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Detecting Mumble Rap Using Data Science. Blade Steel Testing - Google Sheets. Spyderco 10V PM2 vs K390 PM2 and Police, is the hype real or will K390 rise to victory? Spyderco Shaman M4 64.6 hrc vs Police 4 K390 65.4 hrc. Who wins this showdown of steel? CTS-XHP - edge finish testing- Spyderco Chaparral. Knife sharpening - S110V Full Sharpening. Citizen Science: Becoming involved in serious science, even if you're not an expert. (1) Radioactive Boy Scout - How Teen David Hahn Built a Nuclear Reactor. User Data and Cookie Consent. User Data and Cookie Consent. Hunter Scott. How I Rewired My Brain to Become Fluent in Math - Issue 17: Big Bangs. I was a wayward kid who grew up on the literary side of life, treating math and science as if they were pustules from the plague.

How I Rewired My Brain to Become Fluent in Math - Issue 17: Big Bangs

So it’s a little strange how I’ve ended up now—someone who dances daily with triple integrals, Fourier transforms, and that crown jewel of mathematics, Euler’s equation. It’s hard to believe I’ve flipped from a virtually congenital math-phobe to a professor of engineering. One day, one of my students asked me how I did it—how I changed my brain. Texas School Triples Recess Time And Sees Immediate Positive Results In Kids. Posted Categories: Education More and more, parents are protesting school policies that allow teachers and administrators to withhold recess to punish student misbehavior.

Texas School Triples Recess Time And Sees Immediate Positive Results In Kids

Common infractions include tardiness, acting out in class and failure to complete homework—everyday childhood behaviors that result in numerous children having to go without recess on any given day. A Texas school started giving children four recess breaks a day, and teachers and parents say the results have been wonderful. Recess is a lot more than just a free break for kids to play after lunch period. That free, unstructured play time allows kids to exercise and helps them focus better when they are in class. Citizen solves own health disorder. I've tracked all my son's first words since birth. Quebec teen discovers ancient Mayan ruins by studying the stars. [ William Gadoury visiting the Canadian Space Agency in 2014 / Facebook] A teenager from Quebec has discovered an ancient Mayan city without leaving his province’s borders.

Quebec teen discovers ancient Mayan ruins by studying the stars

Backyard telescopes and amateur eyes see where “pro” astronomers can’t. The United Kingdom is a terrible place to use a telescope, at least if you consider the weather.

Backyard telescopes and amateur eyes see where “pro” astronomers can’t

There might be one clear night a week, or worse. Lord of the Ants. Edward Hasbrouck, "The Practical Nomad" Claude Shannon: Tinkerer, Prankster, and Father of Information Theory. Editor’s note: This month marks the centennial of the birth of Claude Shannon, the American mathematician and electrical engineer whose groundbreaking work laid out the theoretical foundation for modern digital communications.

Claude Shannon: Tinkerer, Prankster, and Father of Information Theory

To celebrate the occasion, we’re republishing online a memorable profile of Shannon that IEEE Spectrum ran in its April 1992 issue. Written by former Spectrum editor John Horgan, who interviewed Shannon at his home in Winchester, Mass., the profile reveals the many facets of Shannon’s character: While best known as the father of information theory, Shannon was also an inventor, tinkerer, puzzle solver, and prankster. Theconversation. For a long time, medieval medicine has been dismissed as irrelevant.


This time period is popularly referred to as the “Dark Ages,” which erroneously suggests that it was unenlightened by science or reason. However, some medievalists and scientists are now looking back to history for clues to inform the search for new antibiotics. The evolution of antibiotic-resistant microbes means that it is always necessary to find new drugs to battle microbes that are no longer treatable with current antibiotics. But progress in finding new antibiotics is slow. The drug discovery pipeline is currently stalled. James Randi: Scientists Fooled by a Match Box Trick. Alexander Grothendieck, the secret genius of mathematics.

This is an English translation of a post written in French by my father Gérard Lebrun.

Alexander Grothendieck, the secret genius of mathematics

The pages numbers refer to the original text of Grothendieck’s work Récoltes et Semailles (“Crops and Seeds”). I was intrigued by the unusual path of Grothendieck, the recently deceased mathematician genius who, after twenty years of work that garnered him the 1966 Field Medal (the Nobel Prize for mathematicians) brutally severed all links with the mathematical community and lived for 45 years in seclusion and solitude, devoting himself to meditation, the search for meaning, and introspection. I tried to understand. Doctors have decades of experience fighting “fake news.” Here’s how they win.

Zinn Education Project. 207. STEPHEN KING: The desk. Think about this: Stephen King has been releasing one, sometimes two books a year pretty much every year since his first novel, Carrie, was published in 1974.

207. STEPHEN KING: The desk

That’s 43 freakin’ years of consistent output! He’s become such a mainstay of our culture that it’s easy to take his genius for granted. King’s been writing since he was 7 years-old, when he would copy and rearrange the stories out of his favourite comic books. Impressed by her son’s talent, King’s mother urged him to write an original story. He began submitting short stories to horror and sci-fi magazines at age 12 and would use a nail hammered into the wall above his typewriter to hold all his rejection letters. “Good story ideas seem to come quite literally from nowhere, sailing at you right out of the empty sky: two previously unrelated ideas come together and make something new under the sun.

I ate 40 teaspoons of sugar a day. This is what happened. • Did banning sugar turn my kids into sweet little angels?

I ate 40 teaspoons of sugar a day. This is what happened

Two months into this rigorous ‘wooing’ process, I began to notice the changes. People commented on my improved skin and eye brightness, I noticed that I had lost a few layers of my hibernation suit and the biggest surprise was the affect on my mental state. I felt calmer and more balanced and present throughout the day. Jump cut to three years later, and my girlfriend and I had bonded so well that not only had we purchased our first couch from IKEA, but we didn’t even argue when assembling it (love’s true test).

I had also directed my first short film, won a large competition in Australia with it, and had been approached by a production company to make a first feature film. Damon ate 40 teaspoons of hidden sugars a day from commonly percieved 'healthy' foods (THAT SUGAR FILM) Collection: DOCUMERICA Project by the Environmental Protection Agency. What I learned as a hired consultant to autodidact physicists. It began after I started as a teaching assistant at the department of physics.

What I learned as a hired consultant to autodidact physicists

The first note was a classic – it proved Albert Einstein wrong. The second one solved the problem of quantum mechanics by dividing several equations through zero, a feat that supposedly explained non-determinism. The next correspondent offered a Theory of Everything, and complained that the academic mainstream was ignoring his insights. I work in theoretical physics, specifically quantum gravity. NASA just made all the scientific research it funds available for free. NASA just announced that any published research funded by the space agency will now be available at no cost, launching a new public web portal that anybody can access. The free online archive comes in response to a new NASA policy, which requires that any NASA-funded research articles in peer-reviewed journals be publicly accessible within one year of publication. “At NASA, we are celebrating this opportunity to extend access to our extensive portfolio of scientific and technical publications,” said NASA Deputy Administrator Dava Newman.

“Through open access and innovation we invite the global community to join us in exploring Earth, air, and space.” Cool Science Classics for Summer Reading, Part 1 - Scientific American Blog Network. I don't know about you, but I like nothing more in summer than settling down with a great science book. So here are 20 recommendations, in authorial alphabetical order, from A to J. Wisdom For Life and First Fruits Farm. Can 42 US, a free coding school run by a French billionaire, actually work?

FREMONT, Calif. —As you read these words, hundreds of students are hunched over iMacs in a massive computer lab. Most of them have little, if any, programming experience, and they haven’t paid a cent to get here. And yet, here they sit, just 7.6 miles directly across the Dumbarton Bridge from Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, dreaming of joining Silicon Valley’s legions of programmers. Drop and Code Me Twenty! They Write the Right Stuff. 10 Sci Laws. Paper reading. How to Read Mathematics. Misunderstood confidence.

Research Still Has Statistical Power Problems. IN 1962 Jacob Cohen, a psychologist at New York University, reported an alarming finding.

Fake News

Retracted Science. "The Feynman Solution" (Problem Solving, Funny/Useful) National Park Maps. Contents. Five reasons blog posts are of higher scientific quality than journal articles. Uk.businessinsider. GitHub - gurugio/lowlevelprogramming-university: How to be low-level programmer. You Should Work Less Hours—Darwin Did. Statistician Proves Gaussian Correlation Inequality. History of Science Society. 16math e. Science journalism can be evidence-based, compelling — and wrong.

How to structure quantitative research questions. Answered: How fast would this SRB go if we strapped wheels and a chair to it? This is what each element is used for. Liviu Librescu - Wikipedia. - ENVIRONMENTAL DATA & GOVERNANCE INITIATIVE. Welcome - Data Refuge. The Elements of Computing Systems. What are some books where the reader learns by building one project? Xkcd. Career Advice and Salary Negotiations: Move Early and Move Often – The HFT Guy. A Volunteer Effort to Mirror U.S. Federal Climate Data.

San Francisco's public defecation map highlights a shitty situation. Deduction & Induction. Peter Higgs: I wouldn't be productive enough for today's academic system. How bad science misled chronic fatigue syndrome patients. The Internet’s Own Instigator. Cognitive bias cheat sheet – Better Humans. On Finding Your Purpose: An Extraordinary Letter by Hunter S. Thompson. Is Elysium Health’s Basis the Fountain of Youth? "Teaching Statistics to Elementary Children: Using a Problem-Solving Ap" by Kayla Lee Botelho. 6g2 agre. Practıcal Problems: Using Literature to Teach Statistics. Structural Integrity - 99% Invisible.

Deep in the night, hunting deadly bugs in the name of science. Do-it-Yourself experiment. Can a Theory Evolve into a Law? Study Unit : When Does a Theory Become a Law? My response to the NYTimes article on school districts, test scores, and income. – Random Critical Analysis. Helping Adult Students Develop Research Skills for the Workplace.

The Bronx - Cgsnsf2008 sowell. Citizen scientists collected rare ice data, confirm warming since industrial revolution. The Increasing Problem With the Misinformed (by @baekdal) #analysis. Japanese Priests Collected Almost Seven Centuries of Climate Data.