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J'enseigne moins, ils apprennent mieux ... I teach less, they learn better

J'enseigne moins, ils apprennent mieux ... I teach less, they learn better

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Patient Journey Map Share this canvas version with your team via IM message (eg Skype, Yahoo or gTalk) Use these tools to spread the canvas either publicly embed on your blog or privately with editable permission to your team Access:Deactivating links (editable/readonly) to limit access to team members is possible in Canvanizer 2.0 workspaces! Share this canvas to as many team as you want to brainstorm better concept together. Share this canvas as slideshow with your team via IM message (eg Skype, Yahoo or gTalk) 8 Ideas, 10 Guides, And 17 Tools For A Better Professional Learning Network Personal learning networks are a great way for educators to get connected with learning opportunities, access professional development resources, and to build camaraderie with other education professionals. Although PLNs have been around for years, in recent years social media has made it possible for these networks to grow exponentially. Now, it’s possible to expand and connect your network around the world anytime, anywhere. But how exactly do you go about doing that? Check out our guide to growing your personal learning network with social media, full of more than 30 different tips, ideas, useful resources, and social media tools that can make it all possible.

Employee experience journey mapping: how to do it right Our new guest in the Journey Mapping Interview Series is Paul Lopushinsky, the Founder of Playficient. After years of working on the user experience, Paul found that most companies he worked at spent little to no time investing in their employee experience (EX). So, eventually, he decided to take these ideas and concepts from his work and apply them to the world of EX. To start off on the right foot with EX mapping, let’s find out we even need to put effort into the employee experience in our increasingly customer-centric world. The value of employee experience journey mapping Companies that make use of customer journey mapping enjoy lower customer service costs, greater return on marketing investments, and more.

Teaching time investment: Does online really take more time than face-to-face? Rebecca Van de Vord and Korolyn Pogue Washington State University, USA Abstract Enrollments in online programs are growing, increasing demand for online courses. The perception that teaching online takes more time than teaching face-to-face creates concerns related to faculty workload. To date, the research on teaching time does not provide a clear answer as to the accuracy of this perception.

Mapping Employee Experience For The First Time? Read This. - UXPressia Blog Journey mapping is one of the most popular techniques when it comes to applying design thinking to people management. However, many HR teams get cold feet because the endeavor seems far too overwhelming. This might be true for when you’re mapping the entire employee lifecycle in one sitting. Online social networks as formal learning environments: Learner experiences and activities George Veletsianos and Cesar C. Navarrete University of Texas at Austin, USA Abstract While the potential of social networking sites to contribute to educational endeavors is highlighted by researchers and practitioners alike, empirical evidence on the use of such sites for formal online learning is scant. To fill this gap in the literature, we present a case study of learners’ perspectives and experiences in an online course taught using the Elgg online social network.

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