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The 40 Sexiest Scarlett Johansson GIFs « 9 out of 10 doctors agree that you absolutely cannot have enough Scarlett Johansson in your diet. And since we’ve already brought you Scar-Jo’s hottest photos in celebration of her birthday, we decided today to show you her sexiest GIFs from various movies, TV appearances, and life. Obviously we won’t be including this one. Because it’s her stunt double from The Avengers. Who is a man. Les 46 Idées Les Plus Brillantes Que Tout Être Humain Devrait Connaître Pour Se Faciliter La Vie J’adore trouver des solutions intelligentes aux petits accrocs que je rencontre dans la cuisine, la construction, le nettoyage, ou à peu près tout. En voici quelques-uns que j’utilise tout le temps! Versez une demi-tasse de bicarbonate de soude et une tasse de vinaigre dans un évier bouché. Une fois qu’il ne mousse plus rincer l’évier et il sera débouché. Un moyen pas cher et écologique pour déboucher un évier! Utilisez du scotch transparent/brillant sur l’objectif de l’appareil photo pour réparer la mise au point/ le flouté/ éviter les problèmes de réfraction de lumière de la lentille et améliorer la qualité de l’image!

fuck you very much fuck you is the new thank you Welcome! You have reached the visual diary of two friends. Boy: Lucien Clarke We've been trying to shoot one of the Palace skate team ever since we saw their hilariously funny PWBC videos on Tim & Barry's Don't Watch That TV a few years back. Then came their own-brand comprising Versace-homaging sweaters, Chanel logo-style shirts, VHS-chic skate videos, sick graphic and web design skills. Finally, we persuaded 23-year-old Lucien Clarke to let us take a few shots. As well as being a pretty good-looking dude, he's probably the best British skateboarder since Benny Fairfax, notable for his laid-back American skate style. Lucien rides a custom Palace Jamaica-coloured deck, because he was born there and was pretty happy about a Marcus Garvey deck Palace are sending over.

GetGlue: Check-in to tv, movies and music Social Network for Entertainment Discover what to watch, share what you're watching with friends and fans, and get updates from your favorite shows. Google Visual Assets Guidelines - Part 1 on Behance Google’s brand is shaped in many ways; one of which is through maintaining the visual coherence of our visual assets. In January 2012, expanding on the new iconography style started by Creative Lab, we began creating this solid, yet flexible, set of guidelines that have been helping Google’s designers and vendors to produce high quality work that helps strengthen Google’s identity. What you see here is a visual summary of the guidelines, divided into two Behance projects: Google design style:

Hypothetically, if an object is positioned at the focal point of the Hypothetically, if an object is positioned at the focal point of the light entering the eye, it will appear infinitely tall Via @amandadameron Folkert Showbiz Imagery and Chicanery Harry The Hipster plays downtown Los Angeles click to watch this very rare 1939 Universal comedy Ted Flicker’s creation premieres nice Joan Rivers ad from 1968 WOR, simple but effective late 50s design. Bureaucratics book preview Skip to content Bureaucratics book preview Contact info Tel: +31 651 365 983 Email: info@janbanning.comEmail contactform Update and connectYou can stay in touch for new updates, please connect through one of these services: © Copyright by

BMX Home | About | Contact | Submit | Shop | Advertise Comments Off Wave Rock from InfinityList on Vimeo. 35 Insane Optical Illusions That Will Make You Question Your Sanity - distractify These squares are actually the same exact color. Hold your finger over the boundary between the two shapes and see them change. Source: The Cornsweet illusion exploits the brain's lateral inhibition, which creates more contrast between the two objects when they have different colored edges.

Illustrations - Fabulous Rice, the works of Fabrice Ducouret Short Films Photos Illustrations