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Procedure at Heartcare Manipal Hospitals. Responsibilities of Patient - Manipal Hospitals. Patient Information. Best Health Insurances. Best Health Insurances. Feed back & Opinion. Manipal Heartcare Hospitals. The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been an integral part of the way we have been doing our business since inception.

This has also enabled us to fulfill our commitment to be a socially responsible corporate citizen. Constitution of a Corporate Social Responsibility Committee of the Board and formulation of a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy has become mandatory under the Companies Act, 2013. Accordingly, our Company has formulated this CSR Policy which encompasses its philosophy and guides its sustained efforts for undertaking and supporting socially useful programs. Top Heart Hospital. Patient Rights and Responsibilities. Centre of Excellence in Cardiac Care Every person has a right to quality healthcare that can be delivered only by the collective cooperation of the hospital, the patient and her/his attendants.

Therefore, it is important to understand the role everyone plays in ensuring effective delivery of care and service to the patient and her/his attendants. Patient rights Right to Information : You have the right to receive information about the name and qualification of your treating doctor, your state of health, possible complications and its prevention, treatment plan, change in treatment plan, use of medications, diet and nutrition, approximate cost of treatment, cost implications in case of change in treatment plan, and how to address any concern that you may have.Right to consent : You have the right to give or withhold your consent for any propose treatment. You have the right to seek second medical opinion before giving the consent. Manipal Heartcare Hospital Videos. Manipal Hospitals. Baby Rizan Mohammed: Rectified Rare Heart Disease (ALCAPA (Anomalous Left Coronary Artery from the Pulmonary Artery) Rizan and his parents have just emerged from an ordeal ” one which saw him undergo complicated surgery for a rare heart defect at Manipal Hospital, Bangalore.

Since birth Rizan had always suffered from persistent cough and cold. At two months, he was found to have upper respiratory tract infection and 'murmur', and was referred to a cardiologist. An echo cardiogram was advised and it came as a shock to his parents: it showed that their baby had a very rare kind of heart defect called ALCAPA (Anomalous Left Coronary Artery from the Pulmonary Artery) coupled with severe dysfunction of the left ventricle. Normally, the left coronary artery arises from the aorta. Author: Dr Devananda N S, HOD & Consultants: Cardio thoracic and Vascular Surgery,Manipal Heart Institute, MHB Dr. Master Kartik (7 Days Old) suffering from Taussig-Bing anomaly and Co-arctation of the Aorta. Anatomy of Heart. Heart is a major organ of the body that pumps blood with its life-giving oxygen and nutrients to all tissues of the body.

Anatomy of Heart

If the pumping action of the heart becomes inefficient, vital organs like the brain and kidneys will be effected. Life itself is completely dependent on the efficient operation of the heart. Anatomy of the heart: Basically, the heart is a four-chambered muscle that works like two pumps. Each side has two chambers. Amenities Facilities. Manipal Hospital is committed to deliver comprehensive medical care services with clinical excellence to all its patients.

Amenities Facilities

Our medical equipment and facilities that are at par with world class standards to ensure high-quality treatment for your health problems. Here at Manipal, we integrate the traditional virtues of hospitality with advanced medical treatment facilities and see to that you get the best care possible. Consultation with our doctors starts with fixing up an appointment through phone call, online or by visiting our hospital in person, after which you will be given a Manipal record file and a unique Identification number which you can use for your subsequent visits.

In case you want to get admitted in our wards, you have a lot of options to choose from. Check them below: Rheumatic Fever. The complications associated with strep throat or scarlet fever can cause rheumatic fever.

Rheumatic Fever

It is a very serious illness that can cause stroke, permanent damage to the heart, and even death if ignored. This inflammatory disease can develop as a complication of inadequately treated strep throat or scarlet fever that is caused by streptococcus bacteria. Rheumatic fever is most common in children aging between 5 and 15 years, though it can also develop in younger children or adults. It can cause permanent damage to the heart, including damaged heart valves and even heart failure. Effective treatment can reduce tissue damage, lessen pain and other symptoms and also prevent recurrence of rheumatic fever.

Heart Failure. A heart failure occurs when the heart is no longer able to pump enough blood to meet the body’s requirement. This could occur gradually (chronic) or suddenly (acute). Holter-Monitor. A Holter monitor is a compact device that is easily wearable. It records the heartbeat during the duration it is worn by the patient. A Holter monitor test is usually recommended after performing an electrocardiogram to check the heart rhythm. Sometimes, an ECG is unable to detect any irregularities in the heart rhythm because it is attached to the patient only for a short duration. If the signs and symptoms in a patient point to an occasional irregular heart rhythm, the doctor may recommend a 24-hour Holter monitor test.

Heart Attack Treatment. A stent is a tiny wire mesh tube. It props open an artery and is left there permanently. Radio Frequency Ablation Treatment. Radio frequency ablation (RFA) is a medical procedure in which tumor or other dysfunctional tissue connected to the heart is ablated using the heat generated from high Radiofrequency current.

Radio Frequency Ablation Treatment

The intensity of this electrical current can range from 350-500 kHz. Paediatric heart surgery in Bangalore. Paediatric Cardiac Surgery is done to treat heart defects a child is born with, in addition to the heart diseases a child gets after birth that need surgery. The surgery is needed for the child's well-being. There are many kinds of heart defects. Some are minor while others are more serious. Minimally invasive cardiac surgery. Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery (MICS) - This is a procedure performed through several small incisions instead of the traditional open-heart surgery. This is favored by surgeons and patients because of reduced post-operative discomfort, faster healing times and lowered risk of infections or complications. The incision used for minimally invasive heart surgery is about 3 to 4 inches instead of the 6- to 8-inch incision required for traditional surgery.

Primarily, there are two types of MICSs. Minimally Invasive Valve Surgery Minimally Invasive CABG Surgery. Pacemaker Implantation. Blood Cholesterol Level Test. A blood test may seem very simple with the exception of the ‘prick’ but the actual diagnostic process is very complicated and requires specialized equipment; trained technicians; utmost care, caution and precision as most of the medical decisions are based on these results. Blood tests are the most common types of medical test and have a wide range of uses. For instance, a blood test can assess general state of health, rule out any infection, determine the function of certain organs such as the liver and kidneys, screen for certain genetic conditions etc. Cardiac Electro physiology. Human heart has a specialized electrical system which regulates the heart beat. Any disorder (arrhythmia) in this system can cause the heart to beat either too slow (bradycardia) or fast (tachycardia) which can sometimes be life threatening.

Electrophysiology is a subspecialty of cardiology which deals with diagnosis and treatment of such electrical disorders of the heart. This involves various diagnostic modalities and therapies. Manipal hospital. Congenital Heart Disease. Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting.