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FuturICT FET Flagship

FuturICT FET Flagship
FuturICT project wants science to catch up with the speed at which new problems and opportunities are arising in our changing world as consequences of globalization, technological, demographic and environmental change, and make a contribution to strengthening our societies' adaptiveness, resilience, and sustainability. The FuturICT project will do so by developing new scientific approaches and combining these with the best established methods in areas like multi-scale computer modeling, social supercomputing, large-scale data mining and participatory platforms. To learn more about the FuturICT, download overview documents below or see more here.Download: FuturICT Project Summary Download: FuturICT Outline

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Answering the Two Most-Asked Questions About the Internet of Everything #IoE Since Cisco began discussing the Internet of Everything (IoE) last year, two questions have arisen consistently: 1) What is the difference between IoE and the Internet of Things (IoT)? According to Cisco, IoE brings together people (humans), process (manages the way people, data, and things work together), data (rich information), and things (inanimate objects and devices) to make networked connections more relevant and valuable than ever before—turning information into actions that create new capabilities, richer experiences, and unprecedented economic opportunity for businesses, individuals, and countries.

Artificial General Intelligence in Second Life  Virtual worlds are the golden path to achieving Artificial General Intelligence and positive Singularity, Dr Ben Goertzel’s, CEO of Novamente LLC and author of “The Hidden Pattern: A Patternist Philosophy of Mind” explained in his presentation “Artificial General Intelligence in Virtual Worlds” given at the Singularity Summit 2007 earlier this month. According to Goertzel, Singularity is no longer a far future idea. About a year ago Goertzel gave a talk “Ten Years to a Positive Singularity — If We Really, Really Try.” Living Earth Simulator Project The living Earth simulator is a proposed massive computer simulation system intended to simulate the interactions of all aspects of life, human economic activity, climate, and other physical processes on the planet Earth as part of the FuturICT project,[1] in response to the European FP7 "Future and Emerging Technologies Flagship" initiative.[2] There are over 300 international teams seeking ~€1 billion for the 10-year FuturICT project.[3] The Earth Simulator was apparently not selected since the two winners have been announced as of March 2013. References[edit] (Staff reporter) (December 5, 2011).

World citizen World Citizen flag by Garry Davis Albert Einstein described himself as a world citizen and supported the idea throughout his life,[3] famously saying "Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind Essential Resources: Multivariate, network and qualitative visualisations This is part of a series of posts to share with readers a useful collection of some of the most important, effective and practical data visualisation resources. This post presents the data visualisation tools that support the analysis and presentation of complex and multivariate data, including qualitative. Please note, I may not have personally used all the packages or tools presented but have seen sufficient evidence of their value from other sources.

Is Twitter a Complex Adaptive System I’ve seen a bunch of posts bubble up over the past few days that are really sparking my curiousity about what is really going on with Twitter, so I need to do a little brain dump. Bear with me. Insight #1 An article by Rosabeth Moss Kanter was just published today on the Harvard Business Review website, titled On Twitter and in the Workplace, It’s Power to the Connectors. In it, she highlights the fact that there is an organizational trend moving away from the hierarchical networks of the 20th century, and towards complex, distributed, non-hierarchical structures of business organization and leadership.

How the Living Earth Simulator Will Work" The kings of old knew the weight of their decisions. They knew their every choice sent ripples through the kingdom and that a single ill-timed decree could trigger a series of unstoppable, cascading events. One choice might guarantee a lasting peace, while a dozen others might lead to their own toppled throne. 'Globals' Generation Focuses On Experience hide captionJennifer Larr (center) is seen here in Rwanda at the Gashora Girls Academy, where she was a teacher in 2011. Larr is part of a new generation of young adults focusing on travel, studying abroad and global experiences. Courtesy of Jennifer Larr Jennifer Larr (center) is seen here in Rwanda at the Gashora Girls Academy, where she was a teacher in 2011. Larr is part of a new generation of young adults focusing on travel, studying abroad and global experiences. Jennifer Larr has the itch to go abroad.

Learn from your customers for usable Web apps Imagine the following scenario: You go shopping to buy a loaf of bread. The shops look gorgeous, decked out in vivid colors and stunning artwork. Trouble is, you can't always tell from the window displays what sort of products are on sale inside. Eventually, you find a shop that looks promising and ignore advice that this store's expertise is with a gadget you don't own. Planetary Whole System Design Science: A Contribution to WorldShift 2012 - by José Argüelles/Valum Votan Planetary Whole System Design Science: A Contribution to WorldShift 2012, Dr. Jose A. Arguelles, Director Galactic Research Institute, Foundation for the Law of Time, Honorary Member Club of Budapest.

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