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ESL Lesson PLan: Movie/Film Extra Movie Activities: Crossword: Reviews movie vocabulary. Movie Cloze: Reviews movie vocabulary. 15 Apps for the One iPad Classroom Hooray! You have a brand new, shiny iPad to use in your classroom this year. Boo—there's only one iPad and 35 eager kids ready to use it. No need to worry—there are lots of amazing things you can do with a single iPad in your classroom, and it doesn't have to be a classroom management nightmare either. Here are 15 of our favorite apps that work great with a one iPad setup AND help to keep kids on task and engaged with what you are learning. No more squabbles: Use Stick Pick to help kids take turns. Making Learning Memorable With a title like Making Learning Memorable, what was the probability that Dan Levy would be able to deliver on his promise when he taught a 90-minute class at the Ed School as part of the Master Class series? Considering Levy has been teaching quantitative methods and program evaluation at the Harvard Kennedy School as a senior lecturer for the past 10 years, and has won several top teaching awards, the chances, statistically speaking, were probably pretty good. Based on the amount of laughter that happened during the Ed School session, which was meant to showcase craft from inspiring educators across Harvard, it looks like Levy did deliver.

How to Dress for a Job Interview Overview When interviewing for a job, it is always important to dress your best. The first thing an interviewer will notice will be how you look and what you’re wearing. You want to give a great first impression. Ten Educational YouTube Channels for Parents and Kids As the holidays approach and people are making their way to the stores to buy the latest and greatest technology there is an overwhelming need to fill those gadgets with content. Whether you are looking for product reviews for cameras, catching up on your quantum mechanics, or just want to spark some curiosity in your youngster’s mind there is a YouTube channel that can fulfill that need. 1. Philip Bloom is a professional filmmaker from Britain and his channel is filled with helpful information for anyone interested in the video production field. Not limited to just the reviews of current cameras and gadgets, Philip will sometimes give advice on what it means to get into the business.

Smart Talk To help your baby develop a large vocabulary — to give her the tools she’ll need to read, comprehend, and make sense of the world — it’s not just talk that’s important. It’s conversation. To be sure, parental talk of any kind is a good thing; the number of words that a child hears in infancy and toddlerhood is strongly predictive of future vocabulary growth. (Educators and policymakers have tuned in, launching initiatives that encourage parents to spend more time talking with their babies.) But for Associate Professor Meredith Rowe, an educational psychologist at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, the amount of words a child hears is just one factor, and not the most significant, in predicting future vocabulary growth.

Speakeasy - Easy Going The Tower of London is surrounded by a sea of red poppies to commemorate the 888,246 British and Colonial dead during the First World War. The ceramic poppies were “planted” from 4 August, 100 years from the beginning of the war, till 11 November, the day when the final Armistice is commemorated. Here you can see Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife Samantha visiting the installation with a "Beefeater". On this video you can see how the artists made the poppies. There is a great photo gallery of the poppies. The British Legion is the organisation that makes remembrance poppies.

5 great Google sites for teachers Google has a number of web services and tools that offer a range of use to teachers. Here are five sites from the big G that you can use in you classroom today with some ideas to support them. Google Custom Search Engine: Create your own class custom search engine and tell Google which sites you want it to index, and you’ll be able to offer your students the best of the web. Ie: Create a science search engine inclusive of 10 of your favourite science sites.

Positive Education Blog: Building Character & Achievement The Long Driveway When we imagine a positive future, we imagine ourselves enjoying that future. We just assume that we will enjoy the situation we foresee – the place, the people, the activities. In other words, we see ourselves savoring the event. Unfortunately, many times, when we approach that future, we do not experience the joy we anticipated. We fail to savor.

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