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Song Around The World‬‏

Song Around The World‬‏
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Site Oficial de Xingu O Filme A million first steps We have released over a million images onto Flickr Commons for anyone to use, remix and repurpose. These images were taken from the pages of 17th, 18th and 19th century books digitised by Microsoft who then generously gifted the scanned images to us, allowing us to release them back into the Public Domain. The images themselves cover a startling mix of subjects: There are maps, geological diagrams, beautiful illustrations, comical satire, illuminated and decorative letters, colourful illustrations, landscapes, wall-paintings and so much more that even we are not aware of. Which brings me to the point of this release. We may know which book, volume and page an image was drawn from, but we know nothing about a given image. (Aside from any educated guesses we might make based on the subject matter of the book of course.) See more from this book: "Historia de las Indias de Nueva-España y islas de Tierra Firme..." (1867) Next steps The Initial Layout Some examples "The United States of America.

Research Shows Plants Are Sentient. Will We Act Accordingly? Research continues to verify the intelligence of plants. If we begin to regard them as sentient beings, will our treatment of them improve? ©John T. Andrews Animal advocates and wildlife enthusiasts like you and me are always excited when new research comes out demonstrating the intelligence of the “others” among us; for example, how crows solve problems or whales have complex cultures. A recent spate of studies, however, is proving that plants have volition, show altruism and understand kinship much like many animal species. Moving and mental ability Forests provide the oxygen we breathe and the majority of medicines in use today. Four years ago, in 2011, I wrote an article about the intelligent behavior of trees. In the years since, however, a number of new studies are continuing to show that plants are smarter than we think. As for movement, plants do move and they do so with intention. Doing the math Plants “talk” to insects via alluring airborne fragrances. Candy

O Código Da Vinci (2006 Super Teacher Tools 7 Things We Can All Learn from the Music and Life of John Lennon by Lori Chandler On December 8, 1980, John Winston Lennon was gunned down outside his apartment building, the Dakota, in New York City. His assailant, whose name does not bear repeating, shot Lennon five times with a .38 caliber revolver. The doorman and concierge of the building managed to disarm the attacker and call the police. Lennon was taken to Roosevelt Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. The assailant bought his gun legally in Hawaii, and because he had no public history of mental instability, there was no great difficulty in purchasing it. Since Lennon’s death, 1.15 million people have died from gun violence in the United States. But the ending isn't the story. 1967 “With A Little Help From My Friends”/Sgt. While this song was sung by Ringo Starr, it was written by Lennon. 1969 Bed-In For Peace Lennon and wife Yoko Ono famously spent their honeymoon protesting the Vietnam War from their bed at the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel. 1970 “God”/Plastic Ono Band

21 Things Every 21st Century Teacher Should Do This Year The Past mixing with the Future #selfie A new school year always brings about new ideas and hopeful ambition for teachers. However, it’s almost 2015. Gone are the days when we can use the excuse that “we don’t do technology”. While some of the ideas that follow may seem a bit trendy, it’s never hurts to model ways to interact with all this new media as a covert way of teaching digital literacy and citizenship. And so, I present the 21 things every 21st century teacher should try in their classroom this year: 1. One of the best ways to engage student (and family) interaction with your classroom is to have a class blog. 2. Just like a blog only smaller. 3. The ultimate form of flattery is imitation. 4. Those clever little graphics are appearing everywhere from Popular Mechanics to Cosmopolitan. 5. Depending on your grade level, this might be harder than you think. 6. And then have your students blog about the experience. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. Like this:

When Donald Trump's words scared this Muslim girl, these Army vets responded perfectly. When Melissa Chance Yassini came home from work on Dec. 8, she found her daughter Sofia in tears. Melissa Chance Yassini and her daughter Sofia. Photo by Melissa Chance Yassini/Facebook. Used with permission. Sofia had been watching the news with her grandmother, when she heard about Donald Trump's call to deport refugees and ban Muslims from entering America. "She ran to me with a look of absolute fear on her face," Melissa told Upworthy. Sofia, who is 8 years old, was convinced that Trump wanted to kick her and her family, who are Muslim — and American citizens — out of the country. "It was the first time that it really drove home to me that we’re in a dangerous place right now," Melissa said. Melissa stayed up most of the night comforting and reassuring her daughter. The post caught the eye of Kerri Peek, an Army veteran from Colorado, who responded to Melissa a few days later. "Salamalakum Melissa!" Photo by Kerri Peek/Facebook. "It bothered me all night. "Calling all vets.

New Orleans: A Weekday Destination There's a Word for That: 25 Expressions You Should Have in Your Vocabulary Recently I came across this amazing little Tumblr named ‘OtherWordly‘ – itself a play on words. It consists of a collection of strange and lovely words from different languages through different times. What I like most about this selection of consonants and vowels – little meaning-carrying packages of vibration – is that they all try to point to the unspeakable, the transient or the neglected. That which we forget in the busyness of our daily grind. You can find my favourite words below – pick five that resonate most, write them down, yes seriously – go grab a pen -, make sure to learn them by heart, teach them to your inner voice and share them with others to guide our collective attention to what truly matters. 1 – Sophrosyne pronunciation | “so-frO-‘sU-nA Greek script | σωφροσύνη note | To everyone who is thinking “I want to get there” and also to everyone who is thinking “I’ll never get there”—you will. 2 – Vorfreude pronunciation | ‘for-froi-duh 3 – Numinous 4 – Nemophilist 5 – Sillage

Second Languages Spoken by Countries Around the World Do you know what your country or region’s second language is? And if so, do you know how to speak it? The website is a resource for people who want to move abroad, and they recently released this fascinating infographic that shows the popular second tongue of every region around the world. Some places, like Canada’s knowledge of the French language, are fairly predictable. So, if you’re looking to take a vacation or make a long-distance move, this illustrative map is your guide to what language a country's residents are likely the most familiar with. website via [L'Acte Gratuit and Business Insider] My Father, the Philosopher If the bed was here, if I touched it, lay down in it, walked away and came back, then it existed. If it existed, then when I left for school and came back, it would still be there. If it was there today, then it would be there tomorrow. Right, Dad? I touched the objects in the house. The bed and the Mickey Mouse light switch and the crumbling flower wallpaper. My father smiled, pleased. Descartes's bad dream. “Think about your first premise.” “My first what?” “Your first premise. If your father is a philosopher, then you should expect to lose many arguments. For my friends and me, the best seats in my family’s station wagon were in the way-back. But Adrianne and Christy widened their eyes when they asked him. I hated those faces. "Of course," my father said when they asked. "NO Way!" "Who's going to sit back there if they don't?" "Nobody." "And where are you going to sit no matter where they sit?" "In the front." "So how is it not fair? But my situation would be worsened. "Adrianne. OK? Zero.

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