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Watermelon vs. pear

Watermelon vs. pear

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Three-Week Body Makeover The secret to dropping pounds and inches quickly is high-intensity walking workouts. But don't panic—you don't have to run for miles or lift 50-pound dumbbells. What's high intensity for someone who's less fit may be low for you, or vice versa. The point is to push out of your comfort zone so you boost your calorie burn an extra 25 to 50 percent in the same amount of time—and incinerate another 75 calories over the course of the day to boot. This firm-up plan consists of three parts: a walking workout to burn fat, body shaping with weights, and tummy-toning calisthenics.

Vegan Zucchini Lemon Cake “Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie.”... -Jim Davis I love this quote, and I couldn't agree more. THE MOZART EFFECT … AND BEYOND BABBITT EFFECT: Child gibbers nonsense all the time. Eventually, people stop listening to him. Child doesn't care because all his playmates think he's cool. BARTÓK EFFECT: Child becomes more and more dissonant. Has trouble maintaining harmony with his peers. Difficulty following rules.

Girl Scout–Style Mint Cookies Chef Chloe, you first wowed me when you won the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars with your vegan Raspberry Tiramisu Cupcake. Then, you outdid yourself with your avocado pesto. Now, you’ve done it again with these Girl Scout–inspired mint cookies! I tried this recipe over the weekend, and they took me straight back to my childhood. Dot: 360º video capture for the iPhone 4 Hey Kickstarter-onians, Thanks for checking out our project! We call it Dot. It’s a stylish, durable and downright pocketable 360º (panoramic) lens attachment and app for the iPhone 4.

Guide to Common Edible Wild Plants It’s often said that the last thing you need to worry about when in a survival situation is what you’re going to eat. The human body is highly resilient, and can go without food for longer than you think. Shelter and water, on the other hand, are pretty much non-negotiable in order to survive. However, it is possible to familiarize yourself with edible wild plants before you get into a survival situation, in which case you’ll have a good idea of which wild plants you can eat if necessary. In addition, once you learn to identify some of these common edible wild plants, you might be able to add them to your diet while you’re still in the city. READ MORE: 7 Mountaineering Knots to Use in Everyday Life

Strawberry Banana Nut Oatmeal Cookies Sometimes, I crave dessert for breakfast. I should probably ignore these cravings, knowing that my sweet tooth is immense; but, I’ve found a way to compromise between something kind of outlandish and maybe not so healthy and something that has some great components to it that aren’t terrible for you. How can anyone be mad at that? Last week I made a batch of these Strawberry Banana Nut Oatmeal Cookies before coming out to work the second weekend of Coachella, mostly for the few guys that I work with because I get in “mom mode” like that sometimes. Well, let me tell you, I should have doubled the size of that batch because these things disappeared almost instantly. This was probably my favorite oatmeal cookie recipe to date, and the guys I fed them to (even the picky eaters) agreed!

Creative and Cool Comb Designs. Collection of ‘Creative and Cool Comb Designs' from all over the world. Switch Comb: It measure 9" long, made of metal with a plastic comb; push of a button, you get the comb as it swivels out from the handle. Comb-At and Combmando: The red comb called 'Comb-At' is designed by Italian designer Lorenzo Damiani. And the black/yellow combs called 'Combmando' is the creation of Studio Studiobo. Knuckle Comb by Kosmos Project: A gadget for fashionable women that combines protection and elegance in to one. Greek Garlic-Lemon Potatoes Recipe About a month back, a dear reader Sudha asked me for a Potato recipe which is my all time fav. She said she loved roast potatoes and that which makes it often. She asked me if I had a twist to regular roast potatoes. This recipe "Patates sto Fourno" is a Greek recipe for Garlic and Lemon Potatoes.

The Creepiest Place on the Planet On a creepy island in a creepy swamp south of Mexico City there’s a place that looks like the stuff of nightmares and horror movies. Here, among the scraggily branches and dead trees hang hundreds of old, mangled dolls. The story goes like this: It was around 50 years ago that a little girl drowned off a small island hidden deep amongst the canals of Xochimico. The island’s only permanent inhabitant was a recluse named Don Julián Santana Barrera. Soon after the girl’s death Barrera fished an old doll out of the water.

50 Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do Anywhere Who needs a gym when there’s the living room floor? Bodyweight exercises are a simple, effective way to improve balance, flexibility, and strength without machinery or extra equipment. From legs and shoulders to chest and abs, we’ve covered every part of the body that can get stronger with body resistance alone. Full Body 1. Inchworm Chia Cereal with Cardamom, Blueberries, and Walnuts Made with three well-known superfoods, this is truly a breakfast of champions. Blueberries and walnuts are household superfood favorites, but recently, lesser-known Chia seeds have hit the mainstream. Known for their high protein and fiber content, these seeds are packaged whole (as they are used in this recipe) or ground, which can be mixed into smoothies and yogurt. Wonderfully flavored, soaked chia seeds are similar in texture to tapioca pudding. If you don’t like that texture, simply soak 1 tablespoon of chia seeds in about 2 tablespoons of milk for about 5 minutes, then add a 6-ounce pot of Greek yogurt, a handful of muesli and fruit. Made this way, the chia seed texture is far less prominent, but the health benefits are still there.

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