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Generate and decode QR-codes online

Generate and decode QR-codes online
Purpose & How To This app is for decoding and generating QR codes online, you do not need any browser plugins. Successfully tested with Firefox 3.6, IE7, Opera 10.53. QR Codes? A QR Code is a matrix code (or two-dimensional bar code) created by Japanese corporation Denso-Wave in 1994. Thanks Big thanks to Zebra crossing, this app is using their QR decoding site for decoding your QR codes. Appendix I do not guarantee any resulting QR code generations or detections, use this application at your own risk! Related:  AlltagsHilfen

Überwachung: Achtung, Handyfänger IMSI-Catcher können Mobilfunkgeräte abhören und sind längst nicht mehr teuer. Doch kaum ein Telefon warnt seinen Besitzer vor solchen Angriffen, obwohl das möglich ist. Speichern Drucken Twitter Facebook Google + Mobilfunkantennen auf einem Gebäude des Bundestages | © ZEIT ONLINE / Kai Biermann Wenn Björn Rupp merkt, dass sein Smartphone in seiner Tasche brummt, weiß er: Jemand versucht gerade, ihn abzuhören. Ein Beispiel: Polizei, Geheimdienste und inzwischen auch Hacker und Kriminelle nutzen sogenannte IMSI-Catcher. Anzeige Lange war das ein eher theoretisches Szenario, weil diese Handyfänger extrem teuer waren. Egal, werden manche denken, inzwischen wird doch sowieso alles abgehört. Dieser Text soll keine Werbung für GSMK machen. Eine Firewall zum Beispiel. So können die Telefone auch IMSI-Catcher entdecken. Kai Biermann Kai Biermann ist Redakteur im Team Investigativ/Daten bei ZEIT ONLINE. @kaibiermann folgen Beim Cryptophone braucht es nur zwei Klicks, dann ist die Firewall aktiviert.

Flash Webcam QR Code Reader online we are beta, baby! If you like it, please it. Thx. Franz (<-- that's my name) Please check out my brand new project: - Short Voice Message Service (100% Client Side). Flash-Webcam QR Snapshot (use your webcam to snap QR-codes) V1.1 - May 24th 2010 - now working! powered by (Note: Check out the site there first, the snapshot you take with that flash-cam actually gets published!) or Test it with this image: a quick note: mind the whitespace - it's part of the QR code NEW QR-CODE | Bookmarklet | API | Widget | AboutCreate QR-Codes. - is a project by Franz Enzenhofer.

Best 5 Free Online QR Code Readers The black-and-white image in the right of this post is a classical QR code, do you know what it means? Today, it’s common that you can see different QR codes in magazines, websites, business cards and many other places, so how to decode them and tell their meanings? You can check out the following 5 free online QR code readers, whether with a computer browser or a mobile browser: 1. ZXing Decoder Online On the ZXing Decoder Online website, you can enter a URL of any online QR code or upload a QR code image from your computer, and click the “Submit Query” button, then you will see the decode result in a new page. 2. On the MiniQR website, you can enter a URL of any online QR code, or snap a QR code with your webcam, after upload, you will see the decode content in a new page, on which you can also view the QR code image, share the result to Twitter and Facebook, or download the decode as a PDF or DOC file. 3. 4. 5. Conclusion:

Creating QR codes, items with QR codes Dark Fetish Network Yarny QR Code Generator? The Best QR Code Generators There are quite a few QR Code generators online. Some of them like Barcode Maker simply cosmeticize the Google Chart API while others like ZXing have full MECARD encoding. Here are the best examples: QR Code and 2D Code Generator Kerem Erkan has produced an excellent QR Code, Micro QR Code, Datamatrix and Aztec Code generator with many interesting features including URL shortening. Esponce Configure size, version, error correction etc., and save as PNG, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, XAML, SVG, EPS or all in a ZIP file. Online Barcode Generator Generates QR Codes and almost all other known barcode types, error correction and EPS download available. Jason Delport’s Create QR Code User interface for the Google Chart API with 500px x 500px maximum size. BeQRious 50px x 50px images can be inserted in the code and output can be saved as gif or pdf. i-nigma QR Codes and Datamatrix codes at small, medium and large sizes. Invx One size but generates a QR Code and a Datamarix Code simultaneously.

About - Esponce - turning things into hyperlinks QR Codes make communication more effective by connecting the real world & the virtual world. They have been built to help us with real life challenges and new business not just for advertising! QR Codes were born and raised in Japan and are now conquering the world. What is QR Code? QR is an abbreviation for Quick Response. Scanning QR code Step 1 Open QR Code reader app Step 2 Point your camera phone at the QR Code and scan it Step 3 Wait for app to decode QR Code Step 4 Content revealed (URL, vCard, Coupone...) Dynamic QR Code The name “Dynamic” for this type of QR Code is very appropriate. Example Explosive growth in 2011 Increasing adoption of mobile phones combined with a need for marketers to reach customers in new and innovative ways is pushing QR Code trends skywards. 1600% growth Rapidly growing popularity of scanning QR Codes in 2010 continuing in 2011. What are all these squares? Why QR Codes are different? Best practices Custom QR Code design QR campaigns QR campaigns