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Gingerbread house

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Gingerbread house recipe: a step-by-step guide. Gingerbread House Baking Tips. This is the first in a series of three Gingerbread House Tutorials.Here are a few baking tips for your Gingerbread, along with a few patterns for your convenience.

Gingerbread House Baking Tips

Gingerbread House Recipe 1/3 cup soft shortening1cup brown sugar, packed1-1/2 cups dark molasses2/3 cup cold water7 cups flour2 tsps. Baking soda1 tsp. salt1 tsp. allspice1 tsp. ginger1 tsp. ground cloves1 tsp. cinnamon Mix shortening, brown sugar, and molasses thoroughly. Stir in water, Blend all dry ingredients; stir in. A few tips for rolling out gingerbread: Once your dough is chilled, it is easier to manage. Cut parchment to fit an 10X15” jellyroll pan. Form dough into a rectangle, then roll out on a floured silicone mat. Roll with equal pressure from the center of the dough to the ends. Flip the rolled dough onto the paper lined jellyroll pan; Make a 10X15 solid cookie by rolling the dough to 1/8” thickness. Place your pattern on the dough and score with a pizza cutter. Keep your cutter clean while working. GINGERBREAD HOUSE PATTERNS FREE. 15+ Gingerbread House Designs: {Free Patterns & Ideas} : Plenty of inspiration will be found in this lovely collection of gingerbread houses that I found around the ‘netmost include pattern templates that you can Free Printable Gingerbread House Patterns, Recipes and Templates Making a holiday gingerbread house is one of our favorite family traditions.


Not being the most artistic person, I cheat and get the gingerbread house kit. But I've » Patterns for Gingerbread Houses & Beyond : Patterns for Kung Foo Cooking » Patterns for Gingerbread Houses & Beyond Page 001 Gingerbread house patterns | Paper Gingerbread Patterns # 001 Printable Gingerbread cookie house patterns for young children can also be used as color book printables and craft activities Christmas Customs – Gingerbread House Recipe Picture Free PDF Gingerbread House Recipe. FREE Gingerbread House Patterns Click to see full view. Gingerbread House - 2011 - Goodies By Anna.

I'm kicking off this holiday season with a festive gingerbread house!

Gingerbread House - 2011 - Goodies By Anna

Each year I try to make my gingerbread house a little more elaborate and difficult that the year before, this years gingerbread house took a week to complete! There are so many pieces that need to be carefully readjusted with a dremel (thanks dad!) And then iced together and left to dry before constructing. To begin, I found a terrific haunted gingerbread house with a pdf template to download and a basic diagram for construction that I used for the pieces. Once all the pieces are cut out of gingerbread and baked, the construction begins with lots of royal icing to glue the pieces together. The window panes are made of crushed butterscotch candies that are spooned into the window openings of the baked pieces then placed back into the oven for another 15 minutes to melt and spread. The wrought iron railings are made of royal icing piped onto a piece of mylar plastic set over a template.

Ms_hol09_snowswept_cottage_template. Snow-Swept Gingerbread Cottage. Gingerbread House Recipe. Directions Gingerbread House: In a large mixing bowl, cream the butter, brown sugar, molasses, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and baking soda together until the mixture is smooth.

Gingerbread House Recipe

Blend in the flour and water to make a stiff dough. Chill at least 30 minutes or until firm. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Cut out the following paper patterns for the gingerbread house template: Two rectangles, 3 by 5 inches, to make the front and back of the house. Roll gingerbread dough out to edges on a large, rimless cookie sheet. Bake at 375 degrees F for about 15 minutes until dough feels firm. Place patterns on top of the gingerbread again and trim shapes, cutting edges with a straight-edged sharp knife. Place royal icing into pastry bag with a writing tip and press out to decorate individual parts of house, piping on decorations, windows, door, etc., as desired. Glue sides, front and back of house together at corners using royal icing. Glue the two roof pieces to the pitched roofline of the house.

Royal Icing: Gingerbread House recipe.