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A tale of love and renovation in the District of Columbia. From dump to dream ... a complete renovation of a row house. From dump to dream ... a complete renovation of a row house. A blog about the renovation of our DC Victorian row house. Petworth Row House. DC Rowhouse. We have a beautiful black cat in our alley.

DC Rowhouse

During the summer I'll see him darting back and forth in the shadows of night or sitting at the far end of the alley keeping watch over the neighborhood. Occasionally, during the winter months mostly, he'll wander up to our deck and hunker down outside our door staring in with pleading eyes. It seems, he has returned. Last week, Dan and I were eating dinner at Ted's Bulletin when I blurted out, "I have a confession. " Dan sat up and stared me straight in the eyes. It was about 15 degrees that day and when I looked up from my laptop, there he was. Last night, he returned. After a few minutes Dan called back to me, "Are you gonna go out and give it some pats or what? "Oh, no," I replied. I came back inside and Dan and I started to talk about what to do. What have we gotten ourselves into? Our Commitment - Washington DC Home Renovation - Four Brothers LLC.

We firmly believe that we offer superior service and a better end-product than our competitors, and have a track record to prove it.

Our Commitment - Washington DC Home Renovation - Four Brothers LLC

This is only possible because of the talented individuals that make up the Four Brothers Team. We are often told that we have unreasonably high expectations. But we do not believe that consistently great performance is unreasonable, and every member on our team is an “A” player who upholds this belief. Welcome to the beautiful life. Old Town Home. Porch renovation continues: Finishing the trim. We’ve made a lot of progress on the front of the house in the last few months, though we haven’t done much for the last 2 weeks.

Porch renovation continues: Finishing the trim

We’ve been a bit preoccupied watching every U.S. match during the Women’s World Cup, celebrating our 7th anniversary last weekend in Western Maryland and catching up on Harry Potter books and movies before watching the final installment tomorrow afternoon at a matinee in Chinatown. But back to the house; where are we? Here’s the original checklist from the start of the front of house project: Rip out chain link fence, ivy, and all weeds and existing plants (save for the hosta we didn’t know we had, the tree, and the hydrangea.Turn over soil, remove bricks and rocks (and shell casings,) replant front yard with all new plants.Repair and repaint the lattice underneath the porch, strip and repaint front porch joistInstall a new pipe and spigot to replace broken/leaky pipe coming from house.

Up next was the trim on the porch. That’s where we currently stand. Related.