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Social Media Definitions: The Ultimate Glossary of Terms You Should Know

Social Media Definitions: The Ultimate Glossary of Terms You Should Know
For many people, posting a tweet, hashtagging an Instagram caption, and sending out an invite for a Facebook event on Facebook has become common practice. (In fact, if you're highly experienced, you probably do all three at once.) But with new social media networks and innovative software cropping up almost daily, even seasoned social media users are bound to run into a term or acronym that leaves them thinking, "WTF?" Download our free social media guides here to help you get started with an effective social media strategy. For those head-scratching moments, we've created the ultimate glossary of social media marketing terms. Whether you're still hung up on the difference between a mention and a reply on Twitter or you just want to brush up on your social knowledge, check out the following roundup of social media terms to keep yourself in the know. 3) Algorithm - An algorithm is a set of formulas developed for a computer to perform a certain function.

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8 Key Questions You Must Ask When Buying A New Wireless Router Buying a new wireless router can be overwhelming — there are hundreds of options, and new ones are released all the time. Sorting through all of the information can take days. But if you know the right questions to ask, the process will be much easier and you’ll be happy with your purchase. Here are eight questions you should ask when buying a new wireless router. What will you use it for? Knowing the answer to this question will influence the answers to all of the other questions you’ll need to ask.

5 Amazing hidden accessibility settings for Android users One of the record-selling reasons of android devices is there high level of ease and usability. Android, as an OS is relatively more open and fun to use than other operating systems in the market. It also offers a number of amazing accessibility features for hearing or vision impaired people. Even if you are perfectly alright, these options can still be really useful and add an extra joy to your overall smartphone experience. 5 Common Mistakes Beginners Make When They Share Photos Online Header photo by jun pinzon I look at more photos online every single day than most people go through in a month. It’s part of the job, scouring 500px and the Internet at large for the best photography out there and then writing about it—and over the course of 5 years doing this or something similar, I’ve learned some things. I’ve learned what will get you published, what will get you noticed, what ‘exposure’ is really worth, and what topics are so dead-horse beaten that they make me nauseous every time I see an article about them (did you know that you should NEVER EVER EVER give away your photos for free… except, of course, when you should… duh).

The 15 Best Browser Extensions to Improve Your Social Media Marketing This post originally published on September 22, 2014. We’ve updated it here with new extensions, images, and a Product Hunt collection. There are a few actions I perform over and over again as I work through my social media marketing plan. Do you know the feeling? You click on the same few buttons or type in the same URL. 2011's most popular social media stories Readers of SmartBrief on Social Media get summaries of the most important social media articles delivered to their inbox for free every weekday. I like to think that the stories we choose to link to in any given issue say a great deal about the state of social media on that day. Looking at the most popular items of the entire year, however, it’s clear that there were certain issues that preoccupied the SBoSM audience throughout 2011. The top 10 stories we linked to in SmartBrief on Social Media in 2011: Of course, we also run original posts here on SmartBlog on Social Media — and the top 10 most popular original articles of the year say a little something about the state of social media as well. The top 10 original posts here on SmartBlog on Social Media:

Things You Should Know About Redundancy and Backups What if a software error corrupts a vital file on your computer? What if your office catches fire, taking your servers with it? What if you suffer a catastrophic hardware failure and lose all your data? Useful Android App Development Tips & Tricks - Keyideas Infotech Whether or not you are new to Android and the use of Android apps, you may not know the ins and outs of the Android system as well as you could. Shreyes Kejariwal, CEO of Keyideas, says, “There are always things you don’t realize about the system you are using. There are tips and tricks for Android that everyone should know.” Ultimate Guide to Google Plus I’ve seen quite a few people who don’t understand Google Plus or think Google Plus is some sort of wasteland with giant swaths of inactivity. I was one of these people until I decided to dive in and really explore the social network and become active on there to see what this G+ thing is all about. The end result is this guide, a complete Google Plus guide for the person who is just getting started, or quite simply, started but staring at a boring feed with zero activity. Take a look at the sections below and click any section that has your interest. The Google Plus Beginner Guide Sections

10 Simple Ways To Get More Instagram Followers And Likes Getting more likes on social media makes you happier. Science says so. And since we want you to feel happy, dear reader, we decided to figure out exactly how one goes about obtaining likes and followers on that most enigmatic of apps -- Instagram. Social media measurement tool box Rob Stuart, who passed away recently and who was instrumental in the creation of the nonprofit technology movement always had a favorite question, “What tools are in your tool box?” It was always a terrific conversation starter with nonprofit techies because knowing the right tool for the job is important. As I’ve been working on “Measuring the Networked Nonprofit” with co-author KD Paine, we’ve come to the chapter on measurement tools. I sent out a query nonprofit tech colleagues who are social media mavens and ask that age old question, “What’s in your social media measurement tool box?”

Creative Ways You Need to Try to Organize Your Bookmarks We all save websites, articles, and specific pages. We keep hilarious online videos, mark our favorite shopping sites, and hold onto reference materials. The list goes on and on for those things we bookmark and save, plus everyone organizes those bookmarks differently. It can easily get out of control unless you put your bookmarks where they belong as soon as you save them. But, what really is the best way to save and organize them? Here are a few creative ways to do so, depending on your style and browser use. SquareSpace Whether you want to create a blog, eCommerce store, portfolio, or all of the above, you can express your idea with a website powered by our elegant yet intuitive platform. Businesses From goods to services, every business needs a space online to bring in customers. Squarespace gives you full control over your company's image with beautiful eCommerce website templates that feature powerful marketing tools and more. Artists An artist should always have control over their creative process.

100 Amazing How-To Sites to Teach Yourself Anything Learning new skills and expanding your knowledge doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. There are loads of free resources on the Web that can help you find instructional videos, tutorials and classes to learn a wide variety of skills from fixing basic car problems to speaking another language. With 100 sites to choose from, you’re bound to find something here that will help you learn just about anything you could want. General Tutorials These sites offer a wide range of tutorials and videos. Around the House 5 Ways The Internet Of Things Will Make Marketing Smarter The Internet of Things (IoT) may sound like a business buzzword. In reality, it’s a technological revolution that will impact everything we do—a gigantic wave of new possibility poised to alter the face of technology. First, some background: IoT is the interconnectivity between things using wireless communication technology (each with their own unique identifiers) to connect objects, locations, animals, or people to the internet, thus allowing for the direct transmission of and seamless sharing of data. In essence, it refers to everyday devices that are able to automatically exchange information over a network. IoT will also impact on our everyday lives by changing how we monitor traffic, weather, pollution, and the environment, and how we collect relevant data. In an IoT world, common tasks will be outsourced.