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Clei wall beds London UK · Space saving furniture specialist. 15 Totally Ingenious IKEA Hacks. 99 Pallets - Part 2. About 99Pallets We 99pallets are a platform providing for recycled pallet furniture ideas.

99 Pallets - Part 2

We specialize in Diy Pallet Projects’ collection too. We have more than 99 pallet furniture Ideas. You can decorate your homes, garden, inner, outer areas of house, offices with pallet furniture or any area you live in. Mason Jar Crafts Tags. How To Oil and Maintain Wood Cutting Boards (and Spoons!) in 5 Minutes a Month — Cleaning Lessons from The Kitchn. My wooden cutting boards are one of my most used and beloved kitchen tools.

How To Oil and Maintain Wood Cutting Boards (and Spoons!) in 5 Minutes a Month — Cleaning Lessons from The Kitchn

In fact, while a good chef's knife is often the sexier choice for most favorite kitchen implement, the truth is a good knife is nothing without a good board to use it on. What is the best oil for treating wood? - Robin Wood. I thought it might be an idea to put a few blog posts which answer frequently asked questions and what is the best oil for treating wood?

what is the best oil for treating wood? - Robin Wood

Has to be one of the most frequent. Dry wood is like blotting paper and would soak up whatever you put on or in it. A breakfast bowl would soak up the milk which would then go rancid, not nice. King Tree Services, Wicklow. Wood Chippers 12" Vermeer Wood Chippers available for hire.

King Tree Services, Wicklow

Rates are available for both daily and weekly hire. Please contact our office for information. Tree Surgery This is the removal of deadwood (>5cm) without attempting to remove it from the branch tips or green foliage areas as in conifers. Konmari-ing my me-made wardrobe. This post is only tangentially related to sewing, but I think it definitely touches on things that every sewist must think about from time to time: how we choose what to make, how often we wear the things we make, and how we deal with things we don’t end up wearing.

Konmari-ing my me-made wardrobe

Thanks to Marie Kondo’s cult book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying, I’ve been on a de-cluttering spree and have spent most of the weekend clearing out my wardrobe, books, and sewing room (well, got to keep myself busy while the overlocker’s in hospital…). I thought I’d share some musings on the process of streamlining my wardrobe and how I feel now it’s done. If the Kondo craze has passed you by, check out this article for a bit of a primer. The ‘Konmari’ method outlined in the book has you obliterate your unwanted belongings in strict category order, which Marie states should begin with clothing. The result after a few hours of hardcore sorting? Maintenance & Garden Clean Up - Setanta Landscapes. The Illustrated Guide to the KonMari Method. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: Here in the states, minimalism isn’t exactly a point of pride (we like stuff, and lots of it), so it’s especially remarkable that Japanese tidying expert Marie Kondo’s brutally strict approach to de-cluttering took off here.

The Illustrated Guide to the KonMari Method

The no-excuses elimination method, has spawned legions of Konverts who devote vast amounts of time to kondo-ing their lives top to bottom. The best-selling book that started it all is easy to digest (and infectious…you will literally start itching to toss stuff), though its central thesis is kind of hard to stomach at first: Unless you truly, deeply love an item, it has no business in your home. This means the first purging session can be rough, but the euphoria that comes with unloading a single bag of unnecessary clutter makes going H.A.M. on the rest of your space easy. 日本ときめき片づけ協会. Wall mural , splashbacks , photo wallpaper mural , acrylic , Park in spring time.

BusyBees Furniture Collection. Free Ads Ireland, 2nd Hand Sales, Buy and Sell Second Hand Stuff. Homesecure. Homesecure was founded by Richard Boland and Matt Leahy who until this year worked solely for Phonewatch as their main installation contractor, installing 80 to 100 alarms systems per week on behalf of PW, with 12 employees.


Richard and Matt were previously employees of eircom the telephone company and worked with them for many years, both have Technical and Management backgrounds within eircom, before starting Abbeywatch and working for phonewatch as their main contractor for 10 years. So they decided to rebrand the company as Homesecure and go into direct competition with Phonewatch. Homesecure are now in the market to provide a viable alternative to the monopoly created by PW in the domestic alarm monitoring industry. Homesecure is rapidly developing a reputation for customer service, reliability and friendliness at affordable prices. Homesecure use Chubb Ireland to provide our monitoring service to our customers.

23 Subtle Yet Bold Ways To Add Color To Your Home. Secondhand - Chapters Bookstore. We buy, sell and exchange books, CDs and DVDs for cash or store credit.

Secondhand - Chapters Bookstore

Our price is based on their secondhand retail value, which takes into account an item’s desirability, its price new and our current stock levels. We cannot say what we would be interested in on any given day, so it’s always best to contact us before you call in. However, we usually welcome classic fiction, vintage Penguin paperbacks, westerns, crime fiction, sci-fi, literary fiction, Folio Society books, history and Irish interest books. We only buy the current editions of college books – we can check these for you if you include the title and ISBN in your email. All books and items must be evaluated in store to accurately assess their resale value - we are unable to quote prices over the phone/via email.

For larger quantities of books (50 or over), please telephone/email ahead to be sure we can accommodate you. We look at books 7 days a week up to 30 minutes before closing time.