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Anonymous – the uber-secret handbook compiled by Anonymii Versio

Anonymous – the uber-secret handbook compiled by Anonymii Versio

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Massive information dump by Anonymous on hundreds of cops, including a ‘pedo cop’ Anonymous has been extremely active over the last few weeks; for one, disclosing the inept state of Alabama’s privacy of 40,000 of its residents, after hacking into their site in just minutes. In addition to a mountain of website’s defaced and hacked, the group has surpassed themselves. Again. Scaling images and creating thumbnails from UIViews – iCab Blog In this blog post I would like to show how you can do some common image-related tasks, like scaling an UIImage object or creating a thumbnail image from a UIView. I’m implementing these features as category for the UIImage class, so these can be used with all UIImage objects without the need to subclass the UIImage class. Scaling UIImages Scaling images is important for example when you want to create thumbnail images which are used as an overview for real documents or larger pictures. The standard UIImage class doesn’t provide a method to scale images, but scaling an image isn’t very complicated. You can do it with just 4 lines of code…

D.E.A. Launders Mexican Profits of Drug Cartels  By GINGER THOMPSON/New York Times WASHINGTON — Undercover American narcotics agents have laundered or smuggled millions of dollars in drug proceeds as part of Washington’s expanding role in Mexico’s fight against drug cartels, according to current and former federal law enforcement officials. A crime scene in Monterrey, Mexico, last week. Drug-related violence has claimed the lives of more than 40,000 people since late 2006, Mexican officials say. The agents, primarily with the Drug Enforcement Administration, have handled shipments of hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegal cash across borders, those officials said, to identify how criminal organizations move their money, where they keep their assets and, most important, who their leaders are.

Internet Hate Machine About Internet Hate Machine is a term initially used by a Los Angeles news station to describe Anonymous, which has since been co-opted as an inside joke by members of the group. The label can be seen as a testament to the perception gap between outsiders who may feel that Anonymous actions are carried out of sadistic pleasure and insiders of the group who insist they’re done for the lulz, or one’s comedic enjoyment.

iPhone Killer: The Secret History of the Apple Watch In early 2013, Kevin Lynch accepted a job offer from Apple. Funny thing about the offer: It didn’t say what he would be doing. So intense is Apple’s secrecy that all Lynch knew was his vague title, vice president of technology, and that he’d be working on something completely new. ¶ It was odd that Apple even offered him a job. During his eight years at Adobe, most recently as chief technology officer, he was best known as the only person dumb enough to publicly fight Steve Jobs over the iPhone’s lack of support for Flash videos. When Lynch announced his move, the reaction was immediate: They want this guy? Apple blogger John Gruber called Lynch “a bozo, a bad hire.”

Detected by US spy satellites’ in space above Mexico!  They use sophisticated communications equipment even on U.S. soil, says a report by the Homeland Security Group Today Several of the most dangerous criminal organizations in Mexico have established their own networks of high-tech communications, with systems to military grade encryption, for information on the movements of Americans in the border police; group’s report says a Homeland Security Today. That group, which is defined as “the principal source of independent news and analysis on security issues in the U.S., indicates that intelligence officials are worried their country not only by the use of communications equipment lookouts highlighted by criminal gangs to guide smugglers.

Anonymous About Anonymous is an ad-hoc group of Internet users who are often associated with various hacktivist operations, including protests against Internet censorship, Scientology and government corruption. History Users of the anonymous image board 4chan, launched in late 2003, began using the term “Anonymous” when referring to themselves as a collective. User registration is not required on the site and users who do not identify themselves are given the label “Anonymous.” Contiki: The Operating System for Internet of Things - Internet Of Things Contiki is an operating system just like Microsoft Windows and Linux but for a very specific purpose and mainly focused on ‘things’ in the internet of things (iot). Here is everything you need to know about it. By Janardan Revuru The Internet of Things (IoT), a technology that enables the automated exchange of key information between machines, and then ultimately to humans, promises a future where a whopping 50 billion devices will have the ability to “talk to each other” by 2020. The ‘things’ that are getting connected vary significantly in size and shape include tiny wireless sensors (smart dust) to electrical appliances at home to electronics used in space experiments. Things are characterised as low-memory and low-power devices, where memory is measured in bits or bytes (not megabytes or gigabytes) and power consumption is so low that devices can run for years with a pair of AAsize battery!