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Arts, Art and Artists Online: The Worldwide Arts Portal
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Architecture Design Architectural Images History Models and More - ArchitectureWeek Great Buildings Top 10 Mind Maps My personal favourite Mind Maps There are dozens of wonderful Mind Map examples around the World all helping to combat information overload and provide us with excellent learning opportunities. The visual impact of Mind Maps can be striking in so many different and often unique ways, with diverse styles and formats working equally well. As more Maps get created around the World I may add to the list. The examples below will help you to explore some exciting Mind Maps and see some excellent techniques being used. 1. The Creative Intelligence Mind Map by Alan & Emily Burton displays a wonderful blend of artistic skill, colour and imagination. Compare reading the above all-be-it very useful list of some of the key elements of the Mind Map with viewing the Mind Map itself and instantly you can see the benefits of mindmapping! 2. In my brief review of Adam Sicinski’s MasterMind Matrix I described the Matrix as Google Earth for the brain. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Vintage Soviet Posters & Propaganda | International Poster Gallery Moor, Dimitri.1st of May - A Festival of Labor, 1920 Moor, Dimitri. Cossack - Who are you with, them or us?, 1920 Zvorykin, B. Moor, Dimitri.Be on Guard! Kochergin, Nikolai.Capitalism and Company, 1920 Cheremnych, Mikhail.Rosta Window #81 (Quickly Repair Agriculture), 1920 Tarkhov, D. Stenberg, Vladimir & Georgy. Anonymous. Stenberg, Vladimir & Georgy.Don Q Son of Zorro, 1929 Klutsis, Gustav. Blik, A. Koretsky, Viktor. Klutsis, Gustav. Koretsky, Viktor. Knoblok. Klutsis, Gustav. Artist Unknown.On Top - A film in 5 parts, circa 1928. Artist Unknown, Unmask Him! After Aleksander M. Artist Unknown, Let's Conquer Space! Gavrilov,Do Not Pollute Reservoirs With Oil, 1959. Lenin created the first truly modern propaganda machine, and its most colorful, dramatic and original form was the poster. Although posters were produced in Russia before the Revolution, they were overshadowed by the remarkable propaganda posters of the Soviets. The Soviet art of propaganda falls into six main periods: Back to top

Brush Pilot™ – The fast and easy Photoshop brush previewer for Mac OS X Bienvenue! (Welcome from the curator) Blog I thought it would be fun to do another post about process. Here is a personal illustration and the steps leading to it. The finished illustration. This is where we're headed. Here I'm laying down thoughts as quickly as possible. At this point I'm starting to describe materials (trees, snow) and creating a varied surface. This step deals mostly with the foreground. I'm finally down to painting the central figure. I've decided to redraw the figure. Just a few changes here. Finished! Thats it! Tamayo on Ikebana Ikebana is not just about flower arranging. Through the act of ikebana, you become involved in the process of terminating the life of a botanical creature, of discovering the beauty, mystery and power of plants, and the variety of possible outcomes is simply enormous! By creating a momentary art piece, ikebana instills in us a positive attitude, a fortitude and an ability to concentrate deeply. This is one way to enrich our lifestyle. There are hundreds of Ikebana schools and styles. Ikeduende? Ikeduende is an amalgamation of the Japanese word ‘ike’ and the Spanish word ‘duende’. Ike, from ‘ikebana’, means living or life-giving, while duende is one of those words which defies explanation. Through practising ikebana, Tamayo believes one’s own duende can emerge, though it is the flowers who could be the audience here, listening or responding or refusing to us. About Tamayo Hussey Artist

How to Draw - Joe Kubert's - Comic Book Studio We are all homeless: The "WE ARE ALL HOMELESS" Project - an introduction This project began in 1993 when I started buying and collecting signs from the homeless. (More on that in the description of the art show HOME?) Over the past few years I have developed art work using the signs, which became focused while I was pursuing an MFA in Arts & Technology at UTDallas. In the Fall 2009 semester we were challenged to develop an art project that would be interventionist in nature, meaning that it would cause some interruption in our daily lives, which resulted in the development of WE ARE ALL HOMELESS. It began as a series of "flash mob happenings," where a few dozen people holding up authentic homeless signs converged on an intersection or other public location (2009-2010). The purpose of the project is to raise awareness about homelessness, and to change the preconceived ideas many people have about the homeless and their situations. Thanks and blessings for your interest in helping the homeless. Willie Baronet

Stewarts Law RCA Secret Postcard Mutate Britain Cybernetic Serendipity: A Documentation Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2016 23 Nov 2016 – 22 Jan 2017 Previously at the ICA - Exhibitions Cybernetic Serendipity Exhibition poster, Institute of Contemporary Art, 2 August – 20 October, 1968 © Cybernetic Serendipity Cybernetic Serendipity: A Documentation 14 Oct 2014 – 30 Nov 2014 Fox Reading Room Entry with Day Membership Sign up to our mailing list for invitations to private views. ‘Where in London could you take a hippy, a computer programmer, a ten-year-old schoolboy and guarantee that each would be perfectly happy for an hour without you having to lift a finger to entertain them?’ Cybernetic Serendipity, the landmark exhibition curated by Jasia Reichardt in 1968, is being celebrated in the Fox Reading Room with a display of documents, installation photographs, press reviews, invitation cards and publications. Cybernetic Serendipity: A Walkthrough With Jasia Reichardt Cybernetic Serendipity: Gustav Metzger in conversation with Nick Lambert Curated by Jasia Reichardt Resources Related Media

david hockney: me draw on iPad oct 11, 2011 david hockney: me draw on iPad copenhagen’s louisiana museum exhibited david hockney’s digital paintings in ‘me draw on iPad’ presented at the louisiana museum of modern art in copenhagen, ‘me draw on iPad‘ is an exhibition of the digital paintings created by british artist david hockney using the iPhone and iPad with the ‘brushes’ app. the installation includes 20 touch iPods and 20 iPads mounted along the walls, on each of which several paintings are exhibited on a sequential loop. a large-format triptych slide show directed by hockney displays additional works, while several projections showcase footage of hockney’s process and a start-to-finish animation playback of several pieces. over the course of the exhibition, hockney occasionally sent new iPad drawings via e-mail to be added to the show, illustrating an interesting potential that the digital medium offers for museum exhibition. installation view of the iPads image © designboom closer viewimage © designboom

Snow Drawings, Rabbit Ears Pass, CO, Sunday Jan. 29, 2012 | Artwork by Sonja Hinrichsen This large-scale Snow Drawing piece was created with the generous assistance of 5 volunteers from Steambaot Springs and Hayden, Colorado. The photos were taken during a flyover in local pilot Jack Dysart’s Cessna aircraft. All images on this blog © Sonja Hinrichsen – reproduction of images only with permission contact: sonja[at] Additional photos and video were taken by Cedar Beauregard during the creation of this piece with a camera mounted on a remote-controlled helicopter. All photos are available as editioned fine art prints. Like this: Like Loading...