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Earthbag House Plans - Small, Affordable, Sustainable

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Earthbag Building Index L'alternative immobilière! The Sand Castle After giving our first public presentation on earthbag building, Steve and Carol approached us and invited us to the remote island of Rum Cay to teach them how to build their sand castle dream home with - well, sand! Steve had designed a six-sided, 24-foot (7.2 meter) wide structure. The first floor was to be built using earthbags upon which a second story, framed house would be constructed and covered with a hip-style roof. The earthbag walls are entirely load-bearing (no posts and beam) built surrounding an internal concrete block cistern designed to collect precious rainwater from the roof. Always game for adventure and the challenge of a new earthbag building experience, we immediately accepted their offer. We arrived with snorkel gear instead of homemade bag stands and tampers, but soon discovered that the local dump and an abandoned hurricane ravaged dive club provided the materials we would need to construct all of our own site-built tools.

Design*Sponge ? Blog Archive ? made with love: found terrariums There are lots of tutorials for terrariums floating around these days, but this one the terrarium turned on it’s head. Inspired by a pickle jar terrarium concocted by the warymeyers team, there are no fancy glass domes to buy and no scouring your local nursery for plants small enough to fit under them. In fact, there’s no buying at all. CLICK HERE for the full project after the jump! What you’ll need: - Empty clear glass jar with screw on lid - A handful of scavenged moss with some extra soil attached - A plastic bag 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. PopUp House: une maison passive et 100% recyclable montée en 4 jours Une start-up d’Aix-en-Provence a créé la « maison passive » : Pop-Up House n’est pas chère et recyclable, et se construit en quatre jours seulement. Deux prototypes de cette maison préfabriquée ont été réalisés avec succès et attendent leur commercialisation, prévue début 2015. Vous voyez ce qu’est une tente 2 Seconds de la marque Quechua ? Et bien la Pop-Up House se base quasiment sur le même concept à une différente échelle : réaliser l’ensemble d’un bâtiment (sol, murs, plafond) par assemblage de blocs isolants séparés par des lames de bois. Il vous suffit pour cela de vos bras et d’une perceuse : la maison se monte comme du Lego. Cette maison est passive : elle repose sur un concept de construction très basse consommation, basé sur l’utilisation de l’apport de chaleur « passive » du soleil, sur une très forte isolation, sur l’absence de ponts thermiques, sur une grande étanchéité à l’air ainsi que sur le contrôle de la ventilation. Voici la vidéo du concept :

Natural Building Blog Earth Hands & Houses - Strawbale, earthbag and natural building courses Organize and Decorate Everything Here is another garland I made for Emilee’s birthday and to decorate her bedroom door. This is another great way to give money as a gift. To make the Dollar Bow Garland you can make as many bows as you like and in any denomination. My folding skills aren’t amazing so I decided on making a simple bow. Fold one end of the bill toward the center, then the other end. Accordion fold the center of the bill a bit then smush it together. Cut a length of bakers twine and wrap it around the center of the bill a few times to secure it. Cut bakers twine for the length of the banner. Emilee loved it! I have one more garland I made for her birthday. Check out these posts if you missed fun ways to give money to teens:Straw GarlandBirthday Money Balloons Do you know the perfect birthday gift for your teen? I started with 50 $1 bills and 18 straws. I measured and cut the straws in half. Then I used a needle to pull the bakers twine through each straw. This is so exciting! Happy Sweet 16 Emilee!!!

How to Build a Hardwood Floor This Weekend Believe it or not, I installed a beautiful hardwood floor by myself in just one weekend. How? I chose a DIY-friendly floating floor. Unlike typical hardwood flooring that must be nailed or glued down, floating floors are simply laid down over a thin foam-rubber pad. They aren't fastened to the subfloor at all. For this project, I chose the very latest in floating-floor material: Lyptus flooring manufactured by Weyerhaeuser. Floating floor planks typically range from about 3 to 8 in. wide, and usually require the installer to apply glue along the edge of each piece. Plan the Layout Work from left to right when laying the floor planks across the room, with the tongue edges facing out. If the last row ends up being less than 2 in. wide, you'll have to rip down the planks in the first row.

Dream Green Home Plans Inicio - Superadobe Cal-Earth Yourtes LIBERTENTE, habitat alternatif et artisanal - yourtes et Voyage d'aventure sur mesure, randonnée en haute montagne et ascensions, séjour et vacances insolites... Boutique en ligne spécialiste des sites autonomes et isolés ou raccordés au réseau. Zéro Déforestation est un élan de solidarité pour la restitution des terres autochtones par voie légale et pour la conservation des forêts primaires en danger immédiat de déforestation. Le camping Mandala est un petit établissement à taille humaine qui propose des séjours en yourte au coeur d'une charmante petite vallée des Alpes du Sud, à la limite de la Provence. Vous pratiquerez de nombreuses activités sportives et le yoga avec un professeur diplômé. Un couple de pratiquants présentent leurs ateliers et leurs fabrications d'objets précieux et de qualité, et invitent artistes, artisans et méditants à l'interactivité.

DIY Air Conditioners – How to Make your Own Air Conditioner September 7, 2010 5:00 PM DIY Air Conditioner With Heat Exchanger Ugly and effective, this air conditioner costs as much as you'd pay to run a fan and water the lawn at the same time. If the water coming into your home is cold in the summer, you can divert it through a maze of copper pipes with aluminum fins, place the contraption in front of a fan, and voila: The water cools the house on its way to the lawn. Mini Solar A/C Salvage a computer fan, power it with a solar cell, and surround it with wet cloth. Solar-Powered Air Conditioner On smoldering hot days, Rob Patto derives smug satisfaction knowing that the same sun that keeps him huddled indoors is also cooling his home. Tiny, Portable USB Fan Air Conditioner Using only a tin can, a CD, a computer fan and ice, this is a brilliant design for a tiny air conditioner. How to Make a Stirling Engine Fan

garagestoragetluweyen *Garage Storage Solution*By: Tluweyen2 February 2010 If you are like my family, we are constantly short on space in our house. Rather than buy a huge McMansion, we bought what we could afford and ended up with a ranch house with about 2000 square feet. While this is big compared to previous generations, it seems ours has more “stuff”. We have been working at cleaning out junk and freeing up space but we are still coming up short and everything seems cluttered. This seems even more so with our acquisition of more and more preparedness materials. After searching around at various stores, including WalMart and Target, I found exactly what I was looking for at Lowes. These totes are just under 30 inches long with allows me to place two rows in the trailer and hang them in rows of two on the ceiling. Lowes did not have 1x4x10 but they had 1x4x8. The first step is to cut the 1x4s and 2x4s in half. *In my first attempt I left the boards uncut in their 10’ lengths. tluweyen