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1950s Design

1950s Design

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The 40 Sexiest Scarlett Johansson GIFs « 9 out of 10 doctors agree that you absolutely cannot have enough Scarlett Johansson in your diet. And since we’ve already brought you Scar-Jo’s hottest photos in celebration of her birthday, we decided today to show you her sexiest GIFs from various movies, TV appearances, and life. Obviously we won’t be including this one. Because it’s her stunt double from The Avengers. Who is a man. Scarlett Johansson GIF 1

Animated stereoviews of old Japan 28 Oct 2009 In the late 19th and early 20th century, enigmatic photographer T. Enami (1859-1929) captured a number of 3D stereoviews depicting life in Meiji-period Japan. [Sumo wrestlers] A stereoview consists of a pair of nearly identical images that appear three-dimensional when viewed through a stereoscope, because each eye sees a slightly different image. This illusion of depth can also be recreated with animated GIFs like the ones here, which were created from Flickr images posted by Okinawa Soba.

3D Blueprint Art: Visual House Plans into Real-Life Models For those of us who love the look of classic blueprints this is a childhood fantasy world come to life – a strange and surreal mixtures of two-dimensional scale drawing and full-sized furniture and structural objects emerging from these flat surfaces. In places, this installation by Ou Studio (via Dezeen) is entirely drawn – but it still engages with a curious contextual interplay with surrounding objects, such as the tree and imagined area behind the wall in the image above. In other parts, this artwork takes on a fanciful life of its own as the objects start to animate along the base blue wall, seemingly in various phases of becoming physical and organizing from chaos according to some kind of plan. The net result is whimsical, creative and original – yet it still traces its roots back to one of the most logical, rational and common systems used for ages within the architectural industry: the pervasive blueprint.

Antique slot Burroughes and Watts Snooker Table Caille Brothers Venus Upright with Music The Naughty Baker by Mutoscope Baker Boy Gumball Machine Mills Double Dewey Slot Machine Watling Rol-A-Top Twin Jack Pot Slot Machine GetGlue: Check-in to tv, movies and music Social Network for Entertainment Discover what to watch, share what you're watching with friends and fans, and get updates from your favorite shows. Chris Nicholls Photography : Roaring 20’s* Bio Born in England and raised in Canada, Chris Nicholls has emerged as one of the most sought after fashion photographers, splitting his time between New York and Toronto. He lives with his wife Lorca and his three children. Contact

DIY Sweater pillows - cozy up! This project is a great way to cozy up your couch in the Winter time! Not only does it add warmth and texture to the room they just inviting. Aren’t they? let’s get started! Showbiz Imagery and Chicanery Harry The Hipster plays downtown Los Angeles click to watch this very rare 1939 Universal comedy Ted Flicker’s creation premieres nice Joan Rivers ad from 1968 WOR, simple but effective late 50s design. the writers room of The Jack Carter Show.

Beautiful French Country House Presumably the workplace of an artist and the home of a creative soul, this beautiful French country house is a treat for those with a keen eye. Or those who enjoy the revitalizing mix of nature and the human mind. Cocooned in natural surroundings, this house has a rustic, pristine and a raw feel to it. Semi-clad in luxury, this French cottage is a dream home for many. The Curated Object: Exhibitions Corning The Great TazzaEngland, Amblecote, Thomas Webb and Sons, George Woodall, about 1889H. 38.9 cmBlown (from two gathers), cased (opaque pink over opaque white over opaque green over opaque white over semiopaque deep green), acid-dipped, cameo-carved, engravedThe Corning Museum of Glass (92.2.8, bequest of Juliette K. Rakow)Formerly in the collection of Dr. and Mrs. Leonard S.

From My Inbox: João Pina Once in a while I get a staggering email from a photographer. The latest greeted me when I returned from Paris; ten images in my inbox from Portuguese photographer João Pina, from his new series about the incredible violence that plagues Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Not only is the work amazing, but Pina’s edit is spot on, and his text is compellling. I will share them with you, so you can see for yourself….__

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