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Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Crafty! (20 Pics)

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Crafty! (20 Pics)

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List with All Tumblr 30 day Challenges This is a directory that aims to contains endless 30 day challenges, whether they are a specific Tumblr Challenged or not. Book Challenges, Film Challenges, Music, Anime, Cartoons, Personal, Fitness, all topics will have their own 30 day challenge. If you have a Challenge you created yourself and want it to get featured here (we’ll give you the credits) just leave a comment below. 30 Day Music Challenges 72 Uses For Simple Household Products To Save Money & Avoid Toxins Limiting the amount of products you bring into your home will not only cut down on costs at the grocery store but will keep you and your family healthier. Below is a list of some common uses for seven household products. Add some drops of essentials oils like lavender, rose, or sweet orange to any of them for extra pleasure!

ACTA: The new threat to the net 2,008,307 have signed. Help us get to our new target of 3,000,000 Update: 10 February 2012 Amazing! We smashed our 2 million target as we delivered to key decision-makers in Brussels this week -- let's get to 3 million before the crucial parliamentary debates Posted: 25 January 2012 Last week, 3 million of us beat back America's attack on our Internet! 100 Totally Awesome DIY Projects For Your Dorm Room Finally getting to move into your own space and out of your parents’ house can be an exciting time for many college students. Of course, with moving out comes a whole host of expenses too. Luckily, there are some ways you can cut down on the costs and still get a room that reflects your style and makes living so close with someone else a little easier. Here are some DIY projects to try out for your dorm room that range from super simple to those requiring some tech know-how. Privacy and Security

Popular Photos Notifications See all notifications All categories 33 Spoooky Halloween Outdoor Decorations Halloween is coming…Everybody is waiting for the celebration and parties. Get ready to look spooky with the scariest costumes ever. But one of the most interesting things you can be surprised with while walking down the street are the houses. The owners are competing with each other about who have the scariest house in the neighborhood. There are a lot of great ideas of how to decorate your garden or your house for Halloween. Get your garden ready for celebration. Just Say 'No' to ACTA Privacy Policy Last modified: November 11, 2011 This Privacy Policy is continually under review to ensure your privacy and security.

10 Laws of Productivity You might think that creatives as diverse as Internet entrepreneur Jack Dorsey, industrial design firm Studio 7.5, and bestselling Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami would have little in common. In fact, the tenets that guide how they – and exceptionally productive creatives across the board – make ideas happen are incredibly similar. Here are 10 laws of productivity we’ve consistently observed among serial idea executors: 1. Tasting Room by Lot18 Tasting Room selections are matched to your WinePrint™ Personality Profile. Continue rating your club selections to hone your profile — The more you tell us, the better it gets. Guaranteed you’ll get the right wines every time. The ultimate way to discover new wines you’ll love! 1.

should social scientists stop reading the news? A long time ago, in graduate school, my television was stolen and it changed my life. I now had lots of free time. I never understood on a gut level what I was missing until my tv was gone. Watermark Tee Tutorial by Sweet Verbana Hello U-Create readers! I am so excited to be guest posting here today. It just so happens to be my first guest post and I'm still a little shocked that it's here at Ucreate, one of my favorite blogs! A little bit about me.. I'm from a little town called Keller, Texas.