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Fresh & Unique Character Designs Inspiration Gallery

Fresh & Unique Character Designs Inspiration Gallery
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STILL LIFE Common Black Dragonfish, Idiacanthus atlanticus Brauer, 1906 The Black Dragonfishes are long, slender fishes which live in mesopelagic to bathypelagic waters down to depths of about 2000 m. Mark McGrouther © NORFANZ founding parties Standard Common Name Common Black Dragonfish Alternative Name/s Atlantic Dragonfish, Black Dragonfish Identification The Black Dragonfishes are long, slender fishes that are sexually dimorphic. The species has tiny photophores scattered over its body and two rows of larger photophores along the side of the body. Larval Black Dragonfishes are most unusual. Size range Females grow to 40 cm in length, but males reach a maximum length of only 5 cm. Distribution The species occurs in subtropical and temperate marine waters of the southern hemisphere. The map below shows the Australian distribution of the species based on public sightings and specimens in Australian Museums. Distribution by collection data Ozcam map of Black Dragonfish specimens in the Australian Museums. What does this mean? Habitat Feeding and Diet Classification Genus:

Elitemagination Stunning Collection of Abstract Art Paintings | Web Design Core - StumbleUpon Top Home » Illustration • Inspiration » Stunning Collection of Abstract Art Paintings Abstract art is an interesting form of art that makes use of visual language of form, color and line. These elements create an interesting work of art that stays alive with a scale of independence from visual references in the world. We have collected some dazzling examples of abstract art and paintings by the world famous artists. We hope that this collection will inspire you. A thousand faces Nimue Abstract Ibiza Deep in the Night Abstract Tiger Abstract Bird Abstract Painting Colored Eye Lines hold the memories MultiColor white ring Mermaid The tree Elemental chain Elephant Depressed Panda Dream Blooming From The Darkness Abstract Landscape Painting Abstract Nature Oil Painting Abstract Painting 01 Abstract Painting 02 Abstract Circle Pure Abstract – 3 Abstract Landscape In Oils Final abstract Abstract Still Life Related Articles Comments Ila Such a wide variety of talent. Leave a Comment Webdesign Core Copyright © 2014.

la main gauche animée 2dgeek | Everyday inspiration Sci-Fi-O-Rama Videos Straight-away I was reminded of Jake Fried, but only in materials/process. It’s clear that Emanuele is also intuitively fleshing out the movement frame-by-frame as he goes but his work is unique in that there’s no figurative elements to recognize; only abstract geometry and form that, when quilted together, comes across as both familiar and foreign. I’m reminded of the notebooks I used to fill with random scribbles while bored out of my mind in high school: I’d start with a stray line or a random shape and then try to make sense of it with the remaining paper, as if the choatic mess left by my pen was what I had intended to create from the beginning. Thanks for passing this one along, Sam Lillard! P.S. [ It's Called "Moon" ] posted by respondcreate on Feb. 23, 2014 in Videos | tags: animation, atmospheric, drawing, emanuele kabu, geometric, geometry, hd, time lapse, trippy [ The Jump ] P.S. [ Austin Anijam 2014 - The Octopus Project "Mmkit" ] [ Wagon Christ - 'Shadows' ] “I do for sure. P.S. HUH. Magazine Lilo All Grown Up Chris Sanders is the director of the Dreamworks movie How to Train your Dragon He is known for co-directing, co-writing, co-storyboarding, co-designing, and voicing the Lilo & Stitch movie. Here's some of is art.

FUCK YEAH CONCEPT ART kelseybeckett: I’ll be slowly adding all my full size images from my show “Murmuration,” that opened January 20th at Corey Helford Gallery!“The Collector”20x24Oil on CanvasPrints of this piece are available at !!! poolsofchrome: Steel, muscle, sinew and not much in the way of a limbic system mischeviouslittleelf: Areit, thats all you get for now