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New photographs offer look inside theatre in Le Corbusier's Chandigarh. Neelam Theatre, one of three cinemas built as part of Le Corbusier's construction of Chandigarh, is revealed in these new images by British photographer Edmund Sumner.

New photographs offer look inside theatre in Le Corbusier's Chandigarh

Built in the early 1950s, Neelam Theatre is located in Sector 17, the commercial district of the modernist city that was famously masterplanned by Le Corbusier in post-independence India. But the building was actually designed by Aditya Prakash, one of six Indian architects assigned to work with Le Corbusier and his cousin, French architect Pierre Jeanerret, during the construction of Chandigarh. Despite his central role in the masterplan, Le Corbusier's involvement in the commercial district was quite limited. "I'm sure he came to Sector 17, but he had nothing to do with it – and I don't think he cared either," explained Prakash’s son Vikram, who is an architectural historian at the University of Washington. Trevor Horne Architects completes 12-sided art gallery in south London park. London studio Trevor Horne Architects has completed a gallery and apartment building on the site of the former Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, featuring folded brick walls topped with a glazed events space.

Trevor Horne Architects completes 12-sided art gallery in south London park

NIKE's unlimited stadium in manila is the 'world's first LED running track' Angled louvres shade glass skyscraper in Guadalajara by Sordo Madelano Arquitectos. Mexican firm Sordo Madelano Arquitectos has stacked offset volumes that contain a hotel and office spaces to form a tower in Guadalajara.

Angled louvres shade glass skyscraper in Guadalajara by Sordo Madelano Arquitectos

Torre Américas 1500 is the first building to complete as part of a complex off Américas Avenue, one of the principle highways in Guadalajara – which is emerging as Mexico's architecture hotspot. Tasked with designing the mixed-use building, Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos parcelled the different programmes into four different volumes stacked 26 storeys high. Though the components share a northeast facade, the architects set reinforced-concrete bases at different orientations – the bottom and third volumes have rectangular plans, while the second and fourth cuboids angle away at roughly seven degrees. "Feather-like" screens front church in Taiwan by MAYU Architects. Rows of perforated aluminium shades intended to represent the feathers of an eagle shield the facade of this concrete and glass church in the Taiwanese city of Tainan.

"Feather-like" screens front church in Taiwan by MAYU Architects

Tainan Tung-Men Holiness Church was designed by local studio MAYU Architects for a site surrounded by residential buildings in the city on Taiwan's southwest coast. The architects said building was prompted by an epiphany experienced by the church's pastor, which also directly influenced the symbolism applied throughout the design.

ADR places small white fruit distillery among 19th-century farm buildings in Bohemia. Architecture studio ADR has added this gabled fruit distillery to a farm in the Czech Republic, featuring white-painted brick walls, small square windows and a black spiral staircase.

ADR places small white fruit distillery among 19th-century farm buildings in Bohemia

The architects added the detached distillery to the outbuildings of the farm located near an apple orchard in Javornice – a village in South Bohemia – creating a partially enclosed and protected courtyard between. The gabled design and black roof tiling are intended to blend in with the local architectural vernacular, but the architects chose to use the white-painted brick walls to mark its significance.

"From afar, on arrival to Javornice, it is not apparent at first glance that it is a new building, on a closer and more detailed examination, however, it is quite obvious," the architects explained. The Endless Runway. Wonderwall embeds concrete winery into hillside in japan. Mar 10, 2017 masamichi katayama / wonderwall embeds concrete winery into hillside in japan located in the okayama prefecture in southern japan is the wonderwall-designed winery named ‘domaine tetta’. set against a backdrop of undulating vineyards and a forest, the concrete structure sits proudly on a hill overlooking this natural scenery. led by masamichi katayama, the facility is built close to the architect home town.

wonderwall embeds concrete winery into hillside in japan

(read our interview here) all images © daici ano. Bartlett students propose self-supporting pavilion made from felt. A group of MAarch students from the Bartlett School of Architecture have devised a method of turning felt into load-bearing structures that they hope to build into an fabric pavilion.

Bartlett students propose self-supporting pavilion made from felt

The Flextiles project focused on developing a design system using a composite of felt fibres and expandable foam for reinforcement. Students Noura Mheid, Hameda Janahi, Minzi Jin, Zoukai Huo found inspiration in the traditional craft of felt-making as well as the differential growth patterns found in nature – which is what gives their finished structures their distinctive, seaweed-like curls. Counting the days: Our five most anticipated upcoming buildings. Though we've reported on many amazing buildings over the past 12 months, some of the most exciting designs are still to come.

Counting the days: Our five most anticipated upcoming buildings

With this in mind, we highlight our five most anticipated architecture projects – either under construction, or expected to begin soon. From the world's tallest skyscraper to a cutting-edge office for a tech giant, each one promises to be outstanding. Jeddah Tower You could be forgiven for thinking that skyscrapers couldn't really get much taller than the 828 m (2,716 ft)-tall Burj Khalifa, but the Burj's architect Adrian Smith has designed a successor called the Jeddah Tower that will surpass it by far, rising to a kilometer high – or 1,007 m (3,303 ft).

To put that big into perspective, try and imagine two Empire State Buildings, or three Eiffel Towers, stacked atop each other if you can and you'll be in the general ballpark. Architecture students build latticed wood community centre in German refugee camp. Architecture students from Germany's University of Kaiserslautern have built this wooden community centre for a refugee camp in Mannheim, which is fronted by a latticed screen.

Architecture students build latticed wood community centre in German refugee camp

The pavilion, designed by students Sandra Gressung, Sascha Ritschel and Tobias Vogel, provides a sheltered communal area for refugees arriving in the camp located on the former US Army's Spinelli Barracks in Mannheim. Eighteen students from the University of Kaiserslautern's architecture department worked with 25 refugees and local building companies to build the centre in six weeks. "Due to bureaucratic procedures, refugees arriving in Germany are condemned to sustain a long period of passiveness," said the team.

10 times Donald Trump caused a stir in the architecture and design community. Today is President's Day in the USA, so we're looking back at our most controversial stories about current POTUS Donald Trump, from a Nazi-style logo to an IKEA version of his proposed Mexican border wall.

10 times Donald Trump caused a stir in the architecture and design community

Ever since the real-estate mogul and reality TV star announced his plans to run for the US presidency, the architecture and design community has reacted strongly to Trump's policies and opinions. Now in office, the new commander in chief is continuing to ruffle feathers, with many vocalising both support and distain for his proposals. Here are 10 of our stories about Trump that have provoked the biggest responses from our readers: 1100 Architect extends historic residence to create new University of Pennsylvania student centre. The University of Pennsylvania has added a new centre for international affairs to its campus in Philadelphia, extending a small cottage built in 1851 with an angular stone-clad form.

The Perry World House is a mixed-use building destined to aggregate the university's international activities. The project was completed in September 2016 by 1100 Architect. "The new centre will serve as a hub for global engagement, allowing affiliates from each of the university's 12 schools to address international affairs in a cross-disciplinary way," said the firm based in New York City and Frankfurt. The three-storey structure is clad in pale limestone panels that follow the facade's angular geometry. Punch windows nest into metal frames that echo the geometry of dormers found on vernacular buildings with pitched roofs. Zaha hadid's leeza SOHO tower will feature world's tallest twisting atrium. Feb 16, 2017 zaha hadid's leeza SOHO tower will feature world's tallest twisting atrium ‘leeza SOHO’ is the most recent of four project collaborations between zaha hadid architects and soho china that total 1.4 million sqm of office and retail space. anchoring the new financial district in the heart of beijing, the tower is currently under construction where it is scheduled to reach its full 207 meters height in september and be fully completed by late 2018. all images © MIR / ZHA architects.

Do Do uses ceramic scraps to overhaul shop and gallery for porcelain brand. Tokyo-based studio Do Do has used remnants of porcelain to update this ceramics shop and gallery in northwest Japan, and create a new pavilion for hosting workshops. The Ōyane shop and gallery is located in Hasami, a town in Japan's Nagasaki prefecture that has produced pottery for around 400 years. It occupies the ground and basement floor of the area's famous Saikai porcelain factory.

Like Tokyo designer Yusuke Seki, who used the pieces of crockery to remodel the Maruhiro ceramics flagship store in the town, Do Do architect Kei Harada wanted to reference the traditional ceramics techniques and materials. "My question when working on this project was: what can I do which can only be done with this client? Greenery-clad towers take root in China. Some thought that Stefano Boeri Architects' Bosco Verticale – a pair of skyscrapers clad in large amounts of greenery – was an idea best left on the drawing board. However, its completion and critical acclaim led to a successor being designed in Switzerland, and now a third "Vertical Forest" is planned for Nanjing, China. While Boeri certainly wasn't the first architect to think of putting greenery on a skyscraper, a significant amount of the credit (or, if you prefer, blame) for greenery-clad towers being in vogue at the moment can be placed at his feet because of the popularity of Bosco Verticale.

The Nanjing Vertical Forest follows a very similar design language to that project and consists of a pair of towers atop a shared podium. They will reach a height of 200 m (656 ft) and 108 m (354 ft) respectively, and include office space, a hotel, a green architecture school, retail space, restaurants, a conference hall, and exhibition spaces.

Solar-powered timber tower focuses on flexibility. Tall timber construction is on the rise, but if you're not yet convinced it's a good idea, then perhaps Patch22, designed by Frantzen et al architecten, may change your mind. Located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, the wooden high rise ticks all the right boxes: inviting, sustainable and above all flexible, it allows residents to enjoy whatever layout they want – even to the point of putting their bathtubs on the balconies. Born in the USA: The best new architecture by American firms. A total of 23 winning projects have been selected from around 700 submissions. The winners are a varied bunch, including low-cost housing, museums, art galleries, and a new headquarters for Pinterest.

Psychologists Explain How Boring Buildings Are Harmful To Our Mental Health. If you live in a concrete jungle, chances are, you are depressed. The Stunning Elbphilharmonie Is What Happens When Algorithms Design a Concert Hall. The most interesting thing about Herzog and De Meuron’s newly opened concert hall, the Elbphilharmonie, isn’t its wave-like facade, which rises above the city of Hamburg, Germany.

Ayre Chamberlain Gaunt completes angular youth centre in Hampshire. Zaha Hadid-designed building makes an infinite statement. Some buildings are so big it feels like you could walk around them for ever. At the Guangzhou Infinitus Plaza in China, though, you really will be able to. Not only does the building cover 167,000 sq m (1.8 million sq ft), but it's designed as a series of infinity rings. Floating plaza to make a splash in Florida. San Francisco Skyscraper Is Leaning—And Sinking.

Pamela Buttery noticed something peculiar six years ago while practicing golf putting in her 57th-floor apartment at the luxurious Millennium Tower. yHa architects repurposes Japanese rice mill into modern gallery space. Japanese studio yHa Architects has inserted a steel cuboid, wall and stairs inside this former rice mill in Saga Prefecture to create a sake tasting and exhibition space. Angular brick-clad theatre by Reset Architecture sits in a woodland clearing. Top-heavy office and apartment block features brick top and concrete base.

See-through camouflage of green tiles wraps Barcelona House by PMMT. Zaha Hadid leaves glass boat high and dry in Antwerp. 20+ Of The Most Amazing Examples Of Modern Japanese Architecture. Hole in the ground wins skyscraper competition. British architecture competition showcases fresh talent. Bernardes Arquitetura completes Rio office block with perforated metal wall. ZAS creates Toronto library with curved walls and slanted windows. Afsharian's House by ReNa Design has vertical slice in facade. Wenchuan earthquake memorial museum in china. LBR&A completes Mexico City's tallest skyscraper. Low-cost community library thinks outside the (ice cream) box. Kengo Kuma dresses Shanghai tower in pleated aluminium. Bark cladding and clashing colours create joyful chaos in Parisian school. Penda: magic breeze sky villas. 152 elizabeth street by tadao ando in new york. Urban Design, Urban Development, New Urbanism, Historic Preservation, Preservation, Technology, Industrial Projects, Mixed-Use Development, Residential Projects, Residential Construction.

Faraday Future breaks ground on innovative manufacturing plant. The Best Architecture since 2010 Does More with Less. Foster + partners' norton museum of art extension in florida breaks ground. 2016 Wood Design Awards highlights outstanding timber construction. Don't bulldoze Britain's brutalist housing – it's culture you can live in. RRA's timber romsdal folk museum in norway topped with angular roofline. Studio gang's chicago boathouse wins AIA award. Zigzag architecture completes sustainable school in france. Bang by min carves angular external stairway from concrete mixed-use building in seoul. World's 20 Most Beautiful Train Stations. Kengo kuma's museum for the china academy of art opens. The Weird Occult Origins of Downtown LA's Famous Bradbury Building - Local Landmarks.

Beyoncé's backside begets bootylicious building. Upstairs, Downstairs: A Workshop and Garage Hidden in a Hillside: Gardenista. Build A Skyscraper That Casts No Shadow? We Can Do That, Architects Say. The Shortlist For The 'Building Of The Year' Awards Showcases Innovation Across The Globe. 20 Of The Most Ingenious Works Of Architecture In 2014. Anton LaVey Blackhouse Photographs 1998 by Nicholas Syracuse. Zaha Hadid's sustainable Bee’ah HQ rises out of the desert like a sand dune. Concert hall slopes down into the ground to create angled auditorium. The failure of One World Trade Center - Quartz. Cambodia's Sleuk Rith Institute to be Zaha Hadid's first large-scale wooden project. London's "Cheesegrater" skyscraper completes innovative design and construction process. Spiral skyscraper replaces stairs with two rising intertwined ramps. Outbuilding of the Week: A Tiny Open-Air Theater in Norway. These Vintage Photos Prove Publix Has Always Been Awesome.

CTBUH's Best Tall Buildings of 2014. Outbuilding of the Week: All-in-One Henhouse, Toolshed, and Art Gallery. Newly opened Emerson College Los Angeles blends form with function - Images. Garage Envy: 10 Sleekly Styled Garages. Former Nazi bunker transformed into green energy power plant. Children bear the brunt of open-plan schools. Urbanarbolismo's huge vertical garden incorporates over 33,000 plants - Images.

New airport terminal puts Shenzhen on the global architecture map. The 21 Coolest Buildings of the 21st Century. The Most Spectacular Libraries Around the World. This Hospital Room of the Future is Designed for Better Care. Former porn megastore transformed into world's largest net zero building. How to Transform An Abandoned Parking Lot Into a Wildlife Habitat, Marfa Edition. In pictures: Royal Institute of British Architects 2013 Awards winners. Offshore floating prison concept would create electricity for the mainland. Walgreens plans to build first net zero retail store in the U.S.

Columbia University’s New Campbell Sports Complex in Inwood. MVRDV's spectral Glass Farm echoes traditional local architecture. Le Corbusier's Ecology: What Modern Architecture Teaches Us About Green Design. Eco-Friendly Demolition In Japan Shrinks Skyscrapers Level By Level. Ground broken on world's tallest modular building. Amsterdam’s New Stedelijk Museum. Daily chart: On top of the world in 90 days. 8 Spruce Street New York City wins Emporis Skyscraper Award. Solar Carve Tower means not to intrude. Gardens by the Bay wins 2012 World Architecture Festival Building of the Year. Cruciform skyscraper proposed in Liverpool.

UK Government Bans Curving Facades for Schools. 12 Incredible Architectural Illusions. Stirling Prize Winner 2012 Is 'Modest' Sainsbury Laboratory, Not Koolhaas, Not Olympic Stadium (PHOTOS) Originally published in the November 2010 issue of Architectural Record.