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McKeachie's Teaching Tips - Wilbert McKeachie, Marilla Svinicki. Prior knowledge - prior knowledge - McGraw Center - Princeton University. After spending six weeks helping your students develop deep understandings of ideas in your discipline, did you find students reverting to naïve assumptions under the pressure of mid-term exams and papers?

prior knowledge - prior knowledge - McGraw Center - Princeton University

You may have discovered one of the critical challenges to student learning—the power of prior knowledge. On the one hand, accurate prior knowledge provides a needed scaffold on which to build new ideas and understandings. On the other hand, what we think we know can be more of an impediment to learning than our ignorance. The simplistic mental models and explanations we build early on to make meaning of the world can be very entrenched.

Students may simply layer new ideas onto old and discard new knowledge when information demands become too great. Find out what students already know about a topic. None of us come to a new subject as a blank slate, nor can we have someone else’s ideas transferred to us intact and unchanged. A World Summit on Education Innovation. I recently returned from the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE), in Doha, Qatar.

A World Summit on Education Innovation

The 20-hour flight provided me with plenty of time to reflect on my journey. I was asked to attend because of my blog posts on and because of Envision Schools's innovative school model. Before I received the invitation, I knew little about Qatar, so I'd like to give some background information first: Qatar is located on the Persian Gulf that borders Saudi Arabia. It is a small country with a population of about one million; however, only 20 percent of its inhabitants are actually Qatari citizens.

Qatar has the second-largest percentage of natural gas reserves in the world; consequently, it has an immense amount of wealth as a country and per capita. In what is promised to be an annual event, the Qatar Foundation hopes to initiate a meaningful global conversation on the future direction of education. Here are my reflections on the event: Going Global Embracing Innovation Common Themes. Johns Hopkins University: New Horizons for Learning. Welcome to New Horizons for Learning - a leading web resource for identifying and communicating successful strategies for educational practice.

Johns Hopkins University: New Horizons for Learning

The Johns Hopkins School of Education does not vet or endorse any information contained on the New Horizons website. Information posted on New Horizons prior to January 1, 2014 can be repurposed as long as the repurposing party provides attribution to the original author of the material being used. Information posted on New Horizons after January 1, 2014 is considered open access information and can be repurposed without attribution to the original author. In all cases, attribution should be given to the New Horizons website. Question Matrix. The information on this page is not being maintained.

Question Matrix

Login to the new intranet to get up to date information. The Question Matrix was designed by Chuck Weiderhold in 1991. It contains 36 question starters asking what, where, when, which, who, why and how. Proceeding through the matrix, the questions become more complex and open-ended. The Question Matrix could be used: Back to School Advice & Tips for New Teachers: Link Up Your Best Advice! This school year will be my 10th year teaching!

Back to School Advice & Tips for New Teachers: Link Up Your Best Advice!

Ten years blows my mind because I can still tell you the names of all the kids in the class I student taught. It’s strange realizing that you’re not the total newbie on campus anymore. Reflecting on my 9 years of teaching leaves me with some complicated feelings. I’m proud of myself for hanging in there, amazed that I still haven’t figured out all the things that I thought I would surely know at this point, peaceful & calm about a new year starting (which is a definite improvement from Brand New Teacher Me’s summer stress levels), & excited to keep trying new ideas & to meet a new crew of cute kiddos! I was so nervous about everything the summer before my first year began. Store: Aspire-To-Inspire - My most recent position was as a 5th grade language arts & social studies teacher.

Store: Aspire-To-Inspire -

I have also taught language arts and social studies in grades 6-9 and conversational English to adults in Ukraine. I tutor at-risk students and contribute to the Ohio Historical Society's on-line textbooks as well. I haven't always been a teacher with a classroom. Before going back to get my Master's in Education, I had several jobs in several different fields. Teaching, training, and sharing knowledge were my favorite parts of each of those jobs. My students respond best when they see a connection in what they are learning to what they have experienced or want to experience. Yet to be added M.A. in Education, Mount Vernon Nazarene University B.A. in Journalism, Minor in French, The Ohio State University French language and culture, L'Institut Lyonnais, Lyon, France I enjoy putting together organized, thoughtful, and thorough lesson plans and activities.

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