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Vegetarian Recipes for Athletes

Vegetarian Recipes for Athletes
If you like plant-based recipes you’ll love our plant-based fitness guide. Click here to get it free. Don’t worry, the link opens in a new window and you can continue browsing all our great recipes. Smoothies and Sports Drinks Granola, Energy Bars, and Running Food Pasta, Risotto and Polenta Pizza Tofu and Tempeh, and other Soy Assorted Beans and Lots o’ Lentils Soups and Stews “Burgers” and Seems-Like-Meats Other Sandwiches and Wraps More-than-Salads Sides (and Stuff that Doesn’t Fit Anywhere Else) Sneaky-Healthy Desserts Related:  Tutorials

Make Your Own Homemade Energy Gel | Page 2 I'm a regular guy who likes to ride, race and tinker with mountain bikes. I also have the urge (since childhood) to take stuff apart to see how it works. Usually this behavior has helped me accumulate a good deal of worthless broken stuff. But one day, while cycling with my buddy Dave, my curiosity turned to goop. Specifically, PowerBar Gel and GU. Dave and I are the kind of guys that ride really hard. Skip to the recipes. Flashback to Three Months Earlier I'm at the local farmer's market buying Clover honey because of its reported benefits for combating allergy symptoms. Flashback to Present So one rainy day later I was taking apart my PowerBar Gel. More: 8 Tips to Lose Weight from Cycling The United States Department of Agriculture does a good job of getting those nutrition facts into their database. The first food item I looked up in the database was honey. Suddenly, I find that molasses has a ton of potassium. More: Determine Your Century Nutrition Plan Skip to the recipes.

Camping Recipes | Foil Packets, Dutch Oven & Gourmet S'mores Recipes Ever since our first camping trip when we threw foil packets of cubed steak with roasted rosemary potatoes, carrots and peas on the campfire, finding great camping recipes has been a top priority. That’s why we’ve created this section of the blog dedicated to our favorite camping recipes. Breakfast Main Dishes Side Dishes Sweet Treats Dutch Oven Pork Chili Verde Camp Recipe Beef Stew Foil Packet Camp Recipe Oooey gooey S’mores’adilla goodness Sweet Potato Taco Foil Packet Fixin’s Breakfast Hash Camp Recipe A little taste of s’more heaven. Gooey delight! Camp Recipe: Rosemary Cubed Steak with Roasted Potatoes Camp Recipe: Spicy Taco Patty and Cheesy Potatoes Foil Packet

Walnut & Mushroom Pate Posted November 3rd 2009 at 11:00 am by joshuakatcher The next time you’re having people over for board games, a movie, or just plain-old catching up, and you need to whip something together that seems sophisticated, you’ve gotta try my faux-liver pate recipe. Do this, and the next thing you know, people will be trying to find their socks that got knocked off. • 2 Cups of walnuts• 2 Cups of crimini mushrooms• 1 Medium onion• 4 Cloves garlic• 2 Tbs olive oil (1 for sauteing, 1 for blending)• Garnishes (above, I used grapes, cranberries, black sesame seeds, salt, and cauliflower leaves) 1. Crush the garlic cloves, and chop the onion and mushrooms2. Written by joshuakatcher Joshua Katcher started The Discerning Brute in 2008 as a resource for men who want to make intelligent decisions concerning their lifestyles.

Homemade Energy Gels My various recipes and attempts at creating home made energy gels.1st May 2009.Jim Ley, Jibbering.compart of Sports. Energy Gels Energy Gels are available from many suppliers, such as SiS, Gu, Powerbar, or my favourite Hammer. Gels are also expensive, one pound each, or 18 for 26 serving jug, so taking four an hour as I do when running, soon adds up. If you're in a hurry and just want to know about the final apple cinnamon gel recipe or successful berry gel recipe, you can skip all the experiments, and go straight to them.. Google turned up few recipes about making your own gels, much discussion on forums and the occasional page, but nothing that had real recipes with ingredients, amounts and methods. The Ingredients I looked at what was listed in the ingredients list of various gels that I liked, Gu and Hammer being the two I like most, but I also looked at SiS, Powerbar, Carboom and Clif Shot Gels too, below are the various ingredients I found listed. Maltodextrin Fructose Flavouring Pectin

20 Places To Go Camping Before You Die Cilantro Lime Chickpea Salad When Nate and I met for the first time I smelled like a burrito. Although I’m not proud to admit it, I will say it was because I was dragged to a party with one of my best friends after working an open-to-close shift at a local burrito restaurant in college. I was tired. I was cranky. Dreams do come true! One of the things that I learned to love while working at Cilantro’s Burrito Grill was to enjoy cilantro. Hey, my man likes food. 2 cans chickpeas, drained and rinsed4 loosely packed cups fresh spinach1/2 onion, chopped smalljuice from 4 limes1 bunch of cilantro (about loosely packed cup)3 Tbsp sugar2 Tbsp dijon mustard2 cloves garlic, finely minced or grated on a microplane1/2 Tbsp chili powder1/2 cup olive oil Chop the spinach very finely (feel free to use a food processor and pulse 3-4 times). I love that this salad is so bright and filling, full of great flavor and the perfect accompaniment to a summer picnic, party, or the next kismet moment in your life.

Energy Gel Recipe Have you ever built a huge camp fire while you’re out camping with friends or family and stepped back with an admiring look on your face and exclaimed “Now that’s a fire”? Or upon building what you deem is the world’s best sandwich you say out loud for all to envy “That’s what I call a sandwich”. Why are we so proud of ourselves when we build, create, develop, or even destroy something? I believe it’s because we did it with our own hands. A couple of weeks ago I was thinking about all of the training rides that I have planned in preparation for doing the STP and how I’m going to have to figure out how to eat on the bike if I’m going to do a double century in a reasonable amount of time. If you haven’t had a gel before you don’t know what you’re missing. The only downside to gel is the expense. So, the other day I thought to myself “Mike, you should do some research and start making your own gel”. I started by determining how much gel I wanted to make.

Useful Websites Here is a list of websites we have featured in the past that might come in handy. Remember to set as your start page if you haven’t already. Educational/Learning – Useful and educational links updated daily. Set it as your homepage and forget about - video lectures on just about any - lectures by smart - for every educational website or useful web app out - classroom - expand your vocabulary while feeding the - a collection of geography - timed math - the best short - learn about - turn a Wikipedia article into a - a collection of intellectually stimulating - a place to learn amazing and unusual historical and scientific facts Learn Skills Useful Web Apps Entertainment - Music, Movies, Sports, Books

3rd Annual Chili Contest: Entry #2 – Maui Chili I’m so confused by my Illini. Yes, we played a non-BCS over the weekend…but we beat the snot out of them. My feeling on Saturday must be what it’s like for Alabama or USC each Saturday. There was also no bore factor with last week’s chili contest recipe. I was talking to my mom on Friday before making the trip to Chicago and we pow-wow’ed on what she had on hand, what I would bring, and what she needed to buy.Of course I remembered to bring only half of what I had committed to. The ingredient list is long, but it’s so incredibly healthy, flavorful, and unique. My parents had their neighbors over to partake (hi, Laurie!) This bean-free chili is not for the weak, however. Maui Chili submitted by Kathryn, adapted from here Directions: Heat 1 tablespoon olive oil in stockpot. Heat the remaining 2 tablespoons oil; add onion, bell peppers, carrot and celery and cook until start to soften, 3-5 minutes. And beer and water to deglaze bottom of pan. Yield: ~10 cups. Q&A tomorrow! Be well,

CYCLING PERFORMANCE TIPS - Last updated: 1/2/2010 HOMEMADE RECIPES snacks and energy bars Energy bars are a convenient source of Calories for use before, during, or after exercise. Most contain about 200 calories per serving/packet. And of course there are the usual questions such as the following (fill in the name of any commercial product): Q.I just read your article on "CYCLING PERFORMANCE TIPS - Optimizing Personal Athletic Performance - >ENERGY BARS, ENERGY GELS - ARE ADDITIVES HELPFUL??" A.Putting up a lot of metabolism pathways on a webpage is a red flag that there may not be any real facts to back up the claims. The following are several interesting ideas for homemade snacks to take on that next ride. Off the shelf products such as bananas peanut butter and jelly sandwiches Fig Newtons Pop Tarts relatively low-fat chocolate bars like Milky Way. Many people enjoy their own homemade versions of commercial sports drinks. Recipe #1 1/2 cup orange juice9 tbs. Nutrition Information (per 8 ounces):

13 Sites to Download Free eBooks eBooks have become very popular with devices such as the Kindle and the new iPad. You can get applications for your smart phone to read PDF files and eBooks from most popular book sites. There ia a large choice of eBooks and many are free. Amazon has a collection of free eBooks for their Kindle reader so be sure and check their site. Many eBooks are standard PDF files so all you need is a PDF reader on your computer or port them to your Kindle or iPad and many other devices. You can also check out a list of free eBook sites by visiting this XMarks link for free ebooks. Sites To Find Free eBooks Ebookee – Books you will find: Almost any book, magazine, even audio books you can imagine. Disclaimer: Free does not always mean the eBooks were written and intended for free distribution.

Stilton tart Ever since moving into my first apartment many many years ago, I have subscribed to food magazines. The roster has changed a bit, but receiving at least one and as many as five magazines full of glossy food pages has been a constant in my cooking life. I do love cookbooks, oh how I love cookbooks, but I also love how current magazines are and I also love the monthly inspiration. My routine was that every couple of months, I would sit down and tear out recipes that I had flagged, then I would cut them out, then I would tape them into binders I have that are filled with almost twenty years of magazine recipes. Then life got super super busy. I cut this out years ago, the actual recipe is from Gourmet (sob!) Last week was the last of my catered openings at the art gallery (although I hope to do more next year). After gazing at the photo for so many years and cursing the fact that I did not have a rectangular pan, it might have turned out that the tart was a disappointment.

Running Fuel Recipes and Guidelines Vegetarian, vegan, or neither, what you eat around your workouts plays a big role in how you perform and recover. Conveniently for plant-based eaters, this diet is a natural fit for the common workout nutrition guidelines that focus, in general, on “lots of carbohydrate, a little bit of protein.” Here you’ll find articles on what to eat before, during, and after your workouts, as well as information on protein and other important considerdations for athletes. And of course, to help you meet these guidelines, several standby recipes that make getting the nutrition you need easy, convenient and tasty. Guidelines for fueling your workouts 10 Simple Guidelines for Eating Healthier than Ever 5 Keys to the Pre-Workout Meal Everyone Should Know The Least You Need to Know About Fueling Your Run The 7 Secrets of Post-Workout Recovery 10 Foods Worth Eating Every Single Day The Vegetarian Athlete Diet Protein: A Primer for Vegetarians Protein for Vegetarians — A Simple Guide to Getting What You Need

64 Things Every Geek Should Know « If you consider yourself a geek, or aspire to the honor of geekhood, here’s an essential checklist of must-have geek skills. The term ‘geek’, once used to label a circus freak, has morphed in meaning over the years. What was once an unusual profession transferred into a word indicating social awkwardness. A techie geek is usually one who knows a little about everything, and is thus the person family and friends turn to whenever they have a question. USB – Universal Serial BusGPU – Graphics Processing UnitCPU – Central Processing UnitSATA – Serial ATAHTML – Hyper-text Markup LanguageHTTP – Hypertext Transfer ProtocolFTP – File Transfer ProtocolP2P – Peer-to-peer sharing (See 2. If you rolled your eyes here, that is a good thing. This tip is only really good for older machines running 9x based OS’s. 1. 3. Here’s what one looks like: 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.