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Eurobike 2016: Show wrap-up. Check out our highlights from the worlds biggest cycling tradeshow Eurobike is over, the relentless stream of new launches has stopped and our bleary eyed crew has returned from the hallowed halls of Friedrichshafen.

Eurobike 2016: Show wrap-up

With five full days of coverage to make your way through, we thought we’d give you an overview of what BikeRadar thinks will be new and trending in 2017. Droppers, droppers, droppers, droppers Dropper post technology has truly matured over the last few years and it’s now rare to see a stock trail bike without one. With such a lucrative market ready to be tapped into, more and more component manufacturers are releasing their own posts.

Most interestingly, we covered six different dropper posts at Eurobike this year and no two were truly alike. We saw mechanical, hydraulic and even a wirelessly actuated dropper with the KS Circuit. Lastly, the fully integrated Eightpin post flys in the face of convention, making the dropper an integral part of the frame. Road bike trends for 2017. Eurobike live tech coverage, day one. Eurobike is the premier bicycle trade show in the world, with nearly every brand in the industry represented and practically every bike-related component product housed under one giant roof.

Eurobike live tech coverage, day one

In other words, it’s a dream come true for any cyclist with a passion for gear. Yet unless you’re one of the lucky few to make the annual pilgrimage to Friedrichshafen, Germany, you’re not physically able to wander the endless exhibition halls in person. So for this year, CyclingTips will do the next best thing with daily photo galleries that will be updated in real time (along with regular live videos on our Facebook page). Check back often to see what we’re seeing, and if there’s something specific in mind that you’d like us to check out, leave your request in the comments below. Just keep in mind that this is very much an experiment for us, and like any experiment, there’s no guarantee it will go as planned. So for all of our sakes, wish us luck. Parlee is going all-in with disc brakes.

The credible cycling magazine. Guide To Electric Recumbent Trikes [UPDATED] Electric recumbent trikes are lightweight 3 wheeled pedal/electric vehicles that offer some car like features.

Guide To Electric Recumbent Trikes [UPDATED]

For instance, some of them have weather protection, cargo & passenger capacity, full suspension, comfortable seats, lights & mirrors, etc. Some of these e-recumbent trikes are designed for everyday commuting around town and some of them “amplify” your pedal power up to highway speeds! The following is a guide to complete e-recumbent trikes, ideas on adding electric assist to a recumbent trike, and a look at the future of e-trikes.

If you are looking for upright trikes, here is a guide to those electric trikes. Complete Recumbent E-Trikes Organic Transit ELF: The Organic Transit ELF is a partially enclosed commuter vehicle focused on being an around town car replacement. Can go 20 mph, range is 20+ miles, it can carry 350 lbs, and the base price is $5,000. It has a solar panel on the roof to aid in recharging the batteries when you are out and about. High Speed Electric Recumbent Trikes. Big Bike Magazine, l’actualité du VTT : Freeride, Downhill, Dirt, Street, Race. Le cyclisme à visage humain : magazine du cyclisme. DirectVelo : courses de vélo en direct, actualité du cyclisme amateur. The Recumbent & HPV Information Center. Recumbent Journal - Bent News, Views, Reviews.