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K-W-L Creator
Grades K – 2 | Lesson Plan | Unit Weather: A Journey in Nonfiction Questions about weather clear up when students use what they learned from their books to create a presentation to share with the rest of the class. Grades K – 2 | Lesson Plan | Standard Lesson Creating Question and Answer Books through Guided Research This series of activities is designed to teach research strategies. Grades 3 – 5 | Lesson Plan | Standard Lesson Critical Perspectives: Reading and Writing About Slavery Students critically explore the moral issue of slavery through reading fiction and nonfiction children's literature about the Underground Railroad, and they extend their understanding through creative writing projects. Grades 3 – 5 | Lesson Plan | Recurring Lesson Using Word Storms to Explore Vocabulary and Encourage Critical Thinking Students learn that dogs are more than just pets in this lesson, which teaches them to use research and vocabulary-acquisition strategies to learn and write about working dogs.

Convert Files - free online file converter and flash video downloader.Convert videos, audio files, documents and ebooks.Flash video to MP3 OER Commons literacy beat | Literacy, technology, intersections Teacher’s Guide Series | The Academy Home : Education & Outreach : Teacher’s Guide Series The Academy, in cooperation with Young Minds Inspired, produces a series of teacher's guides that explore the art and science of motion pictures. The activities are designed to capitalize on students' natural interest in current films and the excitement generated by the Academy Awards to teach valuable lessons in critical thinking and creative writing, and to develop visual literacy skills. Each teaching guide is available in its entirety to download and print. The guides are made available to more than 19,500 U.S. high schools throughout the United States, reaching 39,600 teachers and nearly 2.4 million students. Teacher's Guides

This organizer is to be used throughout the entire reading process (before, during and after). It should be used first to activate background knowledge. It is savable and can also be printed to use as a hard copy.
Teaching Tips
versatile tool that can be used in any genre and throughout content areas
can be used classwide on a projector or by students indivudually, paired or grouped
use what students already know to give the teacher the best place to start. by k3nolen Sep 28