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Freshcharacters | Fresh & Unique Character Designs Inspiration Gallery Phire Base social bookmarking for pictures on VisualizeUs Today I Love This Today I Love This callikate: (via Earl Grey Tea Shea Butter Soap by Sweet by FormularyFiftyFive) (via silver-blonde) (Source: wearekingsla, via thevintagologist) (Source: shari-vari, via mushoes) (via Mãos 32 - Magazines & Journals / studio andrew howard) (via Movies Posters : virginie-morgand) benoittardif: Raquettes / cahier JM / (via Trimfit - Fonts In Use) (Source:, via ruggedneversmooth) Next Stunning Collection of Abstract Art Paintings | Web Design Core - StumbleUpon Top Home » Illustration • Inspiration » Stunning Collection of Abstract Art Paintings Abstract art is an interesting form of art that makes use of visual language of form, color and line. A thousand faces Nimue Abstract Ibiza Deep in the Night Abstract Tiger Abstract Bird Abstract Painting Colored Eye Lines hold the memories MultiColor white ring Mermaid The tree Elemental chain Elephant Depressed Panda Dream Blooming From The Darkness Abstract Landscape Painting Abstract Nature Oil Painting Abstract Painting 01 Abstract Painting 02 Abstract Circle Pure Abstract – 3 Abstract Landscape In Oils Final abstract Abstract Still Life Related Articles Comments Ila Such a wide variety of talent. Leave a Comment Your email address will not be published. Webdesign Core Copyright © 2014. Theme by MyThemeShop.

Inspirationfeed Photo Inspiration | Digital Photography Shots Who doesn’t love baby photography, One of the most challenging and time consuming type of photography. It is easily one of the hardest kinds just because of the sheer amount of unexpected drama with the kids. It is also one of the most popular kind of photography too. You see baby photography all around. This gives you an idea... read more Don’t you just love it when a couple of people commit to be together for the rest of their natural lives? Ramadan is the most popular month amongst the whole Muslim calender. Long exposure photography is a very peculiar type of photography. Mist Photography is a very peculiar type of photography. Analog photography, it is a term used for that type of photography in which a progressively changing recording medium, which may be based either on a chemical process (e.g., photographic film or plate) or electronic means (e.g., using a video camera tube or CCD sensor) is used. Sometimes you just have to do something out of the ordinary.

Sci-Fi-O-Rama Public School HUH. Magazine allison lehman The Fox Is Black Sweet Station Cheat Feet: Multiplication ” Look, we’re not for cheating. We are, however, for the convenient disposal of information. Beat Zoderer Beat Zoderer(born 1955 in Zurich, Switzerland) is considered to be a representative of the geometric-constructive art. Out of Water by Simon Duhamel Somewhere between photography and illustration, influenced by cinema and pop culture, Simon Duhamel‘s visuals registers in a modern approach to photography. Max Kauffman ” My work evokes a post apocalyptic DIY culture where structures and life itself are cobbled together out of anything at hand. Jaeyeol Han ‘Han’s faces are so empathically established on his canvases they can be described as sculptural. Cory Arcangel Paul Kaptein ” My work is broadly concerned with the agency of the present moment. Ela Zubrowska ” The project is inspired by Shakespear’s Ophelia and her tragic death.” – Ela Zubrowska (previously-blogged) Yang Maoyuan Concrete Water Absorbent Cup Rack