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Defending Human Rights Worldwide

Defending Human Rights Worldwide

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Politics: News about Politics in America and the World Thank You, Rolling Stone | BLOG ENTRY Today is my last day at Rolling Stone. As of this week, I’m leaving to work for First Look Media, the new organization that’s already home to reporters like Glenn Greenwald, Jeremy Scahill and Laura Poitras. I’ll have... February 20, 2014 10:35 AM ET Ex-Morgan Stanley Chief Jams Foot in Mouth, Complains of CEO Abuse | BLOG ENTRY There's a ton of interesting stuff going on in the Wall Street sphere of late – I'm trying to find some time to do a proper write-up of the extraordinary lawsuit just filed by the Better Markets... February 13, 2014 5:30 PM ET The Vampire Squid Strikes Again: The Mega Banks' Most Devious Scam Yet | ARTICLE Call it the loophole that destroyed the world. It's 1999, the tail end of the Clinton years.

Don't Forget Iraq's Displaced The 30-mile highway from Kifri to Tuz Khurmatu in northern Iraq is a no-man's-land dotted with motley gatherings of thousands of displaced families, caught between the cruelty of ISIS forces and targeted by militias backed by Iraq's government. In August, these people lived in towns around Tuz and Amerli, at the epicenter of fighting in which the militias, Iraqi security forces and Kurdish Peshmerga, assisted by U.S.-led airstrikes, supposedly drove ISIS forces (ISIS calls itself the Islamic State) from the area. No one stayed to protect civilians from the aftermath; their homes were looted and burned by militias, they say, after ISIS pulled out. Now, several thousand families from this region, about 90 kilometers south of Kirkuk, are eking out an existence in makeshift shelters along the road, caught between contested territory and the mountains leading to the relative safety of Iraq's Kurdish region.

Freedom in the World 2010 Global Erosion of Freedom For the fourth consecutive year, global declines in freedom outweighed gains in 2009, as measured by Freedom House’s annual survey of political rights and civil liberties, Freedom in the World 2010. This represents the longest continuous period of decline for global freedom in the nearly 40-year history of the report. In a year marked by intensified repression against human rights defenders and civic activists, declines for freedom were registered in 40 countries in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and the former Soviet Union, representing 20 percent of the world’s total polities.

First gay marriages on steps of Whatcom County Courthouse Thursday, December 13, 2012 First gay marriages on steps of Whatcom County Courthouse I also like the reflection of background trees in the courthouse windows. Human Rights Law Human Rights are the basic rights and freedoms to which all human beings are entitled, like civil and political rights, the right to life and liberty, freedom of thought and speech/expression, equality before the law, social, cultural and economic rights, the right to food, the right to work, and the right to education. In short, human rights are freedoms established by custom or international agreement that protect the interests of humans and the conduct of governments in every nation. Human rights are distinct from civil liberties, which are freedoms established by the law of a particular state and applied by that state in its own jurisdiction. Human rights laws have been defined by international conventions, by treaties, and by organizations, particularly the United Nations. These laws prohibit practices such as torture, slavery, summary execution without trial, and arbitrary detention or exile. For more information on Human Rights laws, please refer to the materials below.

Iraq The outcast liberal cleric Details by Mohamed Amer (video edits), text by Ahmed Benchemsi* Iraqi cleric Ahmed Qabanji has a humanist reading of Islam. But his liberal views were too much to bear for his conservative brothers who ended up disowning him, and even… cheering for his arrest! "Praying, fasting or wearing a veil are just rites. These things are not enough to earn you a place in heaven. “There was so much fear” As the Nepali man told me this story, his wife—let’s call her Devi—started to cry. “It was during the Emergency. There was so much fear. We did not dare say anything to anyone: police, doctors, no one.

United Nations Global Issues Africa As the world’s only truly universal global organization, the United Nations has become the foremost forum to address issues that transcend national boundaries and cannot be resolved by any one country acting alone. To its initial goals of safeguarding peace, protecting human rights, establishing the framework for international justice and promoting economic and social progress, in the six and a half decades since its creation the United Nations has added on new challenges, such as climate change, international terrorism and AIDS. While conflict resolution and peacekeeping continue to be among its most visible efforts, the UN, along with its specialized agencies, is also engaged in a wide array of activities to improve people’s lives around the world – from disaster relief, through education and advancement of women, to peaceful uses of atomic energy.

Internships/Volunteer opportunities are generally unpaid. HRW internships often offer direct exposure to the workings of an international human rights organization, close supervision by the HRW staff, interaction with other international organizations and foreign and domestic government officials, and opportunities to attend lectures, trainings, and special events relating to human rights. by adstaab Apr 30

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