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THECAB - The Concept Art Blog

THECAB - The Concept Art Blog
Concept Arts do game Titanfall, por Scribble Pad Studios Hoje destacamos as incríveis concept arts criadas por James Paick (Scribbed Pad Studios) para o game Titanfall, da Eletronic Arts e Respawn Entertainment. Visite e acompanhe o blog do Scribbed Pad Studios e sua fanpage no Facebook. Muita inspiração! Vamos às artes: VISITE: Scribble Pad Studios | Respawn Entertainment | Titanfall Website ... The Croods: novas artes de Leighton Hickman

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Nicolas Delort, que absurdo Não consegui achar nenhuma informação relevante sobre o tal Nicolas Delort, algo que me esclareça de onde saiu tudo isso. Até onde sabemos, ele é um artista freelancer que vive no suburbio de Paris. Ncolas usa nanquim e Scratchboard para fazer suas ilustrações. Creative Uncut - Video Game Art Galleries Baten KaitosArt book source: Baten Kaitos Materials Collection BayonettaArt book source: The Eyes of Bayonetta BioShockArt book source: BioShock: Breaking the Mold (PDF Book) Animation with a moustache Posted on March 17, 2014 | Leave a CommentFiled under Animation Having moved back to London to work on a really cool cartoony game I can’t talk much of for now, I am currently focusing on life drawing and painting most of my evenings. London is probably the only place in the world where Life drawing classes happen pretty much every day. For that reason, I decided to start a new blog and I will be posting all sort of useful information I come across on it and I might even post some of my drawings. Hopefully you might find some information helpful . I have a bit of experience with Life drawing, painting is something very new to me so if you are interested in the same topic, point your RSS reader to the following link, I will be posting all the great material I find useful in my learning.

Darksiders II Concept Art by Avery Coleman Concept artist Avery Coleman has released some concept art he created for Darksiders II while working at Vigil Games. Avery worked directly under Joe Madureira and Brian Jones creating a variety of key creature, character, props and equipment designs. Link: The following are collaborations with artist Joe Madureira. All images used with permission by the artist. © THQ and Vigil Games.

Illustration Resources Illustration resources____________________________ Here is a list with links to all kinds of drawing and painting resources. The green links are book-links. Dota 2 – Unreleased Heroes Preview » Cyborgmatt's Blog Here’s a little tease before tonight’s tomorrow’s patch, a video of some of the unreleased heroes` abilities being used in game and some unreleased concept art as well. Unreleased Heroes Preview In the world of Dota 2 we’re aware of 18 different unreleased heroes that are currently being worked on. The development of a hero is a long process and takes several weeks of art, animation, effects work, hours of dialogue writing, recording and processing and then they have to be programmed into the game. This is exactly why we see so many different heroes in development. (So stop whining you pansies)

Karen J Lloyd's Storyboard Blog And we’re back! Here’s Part 2 of the interview I did with Pixar Story Artist Matthew Luhn. You can find Part 1 of Matthew’s interview here. Enjoy. So I animated a couple of the army men shots on Toy Story and it was very difficult. Konstantin Maystrenko Konstantin Maystrenko is a freelance concept artist and illustrator originally from Russia. Konstantin is currently creating concept art and illustrations for the computer game industry. Link: Blog | Facebook | Instagram All images used with permission by the artist. © Konstantin Maystrenko or their respective copyright holder. stuff. (by ido yehimovitz): IPHONE PIMPIN - "Slide to open" i've decided to make an iphone wallpaper (and hopefully some more in the future, if i'll be able to commit to the task) for you humble folks. a little token of gratitude for all the love and support you guys been showing both here and on FB. so enjoy and..err.. stuff edit: had some requests, so i've added a tablet version, retina supported. now you can pimp out your tablet as well. enjoy!

Anthony's Comic Book Art House of M #1 Cover Prelim - Wolverine, Gambit, Beast, Colossus, White Queen, Spider-Man, Captain America, Yellowjacket, Cyclops, She-Hulk, Sentry, Iron Man, Falcon Wasp, & Ms. Marvel - 2005 Art Type: CoverPrice: $575 Secret Wars #3 p.16 - Star-Lord, Spider-Man, Miles Morales, Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel Carol Danvers, Reed Richards, Black Panther, Young Thor, Cyclops, and Thor Jane Foster - 2015 Art Type: Interior PagePrice: $750 » Preview All Pieces On This Page Rebecca S waltzforluma: "Holo Pearl" from Steven the Swordfighter. This is a medley of all of Holo Pearl’s music in the episode. Just for Inspiration: 40 Awesome Hand Drawn (and Painted) Illustrations Inspiration October 14, 2011 Nothing beats the good, old hand-drawn (or painted) illustrations. With the emergence of photo editing softwares and drawing tablets, it is sometimes refreshing to see traditionally crafted artworks on ads, magazine covers, and other such materials. The effect created by traditional media are so astounding sometimes that many graphic artists synthesize them on Illustrator or Photoshop.

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