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Vegan Baking & Vegan Cooking

Vegan Baking & Vegan Cooking

Watch "Poached Eggs" Video at Taste of Home Sign In | Support Video Categories Appetizer Video Recipes > Cold Appetizers > Dips and Spreads > Hot Appetizers Beverage Video Recipes > Alcoholic > Cold Beverages > Hot Beverages > Non Alcoholic Breakfast & Brunch Video Recipes > Cereal > Eggs > French Toast > Pancakes > Waffles Dessert Video Recipes > Bars > Cake > Candy > Cobbler > Cookies > Fruit > Ice Cream > Pastry > Pies and Tarts > Pudding and Mousse > Trifle Holiday Video Recipes > Christmas > Halloween > Labor Day > Thanksgiving How To Cook Videos Main Dish Video Recipes > Beef > Chicken > Pasta > Pizza > Pork > Seafood > Turkey > Vegetarian Sandwich Video Recipes > Burgers > Cold Sandwiches > Hot Sandwiches Seasonal Video Recipes > Fall > Spring > Summer > Winter Side Dish Video Recipes > Pasta Salad > Potato > Potato Salad > Salad > Vegetable Soup & Stew Video Recipes > Chili > Soup > Stew Poached Eggs by sarahjames on August 22, 2008 Poached eggs are perfect over lightly toasted sourdough bread, topped with fresh chives. Permalink: Comments (3) Add your comment My Playlists by jasoneddie

vegan | eat your vegetables curried potato hash with baby spinach Uh, it's cold. Not sure if anyone's mentioned that yet. Had you noticed? White Bean Soup I didn't make this soup today. grits ‘n greens ‘n tomatoes Hello all! homemade tomato juice (and gazpacho) Howdy! summer rolls My deadline for posting summer rolls passed last fall, but the opportunity rolled back around just yesterday. harissa Not being much of a condiment-lover, I usually eat my fries plain, and would opt for a dry sandwich rather than one slathered with mayonnaise. black bean and wild rice soup Soup, to me, is something to be thrown together from odds and ends lurking in the fridge and pantry. coconut tofu with ginger and lemongrass Oh, hi there. ratatouille a.k.a. ratatouille, sort of. detox soup "I wonder what Jen's been up to?" pomegranate-chile tofu [cue dramatic voice-over] Previously, on eat your vegetables...vanilla bean-flecked milk transforming into yogurt! roasted butternut squash soup Oh, hi there. lentil stew with spinach and potatoes

Green Kitchen Stories & Warm Autumn Tart Hi friends. Thank you so much for your sweet, touching and personal notes on our post about giving children a healthy start. Reading your comments and tweets is always a moment of joy, but this time you touched us like never before. We felt so encouraged and among friends on a topic where we normally feel lonely. We spent the weekend in our country house. One of the recipes that Luise came up with was mini tarts or tartlets. Autumn TartFeel free to substitute any of the ingredients in the filling to what you have in season. Tart Crust120 g (1 1/4 cup) chickpea flour 90 g (2/3 cup) almond flour 40 g (4 tbsp) potato, tapioca or corn starch 2 tbsp fresh thyme, chopped 1 tsp sea salt and black pepper 6 tbsp coconut oil (a little extra for the tart pan) 6 tbsp ice cold water Preheat the oven at 400°F/200 C°. Making Almond Crust: Combine all dry ingredients in a bowl. Press the dough evenly onto bottom and up sides of a large tartlet pan. Making Autumn Filling: Prepare vegetable. Ps.

Skinny Spaghetti There is no denying that a delicious bowl of pasta is satisfying and delicious...but did you know that you can still have "pasta" without the carb overload? Spaghetti squash is a delicious and healthy alternative that is high in fiber and low in calories. Once cooked the inside of a spaghetti squash looks just like pasta and you can make it however you would normally make a pasta dish. There are several ways to cook a spaghetti squash. You can microwave it, bake it, boil it or crock pot it. I pierced it with a knife several times (if you don't pierce it you will end up with a squash explosion..yes this happened to me one time when I tried to microwave it) and boiled it whole for about an hour. Once it has cooked and cooled, cut it in half and remove the seeds. You can season it however you want!