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La grande misère de la presse française. Dans la presse française, ou dans ce qu’il en reste, on aime les « nouvelles formules ».

La grande misère de la presse française

Peu importe qu’elles ne soient ni nouvelles, ni vraiment formulables, ni formidables, les éditeurs adorent ces changements cosmétiques qui leur permettent de croire que leurs journaux et magazines sont encore vivants. On aura vu depuis quinze ans je ne sais combien de « relookages » du quotidien Le Monde, je ne sais combien de moutures nouvelles de L’Express ou du Nouvel Observateur. Ce dernier news magazine perd d’ailleurs, à chaque tournant, une partie de son titre, passant du Nouvel Observateur au Nouvel Obs et s’appelant aujourd’hui L’Obs ; on craint pour lui la prochaine formule… Si ces révolutions à répétition contentent les patrons de presse et leurs directeurs de pub, elles ne satisfont guère le public qui se rend encore dans les maisons de la presse.

Ski : descente dans l'enfer de la Streif minute par minute. LE MONDE SPORT ET FORME | • Mis à jour le | Par Henri Seckel. News Media Should Drop Native Apps. When it comes to the most basic form of news delivery, facts keep piling up in a way that makes native apps more and more questionable.

News Media Should Drop Native Apps

Here is why it’s worth considering a move back to mobile sites or web apps… One of the most shared statistic on mobile use is this one: Applications account for 86% of the time spend b’y users. This leaves a mere 14% for browser-based activities, i.e. sites designed for mobile, either especially coded for nomad consumption, built using responsive design techniques that adapt look and feel to screen size, or special WebApp designs such as This 86/14 split is completely misleading for two reasons: the weight of mobile gaming, and the importance of Facebook.

Take a look at this chart form Flurry Analytics: If you combine gaming, Facebook and Social Messaging, roughly 60% of time spent on mobile is swallowed by this trio. By comparison, news-related applications do not requires a lot of phone resources. — Ski alpin : « La Streif est effrayante, y a pas d'autre mot » Watching. From 0 to 100,000 users in 4 months. This is Blendle, the iTunes of journalism. — On Blendle.

Last Call. The closing of a local newspaper matters more than the closing of a local shoe store for only one reason — newspapers employ journalists. I asked several reporters, editors, and scholars what journalists should do to get ready for the next wave of firings. There were three strong consensus answers: first, get good at understanding and presenting data. Second, understand how social media can work as a newsroom tool. Third, get whatever newsroom experience you can working in teams, and in launching new things. The first piece of advice is the most widely discussed in journalism circles — get good with numbers. Second, learn to use social media tools to find stories and sources. Third, journalism is becoming more of a team sport. One objection to all this advice is that it is too little, too late, and not nearly enough to save most newsroom employees.

Quartz has a new look—and for the first time, a homepage - Quartz. We just shipped version 3.0 of Quartz, which you are looking at right now.

Quartz has a new look—and for the first time, a homepage - Quartz

It’s our second major redesign in as many years, a rapid pace of reinvention that makes good on our promise to continually evolve and improve on what a purely digital news organization can be. You can get a good sense of what’s new by simply poking around the site, but we wanted to highlight a few big changes. Our first homepage Yes, the homepage is still dead, which is why our new front door is quite different from most. Now, when you come to, we are offering an efficient briefing on global business news, called the Brief. Think of the Brief as a continually updated version of our popular morning email, the Daily Brief, which will continue to be published as usual. The Brief replaces our original “homepage,” which was no homepage at all: We just dropped you into our top story.

You can also access our own top stories at the top and bottom of the new homepage, or by tapping the ☰ icon in the site’s header. The One-Handed Backhand Has All but Disappeared. Quartz & cie: la homepage, toujours menacée, jamais remplacée — New² Media (FR) C’est parti pour un petit atelier de webisection.

Quartz & cie: la homepage, toujours menacée, jamais remplacée — New² Media (FR)

Avant, affichait ça: On pouvait d’ores et déjà mégoter et considérer que la colonne de gauche était en fait la homepage réelle (c’est d’ailleurs cette liste que l’on voyait sur un smartphone). Mais il n’y avait pas de homepage dans le sens il n’y avait aucune différence graphique, fonctionnelle ou éditoriale entre cette page est n’importe quelle autre page du site. En terme “projets”, il n’y avait qu’un seul et unique template de page.