruption in Your Career Pathby John Lehner As a library human resources director, I’m frequently asked for advice by librarians who are preparing resumes. On a number of occasions I’ve also volunteered to critique resumes for job-seekers at library conference placement centers. A common question is how to account for breaks in employment.

Finding Jobs in Museum and Cultural Heritage Informatics Richard J. Urban, PhD Assistant Professor – Florida State University – College of Communication and Information – School of Information Finding Jobs in Museum and Cultural Heritage Informatics Home › For Students › Finding Jobs in Museum and Cultural Heritage Informatics Finding Jobs in Museum and Cultural Heritage Informatics Posted on July 5, 2012 by Richard — No Comments ↓

Top Skills for Tomorrow’s Librarians LJ reached out to academic and public library directors and other thought leaders nationwide to find out what new skills they expect to need in librarians in the next 20 years. The 11 listed below emerged as the essentials. Not complete departures, rather they build on trends already in evidence.

Managing Photographic Records in the Government of Canada - Tools - Government Table of Contents IntroductionWhat is a Photograph?Scope of this HandbookLegislation and PolicyLegal Ownership of PhotographsRoles and Responsibilities for Managing Photographs Danielson Sample Artifacts for Evidence in the Library Media Center - LMS Library Media Center Created with Wendy Offery, April Oliver, Michele Immordino, Gabrielle Casieri, and Mary Silagy. DOMAIN 1: Planning and Preparation component 1a : demonstrating knowledge of literature and current trends in library/media practice and information technology possible examples of evidence: samples of e-mails to staff with new library materials; an article from a library periodical and/or a PLN with examples of how this new idea was incorporated into your library program; a link to your GoodReads page; your book order; reports from your circulation system detailing how you improved deficient areas in your collection; examples of student/staff requests and evidence of filling those requests

Library Fact Sheets The ALA Library receives inquiries from librarians across the country and around the world, as well as from the general public, on a wide variety of library topics. We have prepared fact sheets on the most asked-about topics, as noted below. If you don't see your topic, or if you need more information than is provided on the fact sheets, feel free to contact the ALA Library Reference Desk by telephone: 800-545-2433, extension 2153; fax: 312-280-3255; e-mail:; or regular mail: ALA Library, American Library Association, 50 East Huron Street, Chicago, IL 60611-2795. Why Do We Need Teacher Librarians? …. Here’s Why: Part 4 of 4 in a series by CUE guest blog editor Jane Lofton