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Moscow-Vladivostok: virtual journey

Moscow-Vladivostok: virtual journey

BSSCo: Gear The first name in superpower supplements. 16oz. metal bottles of Mind Control, Truth Serum, Intuition, Reflex, Antidote, Magnetism, Justice. Neutralize negative energy with positive-energy ion particles. Comes with 5 particles. Choose either pistol or rifle. The ultimate solution for flightless superheroes. One pair of compact suction cups able to support the weight of superheroes encumbered by earth's gravity. Flying heroes wishing to "see how the other half lives" are encouraged to start by taking the bus once in a while. Level supervillains with a high-pressure blast of air. Affordable design from Fantastico. Shoots deadly swamp gas rings, 2 to 4 inches in diameter. The best criminal interrogation tool known to man. Giving a BSSCo. 32oz. and 1/2 gallon bottles of Invisibility, Shape Shifting, Elasticity, ESP, Sonar, Chaos. Easy, hand-held luminescent photon- shooting for light particle dispersal. Comes with photons! Summon the fury of the heavens! Gorgeous.Just gorgeous.

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ça fait rêver! Merci Emilie!! by audrey Mar 16