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A Curvaceous Cheese Tart Shop By RONDO Design Atelier RONDO have recently completed the latest location of PABLO, a fresh-baked cheese tarts store in Yokohama, Japan. Project description The fresh-baked cheese tarts store “PABLO” opened their new store in Hyogo area following Umeda & Shinsaibashi in Osaka and Shibya in Tokyo. We have continued to support their store expansion throughout the country.This time, they first had a function of eat-in café space with a food retail store. The store serves fresh-baked cheese tarts on site. About Spatial Agency is a project that presents a new way of looking at how buildings and space can be produced. Moving away from architecture's traditional focus on the look and making of buildings, Spatial Agency proposes a much more expansive field of opportunities in which architects and non-architects can operate. It suggests other ways of doing architecture. In the spirit of Cedric Price the project started with the belief that a building is not necessarily the best solution to a spatial problem. The project attempts to uncover a second history of architecture, one that moves sharply away from the figure of the architect as individual hero, and replaces it with a much more collaborative approach in which agents act with, and on behalf of, others.

Flavorwire You can finally stop chugging the dreamwine — HBO’s Game of Thrones is officially back for its second season, and you’ll want to be as clearheaded as possible for what’s about to go down in the Seven Kingdoms. But before we get into that, how about a quick refresher on where things currently stand? Warning: Possible spoilers ahead! The long summer is finally drawing to a close. Ned Stark’s head is still on a spike in the King’s Landing, where the only other Stark left is poor, dutiful Sansa, who has been taken hostage by King Joffrey and his mother the Queen Regent; her sister Arya, now posing as a boy and going by Arry, left town with a ragtag group headed up by Yoren, a recruiter for the Night’s Watch.

Go Inside 16 Top Designers' Homes “When you have light-filled rooms, subtle textures and color shifts are illuminated. The walls and moldings, as well as the larger pieces, are all painted a matte, soft pale grey to act as a neutral backdrop for the pops of color that come from smaller gestures like the blue lining of the draperies, the accessories and the art,” Barbara Barry says of her Beverly Hills living room. The seating pieces, cocktail table, pillow fabrics, carpet and floor lamp were all designed by Barry. Photo by David Meredith. Michael Haverland’s East Hampton study is a simple-yet-elegant glass box that the architect designed to showcase pieces from his blue-chip furniture collection, including a 1953 Jean Prouvé Compass desk and Standard chair; a 1946 Eero Saarinen for Knoll Womb chair; and a 1950s Jacques Adnet leather desk. Photo by Bill Cunningham.

Russian Verb Aspects - Russian Grammar New: This Russian lesson is still in development. It is not complete and may contain some errors. Please report any errors to the corrections forum. Russian Verbs - Aspect The Flop Box A bad beginning makes a bad ending 4/14/2014 Peter Saul curated group show @ Zürcher Studio Austin Lee Taylor McKimens Karl Wirsum Judith Hudson Irena Jurek Interior Design Apps: 10 Must-Have Home Decorating Apps for Android & iOS Amateur interior designers, rejoice! (Professionals, you have reason to celebrate, too.) There is now a wealth of home improvement and decorating wisdom in the palm of your hand, thanks to the rising number of design apps available for your smartphone. From digital moodboards to virtual consultants, they inspire. They source.

InBetween House House Karuizawa, Japan Koji Tsutsui & Associates, Tokyo, Japan 2011 World Architecture Festival 2011 - Category Winner South Elevation: Cottages & Thin Folding RoofIwan Baan The client chose a sloped site surrounded by Japanese larch trees in a mountainous region of Karuizawa, Japan, (an hour commute away from Tokyo on a bullet train) as the ideal location for their home. This 178sqm house sits on an artificially leveled area of the site created thirty years ago and left unused. Since the client wanted a house that seamlessly blends into the natural surrounding, topography and local culture, we designed this house as a cluster of small mountain cottages. It consists of five single pitched roof cottages that are clad in the local larch wood siding.

Millennials Compared to previous generations, Millennials seem to have some very different habits that have taken both established companies and small businesses by surprise. One of these is that Generation Y doesn't seem to enjoy purchasing things. The Atlantic's article "Why Don't Young Americans Buy Cars?" mused recently about Millennials' tendency to not care about owning a vehicle. Skinner Auctioneers Skinner brings the very best fine art and objects of value to market in curated specialty auctions. If we feel your material is not a good fit for one of our specialties, or if the value falls below our minimum lot levels, we will be unable to offer it at auction. If your property has been accepted on consignment, congratulations! You are in the company of experts who will guide you through the consignment and auction process in a warm, approachable environment. 1.

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