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List of crowdsourcing projects

List of crowdsourcing projects
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Downloads | GlobalSight Source Repository GlobalSight Source Repository This area is only available to registered users. Please login to view and download the software on this site or GlobalSight software is also available for download on Sourceforge: Please join the GlobalSight developer community by subscribing to this email list . If you are interested in downloading any source code from our CVS repository, see the below instructions. Anonymous, read-only source code access is available via CVS. Then checkout normally. If you are interested in contributing to the initiative in terms of providing enhancements, bug fixes, QA time and documentation, please call us at +1-800-370-9515 or email . There are no documents in this category

Clumpy - Welcome List of open innovation and crowdsourcing projects at banks and financial services | In the following article you will find a list of open innovation and crowdsourcing initiatives related to banking and financial services. But this is not just an article. It is a project itself. And you can help developing it. The aim of this article is to create the first complete list in the world of crowdsourcing and open innovation projects in the banking and financial services industry. In order to continue the following list, this article is a kind of crowdsourcing initiative itself. Australia Commonwealth Bank: IdeaBank is a crowdsourcing project that enables clients to post, vote and discuss ideas on new innovative products and services. Denmark Danske Idebank: Information on Danske Banks two crowdsourcing initiatives “Idebank” on Facebook can be found at the Visible Banking blog: First Edition and Second Edition NyKredit Saving Tips: Information on NyKredit Banks crowdsourcing initiative “Sparetips” can be found at the Visible Banking blog: NyKredit Saving Tips Germany Italy Russia

Foldit Foldit is an online puzzle video game about protein folding. The game is part of an experimental research project, and is developed by the University of Washington's Center for Game Science in collaboration with the UW Department of Biochemistry. The objective of the game is to fold the structure of selected proteins as well as possible, using various tools provided within the game. The highest scoring solutions are analysed by researchers, who determine whether or not there is a native structural configuration (or native state) that can be applied to the relevant proteins, in the "real world". Scientists can then use such solutions to solve "real-world" problems, by targeting and eradicating diseases, and creating biological innovations. History[edit] Rosetta[edit] Some users of Rosetta@home became frustrated with the program when they realised they could see ways of solving the protein structures themselves but could not interact with the program. Foldit[edit] Goals[edit] Methods[edit]

Open Innovation & Crowdsourcing Examples Intermediary Platforms Research & Development platforms Innocentive – open innovation problem solvingIdeaConnection – idea marketplace and problem – IP market placePRESANS (beta) – connect and solve R&D problemsHypios – online problem solvingInnoget – research intermediary platformOne Billion Minds – online (social) challengesNineSigma – technology problem solvingIdeaken – collaborative – Community of innovators & creators. Marketing, Design & Idea platforms Collective Intelligence & Prediction platforms Lumenogic – collective intelligence marketsUshahidi – crowdsourcing crisis informationKaggle – data mining and forecastingWe Are Hunted – the online music chartGoogle Image Labeler – crowdsourced image labeling HR & Freelancers platforms TopCoder – competition-based software crowdsourcingSpudaroo – crowdsourcing copywritingClickworker – small online task solvingAmazon Mechanical Turk – low-cost crowdsourcing Open innovation software 478Shares

Scientists in Schools - Welcome 5 Creative Uses for Crowdsourcing When Jeff Howe coined the term “crowdsourcing” in a 2006 Wired article his examples were mainly “labor markets for specialized talents,” like iStockphoto, iFilm, and InnoCentive. But the business model of outsourcing to the crowd has grown (as has Howe’s article — he published a book on the topic in 2008). As open-source software developers learned long ago, asking a pool of people to create something can be faster, cheaper, and more accurate than putting a project in the hands of individuals. These five start-ups are doing just that by using crowdsourcing in creative ways. 1. Maps and Traffic Information - Waze Traffic jams are one place where you can count on people having unexpected free time. Even when out of a jam, just having the app open adds map and traffic information. The automated system isn’t perfect, but drivers can flag errors, like missing roads, for people to correct online. Waze also provides an opportunity for individuals to earn online fame. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Help Scientists Record One Day of Sound on Earth | Science The Soundscape Recorder app in action. Image: Brandon Keim Bryan Pijanowski wants to capture the sounds of the world on a single day, and he needs your help. On Earth Day, April 22, Pijanowski hopes to enlist thousands of people in recording a few minutes of their everyday surroundings with his Soundscape Recorder smartphone app. All those sonic snippets could create an unprecedented soundtrack to life on Earth — and as they accumulate, year after year, scientists could use them to measure patterns and changes in our sonic environments. “I’ve been on a campaign to record as many ecosystems as possible,” said Pijanowski, a soundscape ecologist at Purdue University. 'Hopefully it will make people stop and listen.' With the Global Soundscape project and its Soundscape Recorder app, now available for iOS and Android devices, the emphasis is on cities and towns and suburbs, and our relationships to their sonic character.

12 Rules for Managing Crowdsourcing Communities 12 Rules for Managing Crowdsourcing Communities Tonight at Crowdsortium Boston II, I heard the following advice: Remember that the crowd is what you acquire from, not what you sell to. Don’t try to replicate your best user (otherwise, all users will look the same). Win over the people that the community respects. Note that these are not direct quotes, but how I processed the entertaining and informative discussion. Reacting to last year’s Crowdsortium Boston I event, I suggested a 2×2 grid as tool for classifying crowdsourcing ventures: competition/collaboration vs. crowd/community. Jeff Howe , who coined the term Crowdsourcing in 2006 and moderated the discussion tonight, declared to my delight that it is a great myth that open source is democratic. Jeff also offered a definition (updated?) Like this: Like Loading... About GilPress I launched the Big Data conversation; writing, research, marketing services; &

in Depth | Gap2 GAP2’s purpose is to demonstrate the role and value of stakeholder driven science within the context of fisheries’ governance. Who we are Funded by the European Commission’s FP7 Capacities’ programme, GAP2′s work is coordinated by an interdisciplinary team across Europe, with expertise ranging from social science to fisheries management. More about our team here. What we do Put simply, we bring scientists, fishermen and policy makers together. GAP history GAP2 is building upon the success of GAP1, an 18 month project running from 2007 to 2009, also funded by the European Commission’s FP7 programme.

OutSourcing, CrowdSourcing or Open-Innovation Websites - Strategy of Innovation List of OutSourcing, CrowdSourcing or Open-Innovation Web-Sites This list is not exhaustive If you do not see your platform, please indicate me your web site Whichlance is a Comparison site of Outsourcing, Crowdsourcing and Freelance web sites Do you need a specific expert for a define mission? This is Outsourcing . Whizzat is a web-platform that connects experts (scientists, researchers and engineers) having technical, technological and intellectual skills, and companies and private laboratories in search of expertises for innovative or complex projects Avdice is French marketplace website connecting intellectual service providers (freelancers and companies) to service seekers (individuals or companies) Science Exchange is an online CtoC marketplace for outsourcing scientific experiments, from academic scientists to academic scientists (StoS). Rent a coder . Others in Share

Objective - WeSenseIt The citizen water observatory is tested and validated in three case studies in water management, which have been proposed by civil protection agencies in the UK, the Netherlands and Italy. The case studies cover the entire hydrologic cycle with a major focus on variables responsible for floods and drought occurrences. Floods and droughts carry enormous economic and social costs and their frequency and impact is likely to increase in the future, due to climate change and to the increasing number of communities and industries located in flood and drought-prone areas. In addition, changes in water quality can also have important impacts (both positive and negative) upon the natural environment, society and the economy. Where relevant, the case studies will also therefore address water quality issues. Download our leaflet.