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Amazingly Simple Graphic Design Software – Canva

Amazingly Simple Graphic Design Software – Canva
“The easiest to use design program in the world” – The Webbys “Canva enables anyone to become a designer” – PSFK

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The beauty of data visualization - David McCandless To create his infographic about nutritional supplements, it took McCandless a month to review about 1,000 medical studies and design the visual. Is that level of effort surprising, and do you think it’s worth it? Try out the interactive version that’s available on McCandless’s website. What engaged or surprised you? Running WordPress on OpenShift: An Introduction OpenShift is a PaaS that allow you to run your own app for free with low resources. It offers 1GB storage and 512MB RAM, and has support for custom domains. It's faster than Heroku, PagodaBox, and AppFog giving you SSH access to your app server, running in a separate environment. It's just like a real server, but you get it for free. OpenShift is a very good platform for running a WordPress site. PagodaBox and AppFog fair for hosting PHP applications for free; however, PagodaBox is quite slow, and has a hard limit of 10MB of MySQL for free plan.

How to create a camera in Adobe Illustrator - Adobe Illustrator Today we are going to learn how to raw this amazing compact camera with its accessories using basic shapes in Adobe Illustrator. 1.Prepare the document Step 1 Press Ctrl+N in order to create a new document.

50 Fab Apps for Teachers Less Is More You don’t need a one-to-one classroom (one device for every student) to integrate tablets into instruction. Whether you have one tablet or five, possibilities for teaching with them abound. Single Tablet • Independent reading Load up your tablet with books in a reading app. Pinterest : How to Build a Strong Pinterest Page for B2B You might be surprised to hear that Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media sites and is the third largest behind Facebook and Twitter (source). Finding out how to tackle Pinterest can be a bit of a mystery, especially if you’re a B2B company wanting to grow your following on the platform. But how do you get followers, re-pins and engagement on your Pinterest page? I talked with David Smooke who is director of SmartRecruiters, an online workspace to find and hire people. David is in charge of content marketing & social media for SmartRecruiters.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 7 Awesome Posters for Language Teachers January 23, 2015 Today I brought you a collection of some interesting infographics and posters particularly useful for English language teachers. I curated this collection from Larry Ferlazzo’s Pinterest board titled ”Useful Classroom Images”. This board contains over 5000 pins spanning multifarious topics and themes. I spent sometime last night going through Larry’s pins and selected for you the titles below. Bryan Gould » Budget Blues Twenty five dollars a week can’t be bad, can it? For families on the breadline, it’s surely better than nothing and every little helps. And when the total spend is $790 million, that’s not peanuts, is it? – even if multiplying $25 up to this total should surely tell just how many qualifying families there are and just how widespread family poverty is in today’s New Zealand. The increase in benefits has of course captured the headlines and is apparently a master-stroke of so-called “compassionate conservatism” in disarming those critics who have complained about widening inequality and deeply entrenched poverty.

Outils des professeurs Outils des professeurs Création de diaporamas Powerpoint 10 Killer Examples of B2B Companies on Instagram There are plenty of retail brands out there like Starbucks, Red Bull and Louis Vuitton making a huge impact, but what about the B2B companies on Instagram? Is Instagram meant to be use by the B2B sector or is the fun just for the businesses that target consumer? With more than 300 million active monthly users, Instagram is a social network that businesses with all customer types need to pay attention to. I say there’s room for both B2B brands and retail brands on Instagram. But which B2B brands are making the most of this network? 8 Must Have Classroom Posters for Technology Best Practices September 28, 2014 Integrating technology in classroom teaching is not only about finding the best educational web tools to enhance students learning but a decent part of it is also related to the ethics behind such use. Students need to understand that using any sort of technology in class is governed by a set of rules and guidelines that have to be respected and enacted. These guidelines do not only organize their interaction with this technology but, most importantly, makes this interaction pedagogically sound.

Beyond capitalism and socialism: could a new economic approach save the planet? To avoid social, environmental and economic collapse, the world needs to move beyond the standard choices of capitalism or socialism. That’s the conclusion of a new report released Wednesday by US think tank Capital Institute. The non-partisan think tank argues that both systems are unsustainable, even if flawlessly executed, and that economists need to look to the “hard science of holism” to debunk outdated views held by both the left and the right.