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A Showcase of Workstations that’ll Make You Jealous

A Showcase of Workstations that’ll Make You Jealous
Whether you’re a designer, developer, animator, or blogger, your workstation plays a major role in how you get things done. Some of us like a neat, clean, and inspiring workspace, while others require a crazy over-the-top hardware configuration. In this article, we’ve compiled a showcase of photos that will give you workstation envy. The thing about workstations is that even if you have a nice one, seeing another awesome setup can make you a bit jealous. About the Author Henry Jones is a web developer, designer, and entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience. Related Posts 389 shares Colorful Logos for Your Inspiration We’ve rounded up some examples of logo designs that make excellent use of color. Read More 745 shares 11 Inspiring Examples of Dark Colors in Web Design Deciding when to go dark can be tricky, but the decision should always be about enhancing the content and the user experience.

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Inner Child: Colorful Home has Trap Doors & Secret Slides If kids could design and build whole homes, what would they look like? This so-called Rainbow House is filled with secret doors, slides that bridge between floors and multi-colored spiral staircases to wind you back up. Chutes and ladders, anyone? Dubbed a “magical oasis’ by its creators (AB Rogers and DA Studio, the busy and noisy road next to the building is matched by equally rambunctious and interactive interior decor. Pick Machine It's Gryphon's FamousFree Pick Machine!Frank Ford, 3/23/98; Photos by FF, 3/23/98 Yes, it's true! 15 sites web developers and designers should know Creating a good website isn't an easy task, but there's a few tools that can definitely make your developer or designer life easier. In this article, I have compiled 15 extremely useful website that any web developer or web designer should have bookmarked. ColorCombos

Breakthrough Nanotechnology Will Bring 100 Terabyte 3.5-inch Digital Data Storage Disks Have you ever dream of 100 terabyte of data per 3.5-inch disk? New patented innovation nanotechnology from Michael E. Thomas, president of Colossal Storage Corporation, makes it real. Michael invented and patented the world's first and only concept for non-contact UV photon induced electric field poling of ferroelectric non-linear photonic bandgap crystals, which offers the possibility of controlling and manipulating light within a UV/Deep Blue frequency of 1 nm to 400 nm. The Top 20 Tracks of the Top 20 DJs of 2011 1- David Guetta - Avicii – Levels meh, he has dethroned Trance from the top and replaced it with… pop 2- Armin van Buuren Between the Rays – Orjan Nelsen Questionable choice… ASOT 500 had a ton of better tracks 3- Tiesto Maximal Crazy – Tiesto He’s so full of himself, and proclaims he is an “electro-progressive” DJ now, that’s cause the Trance Family booted him out =P his favorite app is Whatsapp too 4- deadmau5 Tommy’s Theme – Noisia This mau5head-wearing dude called joel is my lord and savior, hopefully at the top very soon! I’ve also embedded the soundcloud for this track, cause it’s so awesome.

A former Cement Factory is now the workspace and residence of Ricardo Bofill Image Courtesy of Ricardo Bofill Architect: Ricardo BofillProgram: Architectural offices /archives /model laboratory /exhibition space /Bofill's-apartment /guest rooms /gardensLocation: Barcelona, SpainTotal floor area: 3,100 square meters and gardensHouse area: 500 square metersDate Completed: 1975 There is nothing as good as an aged bottle of wine; and in this case the aged bottle of wine is a project which was completed in 1975, but is still worth mentioning! First and foremost we would like to thank our friend and founder of Room Service design store in Greece, Katerina Xynogala for providing us with the necessary information regarding The Cement Factory, which is featured in the latest Room Service catalogue. The Cement Factory was discovered in 1973, it was an abandoned cement factory and partially in ruins, comprised of over 30 silos, underground galleries and huge engine rooms; Ricardo Bofill bought it and began renovation works.

Vieria - Concept Vehicle by Gunwoong Kim & Suji Kim Purification on Wheels Feeling like today’s electric vehicles aren’t maximizing their full potential, Gunwoong Kim & Suji Kim’s submission for the 2011 Michelin Challenge Design Showcase, the Vieria, aims to expand upon the development of electric and other eco-friendly vehicle designs by incorporating it’s own advanced air purification system to rid the environment of carcinogens and other pollutants. The open-air intake at the front of the vehicle “inhales” smog and “exhales” clean air through the filtered outtake. On the straightaway, the insect like form maximizes aerodynamic efficiency by pulling in it’s 4 independent legs; for better stabilization the legs pivot out for serious road hugging. Designers: Gunwoong Kim & Suji Kim

A Backstage Interview with Michael Bierut Michael Bierut is a partner at Pentagram and a leading voice in the world of design. Michael studied graphic design at the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning, worked at Vignelli Associates for ten years and, as I learned from watching him host Command X: Season 3 at the AIGA Pivot Conference, has a charming stage presence and warm sense of humor. He’s also an absolute delight to sit down and speak with. We met with Michael at Pivot and, working under some tight time constraints, scrambled to find a quiet place to interview him in between his hosting duties. Luckily, we found a cozy dressing room backstage at the conference venue, set up our video equipment, and sat down and asked him to share with us his thoughts on design thinking. Michael’s take on design thinking was thoughtfully laid out.

AR.Drone - How does it work? - AR.Drone specifications “Create high-quality and stable movie shots” The Director mode lets you program automaticmovements so that you can shoot great videos justlike a movie director. Choose your movement: traveling, pan, crane… Adjust speed and moves in real time to compose your video sequence Stabilization system and video post-processing to get clean smooth shots Tune camera settings such as white balance, exposure and luminosity Selection of key sequences in the video Video sharing on YouTube and AR.Drone Academy *In-app purchase on ar.freeflight Learn more Camera moves 25 Stunning HDR Wallpapers Credits (not in order): Trey Ratcliff, Others remain Unknown. If you are the owner or know the owner of any of theses HDR wallpapers, Please let us know. You are free to download these photos and enjoy them but you may not use them commercially.

Beautiful Warehouse Conversion in Melbourne By Eric • Feb 14, 2011 • Selected Work Spotted on MBP, here is a completely renovated apartment located in a historic building in Melbourne, Australia. This three bedroom, two bathroom residence is on sale and according to the agent, “this superlative warehouse conversion in “Leicester House”, an historic 1880′s building, provides privacy and vast spaces. It features soaring warehouse ceilings, huge original arched timber windows, exposed red brick walls, imposing brick archways of 65 cm depth and high gloss timber floors.

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