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50 Open Source Mobile Tools In a relatively short period of time, mobile devices have become ubiquitous in the workplace. A recent survey of enterprise and small business workers found that just 3 percent of organizations ban their employees from using personal iPads or iPhones for business use, and only 7 percent ban Android devices. In fact, 40 percent of organizations provide iPhones for more than a quarter of employees, and 25 percent provide Android-based smartphones. The open source community has responded to this trend with a host of new projects, including solutions that help enterprises track and manage mobile devices, mobile development tools for creating new apps and open source apps that enable greater productivity. Cool Tools Lots of ideas for last minute holiday shopping There is still enough time to buy cool tools as gifts and have them arrive before Christmas. Here’s our complete list of gift ideas for 2016. (And here’s Boing Boing’s complete gift guide, too.)

Use Evernote to save and sync notes, web pages, files, images, and more. Plan your next trip Keep all of your itineraries, confirmations, scanned travel documents, maps, and plans in Evernote, so you’ll have them when you need them. How to create a flipped classroom. Episode 1. I have officially joined the flipped classroom show. Having read a lot the last couple of weeks on the impact it can have on learning (watch this video for motivation) I have decided to engage with this. For those relatively new to this concept, flipped learning involves creating materials for students to learn outside of the classroom which in-turn lets the lecturer focus on homework tasks in the classroom and support the individuals who may need extra help on one particular topic. I can go into more detail here and provide more of an insight to this topic but the web is full of information on flipped classrooms. This entry, and future ones, are designed to create a blue-print for anyone looking to engage with similar approaches. During the past 4 -5 weeks, once I knew that I would engage with this project, the following questions continually went around in my head:

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Strike Search - Torrent Search Engine I suppose I’ve been waiting to make this post for sometime. Source code for Strike Search is released here some of you might be aware that since Aurous was sued and shutdown I’ve been quite absent from maintaining a few of my projects. Strike being one of the most popular. How to Create a Portfolio with Evernote (Education Series) Bio Rob is a teacher at Trillium Charter School in Portland, where he primarily instructs students aged 8-11. He has been working to develop online portfolios with students for the past six years and has taught in private schools, traditional public schools and public charter schools for the past 15 years. I use Evernote, Everywhere: iPhoneiPod TouchiPadMacWindows E-Portfolios: a student’s project warehouse and progress tracker

The Digital Learning Wheel December, 2014Ring of Technologies is a beautiful visual wheel that displays a host of learning goals together with some examples of web tools to achieve them. To me this work (created and shared by UAF eLearning Faculty Resources) represents the core of digitally-based learning. It also chimes in with what we have said about purposeful use of technology in instruction. Having clear goals about what you want to target in your teaching using technology will definitely help your learners make the best of that technology. Here is an example of one of the readings of the different components of the wheel.

National Parks HD Smithsonian In Motion Video Contest Viewer's Choice award winner 2013 "North Country Dreamland" A northern Michigan celestial dark sky exposition